A major advantage of air-to-surface missiles for ground attack by aircraft is the standoff distance they provide: missiles can be launched from a distance without coming within range of the target's air defences. The AGM-88 HARM is a tactical, air-to-surface anti-radiation missile designed to home in on electronic transmissions coming from surface-to-air radar systems. The missile will improve the hypersonic strike capabilities of the USAF. A missile analyst told Insider that the mystery missile appeared to be an air-launched anti-ship ballistic missile. The missile successfully transmitted telemetry and GPS data from its Instrumented Measurement Vehicle (IMV)-2 to the Point Mugu Sea Range ground stations. It was initially powered by a solid fuel rocket motor, and carried a 250 lb (110 kg) warhead. The US Air Force awarded a contract worth more than $480m to Lockheed Martin for designing ARRW, a second hypersonic weapon prototype, after Hypersonic Conventional Strike Weapon (HCSW), in August 2018. The US Air Force requested $382m in funding for the ARRW programme development in the fiscal year 2021 and will require $581m for the development beyond 2022. It was originally developed by Texas Instruments as a replacement for the AGM-45 Shrike and AGM-78 Standard ARM system. Production was later taken over by Raytheon Corporation when it purchased the defense production business of Texas Instruments. The AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW) is a long-range hypersonic missile designed by Lockheed Martin for the US Air Force (USAF).

Typically missiles with chemical explosive or small nuclear warheads are classed as tactical, and large nuclear warheads as strategic.

An air-to-surface missile (ASM) or air-to-ground missile (AGM) is a missile designed to be launched from military aircraft at targets on land or sea. The work is expected to be completed by December 2022. Semi armor-piercing (AGM-12C) The payload is then separated from the rocket before flying as unpowered glider towards the target. Ships, for example, may be detected via passive radar or active radar homing, less effective against multiple, small, fast-moving land targets. Some militaries currently still use some as inert practice weapons. The AGM-183A ARRW employs a hypersonic boost-glide system where a rocket propels its payload to high speeds. There have been examples of air-launched ballistic missiles (Air Launched ICBM, GAM-87 Skybolt), but they are rare.

It was superseded by more advanced weapons, notably the AGM-62 Walleye and AGM-65 Maverick. W45 Nuclear (GAM-83B/AGM-12D). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Sometimes air-to-surface missiles are divided into the categories of tactical and strategic. The missile’s aeroshell is dropped from high-altitudes and the hypersonic glider warhead is detached to glide and manoeuvre to the target at hypersonic speed, creating an impact equivalent to a powerful bomb. Two critical technologies are being evaluated to improve the materials of the missile, which will enable it to withstand extreme temperatures at hypersonic speeds. There are also unpowered guided glide bombs not considered missiles.

In American service, the missile was designated the AGM-22. Some Soviet-designed air-to-surface missiles are powered by ramjets, giving them both long range and high speed. An air-to-surface missile (ASM) or air-to-ground missile (AGM) is a missile designed to be launched from military aircraft at targets on land or sea.

Some missiles (typically cruise missiles or anti-ship missiles) have long enough range to be launched over the horizon, finding the target autonomously.

970 pounds (440 kg) (AGM-12C), This page was last edited on 6 September 2020, at 19:38. A total of 33 ARRW missiles will be developed under the programme for concept demonstration.

Later versions of the missile included upgrades such as a larger 1000 lb (450 kg) warhead, improved rocket motors, and improved guidance—the latter originally developed as part of the GAM-79 White Lance project for an improved, enlarged Bullpup for the US Air Force—and, in one late version, the ability to carry a nuclear warhead, also pioneered as part of the GAM-79 project. There are also unpowered guided glide bombs not considered missiles. In flight the pilot or weapons operator tracked the Bullpup by watching a flare on the back of the missile and used a control joystick to steer it toward the target using radio signals. The missile will improve the hypersonic strike capabilities of the USAF. The two most common propulsion systems for air-to-surface missiles are rocket motors, usually with shorter range, and slower, longer-range jet engines.

Many air-to-surface missiles can be used against both ships and land targets, although some must be modified to perform a different role; for example, the AGM-84E Standoff Land Attack Missile is a land-attack version of the Harpoon. For long-range missiles this difference can be relatively small, but short-range missiles (like the AGM-65 Maverick) have a much longer range when launched at altitude. The TBG demonstration system will be integrated into the ARRW payload. It was developed as a result of experiences in the Korean War where US airpower had great difficulty in destroying targets which required precise aiming and were often heavily defended, such as bridges.

TBG is a joint programme between DARPA and the US Air Force. The USAF conducted the first captive-carry flight test of ARRW missile in June 2019, while the second flight test of the missile was completed in August 2020. ARRW missile’s software development strategy was released in May 2018. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Small Advanced Capabilities Missile (SACM), "USAF reveals slimmed-down SACM air-to-air missile concept", "Raytheon to research tactical missile capabilities", "Textron explores capabilities for next-generation GBU-X munition", "Small Advanced Capabilities Missile - Cord Master Engineering", "Next Gen Kh-32 ant-ship cruise missile tests drawing to a close in Russia", Israel Military Industries Ltd. - Air-to-Ground Ammunition, NTI.org - HiWING Mechanical & Electrical Technology Corporation, Royal Air Force - Long Range Air-to-Surface weapons - Brimstone, Raytheon Company - AGM-65 Maverick missile, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Air-to-surface_missile&oldid=984388011, Articles needing additional references from November 2014, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing Russian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 21:04. The Bullpup had a Manual Command Line Of Sight guidance system with roll-stabilization. The HCSW was later cancelled due to budget constraints in February 2020.

The missile entered service with the French Army in 1956. Additional booster test flights and other ground and flight tests will be performed in the coming years. AGM-183A missile is being developed under the ARRW programme, which is a rapid prototyping project of the USAF’s Hypersonics Prototyping Programme Element. AGM-183A ARRW missile is being developed as a small-sized, air-launched weapon system with the speed of up to Mach 20 and a range of approximately 925km (575mi). ASM-N-7A/AGM-12B 1965–1970s, United States, Australia, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Norway, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, ASM-N-7, ASM-N-7A/AGM-12B, AGM-12C, GAM-83B/AGM-12D, AGM-12E, Conventional high-explosive (ASM-N-7, ASM-N-7A/AGM-12B), 250 pounds (110 kg) (ASM-N-7A/AGM-12B)

The missile will be carried under the wing of the B-52H bomber aircraft. Lockheed Martin received a $988.8m contract modification for the ARRW critical design review, test and production readiness support, in December 2019. Some Soviet-designed air-to-surface missiles are powered by ramjets, giving them both long range and high speed. The Bullpup was the first mass-produced air-surface command guided missile, first deployed by the United States Navy in 1959 as the ASM-N-7, until it was redesignated the AGM-12B in 1962. Sub-categories of air-to-surface missiles include: Typically, the higher and faster the launching aircraft is flying, the longer the reach of a particular missile is.

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