The aliens brought Adolf back to Aldebaran with them. [35], By 5 ABY, a flotilla of starships orbited the Alderaanian Graveyard, the new name for the debris remaining of the planet. denotes a murderer, especially if the lord of the Ascendant is a masculine planet and the Sun is at the same time afflicted. Astronomica, 1st century AD). Fixed Star Aldebaran Conjunctions. abilities, domestic and material success, losses through mercurial friends.

The two concepts Evolution and Revelation go together. [b], The 1981 NPR/BBC radio drama adaptation of Star Wars features scenes set on Alderaan, in which Princess Leia discusses her mission to acquire the Death Star plans from agents of the Rebel Alliance with her father, Bail Organa (Prestor Organa). The diamond shape also symbolizes As is Above - So is Below - The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. the light in the head, and the diamond. Ascendant conjunct Aldebaran: Wealth, power, courage, generosity, ingenuity, rise to authority, martial success, subject to cuts, wounds, accidents, sores and injuries to the face, pains in the head and fevers. For the asterism, see Ed. Revelation, as defined by The Dictionary of Scripture and Myth, is a "symbolic [33], Almost immediately after the Battle of Yavin, Leia Organa would embark on a mission to rescue the survivors of Alderaan from Imperial reprisals following the destruction of the First Death Star. The battle station's commander, the Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing) orders the Death Star's superweapon to be fired at the planet. Depois da ascensão do Império Galáctico de Sheev Palpatine, Alderaan foi fundamental para o estabelecimento da Aliança Rebelde, um movimento que buscava restaurar os antigos valores da antiga República.

domestic, public and religious matters; danger of a violent death. [34], On Coruscant, the Empire's planetary capital, the numerous Alderaanian residents of Level 3204 began to hold vigils for those who had perished in what they called "the Disaster." [40], In the 2018 reference book Star Wars: The Rebel Files, Alderaan was mistakenly depicted as being in the Colonies instead of the Core Worlds.[31]. For the asterism, see, Ed. Landing his ship in a citadel among the mountains, he brings the newborn Princess Leia into his royal palace. Content approaching. Bill Slavicsek, who wrote the game's sourcebook, later drew from it for his edition of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe. At that time, it was described as a giant gas planet that resembled Bespin, with a city that resembled Cloud City on it. [17] The capital city, Aldera, has been built on a small island in the center of a caldera. Taurus is often associated with royalty and divine power. Porém, conforme as informações foram chegando sobre o papel do Império na destruição de Alderaan, o luto se tornou em revoltas, as quais foram rapidamente reprimidas. It describes how, after the Clone Wars, Alderaan's massive war machine was dismantled, and the weapons were placed aboard an armory warship called Another Chance. [12] Following the Battle of Yavin, Vader took the remains of Alderaan to serve as reminders to worlds that attempted to resist the Emperor. Florestas[6]Montanhoso[8]Planícies[6] The on-screen depictions of Alderaan in the Star Wars films are scant; the distant planet is seen momentarily in Star Wars (1977) prior to its destruction, and in Revenge of the Sith (2005) a short scene shows a city amid a snow-covered, mountainous landscape. A fim de deixar o processo criativo organizado, George Lucas decidiu criar algumas histórias e ideias. Setor Alderaan[1] Essas mesmas anotações também descreviam o planeta como sendo capital de seu sistema estelar e que possuía um Senado próprio. Leve seus fandoms favoritos com você e fique por dentro de tudo. Aquilae, Utapau and Ophuchi were also considered as names for worlds partially corresponding to Alderaan.

[18][c] The largely democratic society is formed as hereditary constitutional monarchy, ruled by the King or Queen of Alderaan from the Royal House of Antilles and later, due to marriage, the House of Organa. ), an SS colony under the ice of Antarctica, right next to the prehistoric ruins of Kadath. located at 9 degrees of the sign Gemini, with Antares at 9 degrees of the sign The star Aldebaran - Alpha Tauri - is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus. the sky. Alderaan era conhecido pela galáxia como o "planeta da beleza"[16]. Leia, Princess of Alderaan, Eclipse, Verge of Greatness, Shu-Torun Lives, Dawn of Rebellion, Star Wars: The Rebel Files–class. This star is one of the four "royal stars" of the Persians from Under threat of destroying her planet, Leia gave a fake location of the rebel base to Tarkin, only to have Tarkin destroy Alderaan out of arrogance, noting that Dantooine was too remote for an "effective demonstration." Aldebaran watches the Eastern sky and is the dominant star in the Taurus constellation. Aldebaran marked the zero Aries point in 3044 BC, Antares marked zero Libra 3052 BC,

As the attention of humanity becomes focused upon spiritual attainment, [9], The comic series Star Wars: Princess Leia (2015) deals with Princess Leia and Evan (a female rebel pilot also native from Alderaan), rescuing survivors from Alderaan's destruction. Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! Durante as últimas décadas da República Galáctica, o planeta era governado pela Rainha Breha Organa e representada no Senado Galáctico por seu marido, Senador Bail Organa. Casa de Organa[2]República Galáctica[8]Império Galáctico[2][8]Aliança para Restauração da República[2] Antares, for the other side in the conflict , went into religious Sagittarius in However, the Alderaanian senator was defeated by Senator Sheev Palpatine, who represented the sovereign system of Naboo. the east, traveling in a northwesterly direction. [11][12] It is established that Alderaan has a strict policy against weapons.[13]. distance of 1.35 AU. sunset, and is the thirteenth brightest star in the sky. Taken together this distance and brightness makes it the 13th brightest star in Alderaan, localizado nos Mundos do Núcleo, era um planeta terrestre coberto por montanhas. Its name is derived from the Arabic word Al Dabaran, "follower", a reference to the way the star follows the Pleiades star cluster in its nightly journey across the sky. An increased understanding about the process of revelation may [8] At that time, the Republic was facing a secessionist crisis due to the existence of the Confederacy of Independent Systems led by Count Dooku, pushing the galaxy to the brink of war. [2] Nos primeiro, segundo e terceiro esboços do que se tornaria Uma Nova Esperança, o nome de Alderaan era usado para a capital do "Novo Império Galáctico". Governo

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