The first version was operational in early spring of 1979. These computer-graphic images, also stored on the laserdisc, were also correlated to the video, enabling the user to view an abstract rendering of the city in real time. The car was carefully driven down the center of every street in Aspen to enable registered match cuts. Food and drink. The original GE CAT Scanners all used the Ramtek 320x240 display.

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Best in Travel 2020. Selected building contained additional data: e.g., interior shots, historical images, menus of restaurants, video interviews of city officials, etc., allowing the user to take a virtual tour through those buildings. 315 E Hyman Ave Suite #303, Aspen, CO 81611.

The production of a single CD master (around 13") was $300,000. A three-dimensional polygonal model of the city was also generated, using the Quick and Dirty Animation System (QADAS), which featured three-dimensional texture-mapping of the facades of landmark buildings, using an algorithm designed by Paul Heckbert. Bags feeling light?Coffee table looking bare?Get your guidebooks, travel goods, even individual chapters, right here. Snowmass & Aspen Maps. The data encoded in each frame contained all the necessary information to enable a full-featured surrogate-travel experience. Contact Lonely Planet. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. The Ramtek 9000 series image display system was used for this project. Aspen is the home rule municipality that is the county seat and the most populous municipality of Pitkin County, Colorado, United States. Pat Marquis at Aspen4Sale is a real estate agent for the Aspen and Snowmass area of Colorado. Ramtek created a 32 bit interface to the Interdata for this purpose. The film was assembled into a collection of discontinuous scenes (one segment per view per city block) and then transferred to laserdisc, the analog-video precursor to modern digital optical disc storage technologies such as DVDs.

Interactive Aspen Map from Google Maps.

The Aspen Movie Map enabled the user to take a virtual tour through the city of Aspen, Colorado (that is, a form of surrogate travel). The film was transferred to a laserdisc as part of a collection of projects being done at the Architecture Machine Group (ArcMac). The Aspen Movie Map was filmed in the fall of 1978, in winter 1979 and briefly again (with an active gyro stabilizer) in the fall of 1979.
Ski resort map of Aspen including Hotels, Rental Shops and Restaurants City of Aspen Trail System. The trail system provides an almost seamless system, interconnected between Aspen/Snowmass and down valley to Woody Creek and Basalt. The Aspen Movie Map enabled the user to take a virtual tour through the city of Aspen, Colorado (that is, a form of surrogate travel). All rights reserved. The cameras were mounted in order to capture front, back, and side views as the car made its way through the city. Aspen Trail Finder makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the content at this site or at other sites to which we link or to the information contained in any map or data layer posted on the site or downloaded from the site. Video. Beaches, coasts and islands. Aspen was filmed in early fall and winter.

The Aspen Movie Map's military application was to solve the problem of quickly familiarizing soldiers with new territory. Visit Website (970) 309-7262. Ramtek supplied image display systems which supplied square displays (256x256 or 512x512) as its competition did but also screen matches such as 320x240, 640x512 and 1280x1024. Cookies help us to improve your online experience with Aspen. Search Lonely Planet. Another interface feature was the ability to touch any building in the current field of view, and, in a manner similar to the ISMAP feature of web browsers, jump to a façade of that building. The interaction was controlled through a dynamically-generated menu overlaid on top of the video image: speed and viewing angle were modified by the selection of the appropriate icon through a touch-screen interface, harbinger of the ubiquitous interactive-video kiosk. Discover sights, restaurants, entertainment and hotels. Some prices of the day may be on interest. Additional features of the map interface included the ability to jump back and forth between correlated aerial photographic and cartoon renderings with routes and landmarks highlighted; and to zoom in and out à la Charles Eames’s Powers of Ten film. A database was made that correlated the layout of the video on the disc with the two-dimensional street plan. A gyroscopic stabilizer with four 16mm stop-frame film cameras was mounted on top of a car with an encoder that triggered the cameras every ten feet. Lonely Planet. © MIT undergraduate Peter Clay, with help from Bob Mohl and Michael Naimark, filmed the hallways of MIT with a camera mounted on a cart.

Click on Trail Map to View Larger Version. *Disclaimer – Aspen Trail Finder presents the information on this web site as a service to the public. A keyboard, joystick or trackball would each sell for around $1,200. Video, audio, still images and metadata were retrieved from a database and assembled on the fly by the computer (an Interdata minicomputer running the MagicSix operating system) redirecting its actions based upon user input; video was the principal, but not sole affordance of the interaction. The distance was measured from an optical sensor attached to the hub of a bicycle wheel dragged behind the vehicle. Featured. The Aspen Movie Map was a revolutionary hypermedia system developed at MIT by a team working with Andrew Lippman in 1978 with funding from ARPA. The Interactive Movie Map A Surrogate Travel System - January 1981 MIT, Learn how and when to remove this template message, The Interactive Movie Map: A Surrogate Travel System, Aspen the Verb: Musings on Heritage and Virtuality, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),, Articles lacking in-text citations from May 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Lippman, Andrew, "Movie-maps: An application of the optical videodisc to computer graphics,", This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 04:07. Via Google Maps . Explore every day. Another feature of the system was a navigation map that was overlaid above the horizon in the top of the frame; the map both served to indicate the user's current position in the city (as well as a trace of streets previously explored) and to allow the user to jump to a two-dimensional city map, which allowed for an alternative way of moving through the city. Map of Aspen and travel information about Aspen brought to you by Lonely Planet. Thus linked, the user was able to choose an arbitrary path through the city; the only restrictions being the necessity to stay in the center of the street; move ten feet between steps; and view the street from one of the four orthogonal views.

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