1951. Univ. Meléndez, Lester 2012. (1999) Molecular systematics and biogeographical history of pitvipers as determined by mitochondrial ribosomal DNA sequences. If unable to do so they will use a threat display to ward off potential predators. Revista de Biologia Tropical 16 [1970]: 277-279. A. Milwaukee Publ. The type locality given is "Pacific coast of Guatemala. Chiapas, Colima, Guerrero, Jalisco, Estado de México, Michoacán, Morelos, Nayarit, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, Sonora. (2012) Baumschleichen statt Blumen. Bolanos, R., & MONTERO, J. R. (1971) Agkistrodon bilineatus Günther from Costa Rica. Agkistrodon bilineatus russeolus GLOYD 1972 taxonomy/phylogenetic Encyclopedia of life Agkistrodon bilineatus russeolus (Gloyd, 1972) taxonomy/phylogenetic Integrated Taxonomic Information System search the REPTILE Proc. La mayoría de los registros son a altitudes menores a los 600 metros sin embargo hay datos de hasta 1500 metros al oeste de México. & Robertson,W.B. [CDATA[ */ javascript:fav(); /* ]]> */, National Center for Biotechnology Information, Viperidae, Crotalinae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes), Agkistrodon bilineatus russeolus GLOYD 1972, Mexico (Campeche, Yucatan, Quintana Roo), N Guatemala, N Belize, Alencar, Laura R.V. Mexican ground pit viper, cantil viper,[3][4] cantil,[5] Mexican moccasin,[4] neotropical moccasin,[7] Mexican yellow-lipped viper. -. & Lamar, W. W. 1989. Go to: main text of page | main navigation | local menu, You are here » ; Tiago B. Quental, Felipe G. Grazziotin, Michael L. Alfaro, Marcio Martins, Mericien Venzon, Hussam Zaher 2016. Bull. Moscow: Moscow State University Press, 376 pp, Gloyd, H. and Conant, R. 1943. & Solórzano, A. [11], In Honduras, Cruz (1987) describes the bite symptoms as being similar to those of Bothrops species, although more severe considering the small size of these snakes. The Amphibians and Reptiles of Costa Rica: A Herpetofauna Between Two Continents, Between Two Seas. Diversity of snakes (on the materials of the exposition of the Zoological Museum of the Moscow State University). Herpetological Review 45 (4): 662 -, Conant, R. 1984. : Firefly Books, Buffalo, NY, 144 p.. Günther. Living Reptiles of the World. 2006. According to Gloyd and Conant (1990), "this species is greatly feared throughout its range," in some areas even more so than Bothrops asper. [review in Copeia 2003 (1): 205]. In Nicaragua, it is considered the country's most dangerous snake. Agkistrodon bilineatus Günther from Costa Rica. The head is clearly marked on either side with two longitudinal light lines: the upper one is narrow and may be broken behind to the eye, while the lower one is wider and separated from the commissure by a dark band. Va desde México, Guatemala, Belice, Honduras, Nicaragua, el Salvador y noroeste de Costa Rica. Snake species of the world. Soc. (3) 12: 348 - 365 -, Heimes, P. 2016. Su área de distribución incluye México, Belice y Guatemala. [type catalogue] Herpetologists’ League, 511 pp. 1. A field guide to the amphibians and reptiles of the Maya world. These are heavy-bodied snakes, and share the same general body structure with copperheads. advanced search › Geol. [2], Adults of A. russeolus may grow to a total length (including tail) of more than 100 cm (39 in). Contr. 1896. "[3], Mexico and Central America. 2, 6 pp. Third account of new species of snakes in the collection of the British Museum. Herpetogeography in the Mazatlán-Durango Region of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico. Contr. There are the following distinctive yellow and/or white lines on the head: a vertical line on the rostral and mental, a fine line on the canthus continuing above and beyond the eye to the neck, a broader line on the upper lip from the anterior nasal to the last labial. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis des Kupferkopfs - Agkistrodon contortrix (LINNAEUS 1766). They generally will only display these behaviors when given no other choice. Ang Agkistrodon russeolus sakop sa kahenera nga Agkistrodon, ug kabanay . : Herpetofauna 4 (20): 26-27, Campbell, J.A. Hist. Year assessed: 2007.[9]. [1] A species is listed as such when it has been evaluated against the criteria but does not qualify for Critically Endangered, Endangered or Vulnerable now, but is close to qualifying for, or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future. Synonymy: WALLACH et al. Facultad de Estudios Superiores Iztacala, Unidad de Biología, Tecnología y Prototipos (UBIPRO), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Export from Mexico is not permitted, but cantils of both species are often captive-bred, making them frequently available in the exotic pet trade. Our website has detected that you are using an outdated insecure browser that will prevent you from using the site. Proc. Washington 84: 327-334. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 105: 50–62 -, Bolanos, R., & MONTERO, J. R. 1971. Snakes of Mexico. & Touré,T.A. & Lamar, W.W. 1989. Mus. 1999. Washington 97: 135-141, Cruz, G.; Wilson, L.D. : Molecular Ecology 9: 411-420. Serpiente mediana que mide entre 60 y 80cm en promedio aunque puede medir un poco más, el tamaño máximo registrado en un ejemplar es de 138 cm. /* 144 p.. Günther. 1979. : Reptilia (Münster) 17 (98): 16-17, Parkinson,C.L. 7: 147-170, Gloyd, H. K. 1972.

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