Alien may use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Alien Technology Corporation is one of the industry's most experienced, quality suppliers of RFID innovations, technologies and products. Weyland-Yutani owns or controls the United States Colonial Marine Corps. The company's original name was "Weylan-Yutani", briefly seen on a monitor and Aspen Beer can in the film Alien; this name was created by Ron Cobb, one of the designers of the Nostromo and its crew's uniforms. The company's attempts to obtain Xenomorphs frequently involved subterfuge and the sacrifice of human life. Ethnicity: The Harry Harris Aliens Collection & Archive, Fiorina 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit, Aliens: Colonial Marines Official Strategy Guide, Digital Trends - Prometheus Blu-ray links Alien, Blade Runner universes,, While James Cameron cemented Weyland-Yutani as an integral part of the, Despite the fact that the company is portrayed as almost entirely ruthless, they appear to let. Its colony at Nu Indi successfully sued for independence, effectively removing itself from the company's influence, and two years later Weyland-Yutani lost out to rival conglomerate Ridton on a contract to supply the United Systems Military with FTL drives, severely affecting the company's financial performance.

[3][10] As such, it is a modern example of the longstanding trope of the evil mega-corporation in science fiction. "Building better worlds"

In 2013, multinational professional services firm Ernst & Young rebranded their corporate slogan to "Building a better working world"; the similarity to Weyland-Yutani's slogan is likely just a coincidence. Other origin stories for the company have been given in other media, although these have now been rendered largely defunct by the production of Prometheus. [1] These labs often operated under particularly amoral conditions, especially where Xenomorph research was concerned; humans were frequently used as unwilling hosts for the creatures, while some teams were even known to deliberately sacrifice low-level Weyland-Yutani employees as live prey in Xenomorph tests. [12] Many of the companies wholly or partly owned by Weyland-Yutani continued to operate under their own brand, such as the Kelland Mining Company.[12]. Вам не придется нанимать сторонних сотрудников или самому разбираться во всех областях. We are an independent innovation management advisory specialized in public and private fund-raising, investment strategy, project management, development of high-tech products and services. Weyland-Yutani By 2137, Weyland-Yutani was heavily involved in the colonization of extrasolar planets,[17] including the terraforming of suitable bodies with inhospitable atmospheres through the construction of Atmosphere Processing Plants. Weyland-Yutani's Bio-Weapons Division was a special department that dealt with the research and development of biological and viral weapons.

The original Weylan-Yutani name was also used by James Cameron in his initial treatment for a sequel to Alien, and later reappeared in David Twohy's unproduced script for Alien3. The corporation's name also appears in a newspaper headline where the last four kanji (株式会社) read kabushiki gaisha which means "joint-stock corporation".

[10] On BG-386, inhabitants from the planet's civilian colony were apparently abducted for use in research, often under the pretence of being "promoted" to a new position elsewhere on the planet.[10]. Лендинг в подарок при заказе продвижения ВК + Инстаграм, Продолжая использовать сайт, вы соглашаетесь с. The USM's own research would later fall foul of Ripley 8, a clone of the original Ellen Ripley. Flamethrowers (mechanical incendiary devices), Firearm sights, suppressors, stocks and modifications. Weyland-Yutani frequently oversaw the deployment of USCM forces in operations where it held a significant stake, including the initial mission to investigate Hadley's Hope.

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The Reverse-Engineering Division was mainly focused on the study and implementation of recovered Yautja technology. It was common knowledge amongst the company's commercial haulage fleet that senior management routinely bribed and paid off inspectors rather than submit to thorough safety inspections and reviews of their vessels.[13]. While Weyland-Yutani may not have had actual ownership of the Corps itself, the company at least held stock and/or partially financed the Corps, essentially allowing them to make the Corps available for their own personal use. Ripley would subsequently uncover (and defeat) numerous other attempts made by the company in this regard. Weyland CorpYutani Corporation [2] According to Weyland-Yutani employee Karl Bishop Weyland, one of the company's primary goals behind capturing the Xenomorphs and creating weapons out of their biology is to ensure humanity remains the elite species in the universe, and not just because of profits.

Apart from the company's bio-weapons projects, Weyland-Yutani was also heavily involved in the manufacture of conventional weaponry, and was a major supplier for the United States Colonial Marine Corps. SeegsonLasalle BionationalChigusa CorporationJĭngtì Lóng Corporation

Following the fall of the USM, Weyland-Yutani eventually re-emerged as a powerful multinational corporation, a resurgence partly fuelled by the company's role in cleaning up the heavily polluted and damaged Earth, and the corresponding surge in public approval and support that went with it.[22]. Weyland-Yutani also manufactured Aspen Beer in the early 22nd century. In the film, the company's logo consisted of a winged sun emblem, based on Egyptian architecture. It is also seen on screen several times written in Japanese; it appears on a box of supplies as ウェイランド湯谷. [21] Following the crash of the USM Auriga on Earth, Weyland-Yutani seized upon much of the information collected about the Xenomorphs by the USM, incorporating it into Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report, an extensive report on the species Xenomorph XX121 and humanity's historical encounters with it.

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The Weyland-Yutani Corporation, often shortened to Weyland-Yutani and commonly referred to as Wey-Yu[1] or simply "The Company",[2][3] is a large British/Japanese[4] multinational conglomerate. [25] Cameron has gone on record as saying that the way in which Burke accompanies the Colonial Marines on their mission to LV-426 was supposed to invoke the conspiracy of America's involvement in Vietnam being for purely corporate interests. 350000 рублей за первый месяц работы. Ответьте на несколько вопросов, и мы отправим вам стоимость вашего проекта. [5] This was however inaccurate, as it had actually been the Yutani Corporation which had bought out Weyland Corp in a fierce bidding war, beating out other bidders like the Chinese Combine. The corporate/military collaboration in pursuit and protection of commerce isn't unprecedented, dating back to the 16th century Dutch Empire's West Indies Trading Companies explicit charter to colonize territories using the Dutch Navy. Human USCM equipment, including vehicles and firearms, were often used by Weyland-Yutani themselves.[3]. When Cameron was assigned to write and direct Aliens, the role and significance of the company increased greatly. [2] The company also has a seat on the review board of the Interstellar Commerce Commission[7] (which it owns, although the organization itself is ostensibly independent[8]). In the film, the company's logo consisted of a winged sun emblem, based on Egyptian architecture. In various portrayals within the Alien universe, Weyland-Yutani has its hands in all aspects of space colonization and research. [10], According to an entry in the Weyland-Yutani Report, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation was formed when Weyland Corp absorbed the Yutani Corporation in a hostile takeover in 2099. The original logo for "Weylan-Yutani" in Alien. Even so, the division ruthlessly captured and exploited alien tech, stealing Predator and Engineer technology with little thought as to how the species that created it may react.

Weyland-Yutani held numerous other divisions of interest, most notably a large stake in interplanetary cargo transport. TokyoLondonSan FranciscoSea of TranquillityThedus For example: A company's home office is located in Florida and its insurance business is done in Florida. Alien is a science-fiction horror / action media franchise centered on the film series depicting warrant officer Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and her battles with an extraterrestrial lifeform, commonly referred to as "the Alien " or Xenomorph. Ellen Ripley inevitably became a major enemy of Weyland-Yutani's Bio-Weapons Division after surviving the company's first attempt to capture a live Xenomorph aboard the USCSS Nostromo. Headquarters:

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