Intelligence provided by the spies John Walker and Jerry Whitworth in the 1970s convinced the Soviet Navy that it needed to seriously pursue acoustic stealth in its next attack submarine. [15], Despite being a replacement for many types of submarines, the Borei-class submarines are slightly shorter than the Typhoon class (170 m (560 ft) as opposed to 175 m (574 ft)), and have a smaller crew (107 people as opposed to 160). This article first appeared in 2017. The Typhoon class, Soviet designation Project 941 Akula (Russian: Акула, meaning "shark", NATO reporting name Typhoon) is a class of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines designed and built by the Soviet Union for the Soviet Navy. Steamrunner (Zephyr) • The reasons for decommissioning the Typhoon-class vessels are the restrictions imposed on Russia by the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and successful trials of new Borei-class submarine. Federation Starfleet Most Akulas have the SOCKS[citation needed] hydrodynamic sensors, which detect changes in temperature and salinity. Memory Beta articles sourced from video games,, This article or subsection has an associated. Only 20 torpedoes and/or AShMs can be loaded. [35] The U.S. Northern Command confirmed that this 2009 Akula-class submarine deployment did occur. The new design benefited from advanced milling tools and computer controls imported from Japan and Sweden, respectively, allowing Soviet engineers to fashion quiet seven-bladed propellers. The Akula could also carry up to twelve Granat cruise missiles capable of hitting targets on land up to three thousand kilometers away.

Arkhangelsk (TK-17) and Severstal (TK-20) remain in reserve, not currently active with the Russian fleet. The Typhoon class, Soviet designation Project 941 Akula (Russian: Акула, meaning "shark", NATO reporting name Typhoon) is a class of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines designed and built by the Soviet Union for the Soviet Navy.
Whereas the Russian Navy's Akula-II could be equipped with 28 nuclear-capable cruise missiles with a striking range of 3,000 km (1,620 nmi; 1,864 mi), the Indian version was reportedly expected to be armed with the 300 km (162 nmi; 186 mi)-range 3M-54 Klub nuclear-capable missiles. The Akula incorporates a double hull system composed of an inner pressure hull and an outer "light" hull. Pacific Fleet. However, even as the Soviet Union collapsed, it launched the first of five Project 971U Improved Akula I boats.

28 February 1990: Entered 18th division (Zapadnaya Litsa), NOR. Decatur (Dreadnought) • The Improved Akula and Akula II have ten, with six 533mm tubes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Remora (Charger) • The submarines could take up to 10,000 tonnes of cargo on-board and ship it under the polar ice to tankers waiting in the Barents Sea. The U.S. Navy still operates forty-three Los Angeles–class boats, though fourteen newer Seawolf- and Virginia-class submarines still beat out the Akula in discretion. (ST video game: Legacy). All the R-39 missiles have been retired. One, the USS Akula, was decommissioned and added to the Starfleet Museum and the other was mothballed. Soviet shipyards pumped out seven Akula Is while the U.S. Navy pressed ahead to build the even stealthier Seawolf-class submarine to compete. The Typhoon is capable of traveling at 28 kn (52 km/h; 32 mph) underwater. The submarine is fitted with the MGK 540 sonar system which provides automatic target detection in broad and narrow-band modes by active sonar.

The CEP (the circle of equal probability) is 150m. The four 650mm tubes can be fitted with liners to provide additional 533mm weapon launch capacity. Pacific Fleet, removed from active service, Since 2008 undergo overhaul and modernization. Russia's Akula-Class Attack Submarines Still Strike Fear Into Sailors' Hearts. The name Akula was used as the NATO designation of the Projekt 971 because the first of the class was the K-284 christened Akula. [18] As of 2017, the decision about scrapping of TK-17 and TK-20 is still not certain.[19]. Affiliation: More troubling for the U.S. Navy, though, the Akula was nearly as stealthy as the Los Angeles class. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

The submarines were built by the Amur Shipbuilding Plant Joint Stock Company at Komsomolsk-on-Amur and by Sevmash at the Severodvinsk shipbuilding yard. It is the world’s superior…, MQ-4C Triton is a new broad area maritime surveillance (BAMS) unmanned aircraft system (UAS) unveiled by Northrop Grumman for the…, Get important industry news and analysis sent to your inbox – sign up to our e-Newsletter here, "Three Akula II submarines, with advanced machinery-quietening technology, have been built. Their primary weapons system is composed of 20 R-39 (NATO: SS-N-20) ballistic missiles (SLBM) with a maximum of 10 MIRV nuclear warheads each. Key Point: Despite the Akula’s poor readiness rate, they continue to make up the larger part of Russia’s nuclear attack submarine force. Dervish (Gryphon • Hermes escort • Maelstrom • Tempest) • The submarine has a double-hulled configuration with a distinctive high aft fin. In 2272 the first of the original Akula Class ships began a complete refit, similar to it's larger cousins the Constitution and Miranda class had earlier in the decade.

To accommodate this increase in range, Soviet SLBMs were substantially larger and heavier than their American counterparts (the R-39 Rif is more than twice as heavy as the UGM-96 Trident I; it remains the heaviest SLBM to have been in service worldwide). These torpedo tubes are arranged in two rows of four tubes each. List of Soviet and Russian submarine classes, "Russian Navy Abandons Akula Modernization Project", "Russia, USA Liquidated Entire Class of Ballistic Missiles", "941 TYPHOON – Russian and Soviet Nuclear Forces", "The Massive Soviet Sub That Inspired 'Hunt For Red October, "World Naval Developments: The Typhoon Saga Ends | U.S. 175 meters Class of nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, This article is about the Soviet/Russian submarine class with. However, during sea trials in November 2008, a fire alarm was triggered inadvertently, flooding the sub with freon firefighting gas that suffocated twenty onboard, mostly civilians—the most serious recent incident in a long and eventful history of submarine disasters. The 111-meter-long vessel was distinguished by its elegant, aquadynamic conning tower and the teardrop-shaped pod atop the tail fin which could deploy a towed passive sonar array. Improved Akula-I Hulls: K-328 Leopard, K-461 Volk, K-154 Tigr, K-419 Kuzbass, K-295 Samara and K-152 Nerpa. Height: You can check out an Office of Naval Intelligence comparison chart of submarine acoustic stealth here. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Construction of Akula II began in 1991, but it was suspended for a period of ten years due to lack of funds. Granit (Nato designation: SS-N-21 Sampson) has a range of about 3,000km and delivers a 200kt warhead. Wells (Polarity), AA class • Aakenn • Achilles • Advance • Aegian • Aeolus • Aerie • Akula destroyer / escort • Ambassador Hardin • Andes • Andor • Andromeda (24th century) • Antares • Apache • Aquarius • Archer • Archimedes • Ariel • Ascendant • Atrox • Avenger (scout) • Babcock • Bader • Baker • Baton Rouge • Bode • Bolarus • Bonaventure • Bradbury • Brenton • California • Canada • Canopus • Capella (23rd century) • Capella (24th century) • Castor • Centaur • Centaurus • Ceres • Challenger • Chandley • Chariot • Chimera fast frigate • Christopher • Cle Dan • Cochrane transport • Columbia • Continent • Contortrix • Copernicus • Crossfield • Daedalus • Dauntless • Decker • Defender • Delta • D'Kyr • Deneva • Derf • Drexler • Durrett • Eagle • Eclipse • Edward • Einstein • El Dorado • future Enterprise • Epoch • Epsilon • Erewon • Eternal • Federation • Fenlon • Fermi • Fiji • Freedom • Frontier • Gagarin (24th century) • Galen • Ganges • Geneva • Genser • Graceful • Grayson • Griffon • Guardian • Gemini • Hale • Hermes fast cruiser • Heston • Hogan • Hokule'a • Hoover • Horizon cruiser • Icarus • Ilthirin • Indomitable • Intrepid (light cruiser) • Iowa • Istanbul • Iwo Jima • Class J • Jupiter • Karekh • Keith • Kethkin • Kiev • K'Kmarak • Kolm-An • Korolev • Larson • Lauro • Laweya • Legacy • Lenthal • Lexington • Liberty • Loki • Loknar • London • Madison • Makin • Mann • Marklin • Marshall • M'Benga • Mediterranean • Merced • Mercury (courier) • Mercury (escort) • Merian • Messier • Meteor • Midway • Mission • Missouri • Mobulai • MoKal • Moscow • Mulciber • Nachthexen • Narcine • Nautilus • Nelson • New Orleans • Niagara • Noble laboratory vessel • Nomad escort • Northampton • Oberon • Odin • Odysseus • Odyssey • Okinawa • Oppenheimer • Orion • Osaka • Ouroboros • Overfield • Paladin battlecruiser • Paladin destroyer • Paladin (24th century) • Perseus • Pioneer • Phalanx • Phantom • Philadelphia • Pinnacle • Piper • Pollux • Portsmith • Pralim • Premonition • Proxima • Pyotr Velikiy • Pyrenees • Rakota • Ranger battlecruiser • Ranger explorer • Ranger scout • Renaissance • Rickenbacker • Rigel • Rochester • Royal Sovereign • Sagittarius • Samson • Sawyer • Scorpio • Scryer • Scylla • Sequoia • Sevaijen • Shepard • ShiKahr • Sierra • Solar • Springfield • Sulek • Surak • Sydney • Tangent • Tempest • Theophrastus • Thomas Paine • Thucydides • Thufir • Tiberius • Ticonderoga • Theseus • Tripper • Tritium • Typhon • Typhoon • Ukora • Ulysses • Ural • Utah • Venture scout • Vigilant scout • Voyager • Wallenberg • Wambundu • Wilkerson • Wei-Fa • Wellington • Yamato • Yorkshire • Yorktown • Zodiac • unnamed, Defiant pathfinder • Raging Queen • Sun Tzu • Valley Forge • Federation assault ship • Federation cargo ship • Federation colony ship • Federation construction ship • Federation cruiser • deep galaxy ship • Federation freighter • Federation frigate • Federation galaxy ship • Federation holoship • Federation heavy cruiser (2380s heavy cruiser) • Federation light cruiser (Constitution-variant light cruiser • Intrepid-variant light cruiser) • Federation medium cruiser (Excelsior-variant medium cruiser) • Federation mining freighter • Federation repair ship • Starfleet tanker. You can check the specs, operators, images and videos. All Akulas are armed with four 533 mm torpedo tubes which can use Type 53 torpedoes or the SS-N-15 Starfish missile, and four 650 mm torpedo tubes which can use Type 65 torpedoes or the SS-N-16 Stallion missile. The sonar system can also be used in a passive, listening mode for detection of hostile sonars. In 2008 National Geographic released a documentary about the scrapping of one of the Typhoons in the series Break It Down. Two auxiliary diesels rated at 750hp provide emergency power. [16]

After lingering a decade in construction, the Gepard, the only completed Akula III boat, was deployed in 2001, reportedly boasting what was then the pinnacle of Russian stealth technology. Cheyenne (Dakota • Stargazer) • Originally, the submarines were designated by hull numbers only. 7 September 2006: Test launch of the Bulava missile failed after several minutes in flight due to some problems in the flight control system. The Starfish, fired from the 533mm tubes, has a target range of 45km. [10] 'Pantera' returned to service in January 2008 after a comprehensive overhaul.

Armaments: Ambassador (Alaska • Yamaguchi) •
Powered by a single 190-megawatt pressurized water nuclear reactor with a high-density core, the Akula could swim a fast thirty-three knots (thirty-eight miles per hour) and operate 480 meters deep, two hundred meters deeper than the contemporary Los Angeles–class submarine. [14] Two of these submarines were used to build the Borei class SSBNs.

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