Because CB Reptile offers all types of chameleon species for sale including the common veiled chameleon for sale as well as more rare locales of Panther Chameleons for sale. Baby panther chameleons are also much friendlier than baby veiled chameleons. We have been breeding panther chameleons for 15 years now and don’t just breed run of the mill panthers. This condition, which can be fatal if not treated in a timely fashion, causes a chameleon’s bones to become weak and brittle. One of the most important things regarding chameleons is vitamin A. Reptivite from ZooMed is essential to keep them healthy. Be sure to hop on over to our panther chameleon care guide and learn all the ins and outs of keeping panther chameleons as pets. Panther Chameleons for sale. You can do this in a number of ways. Tortoise Town is a family owned and operated turtle and tortoise farm that is proud to sell ONLY healthy captive bred tortoises, box turtles, and aquatic turtles, chameleons, geckos, and iguanas for sale. They can grow up to 20″ in length, and they have the most outstanding colors in the reptile world. Most noteworthy, Panther Chameleons are far and away the best as far as a handleable pet, and also the most colorful. Panther Chameleons are one of the most colorful chameleons in the world. Secondly, consider the correct UVB Lamps. November - December, *Pre-Order* - Ambanja group from Mr. *Pre-Order* - 50/50 Locale Cross group from Rocky x Angalarina-fo - Hatched September 2020 - Ready est. With time, most chameleons come to associate their owner with food and will often come to the door in anticipation of feeding. Veiled Chams found in pet stores are normally wild caught,older and unhealthy. Keeping a pet panther chameleon for sale can be a challenging and rewarding hobby. Ambilobe Panther Chameleon (Fucifer pardalis) Juvenile. Clutch x Ingrid Bergman - Hatched Aug/September 2020 - Ready est. Most importantly if you are looking for a pet chameleon that can be handled. Offering a variety of captive bred reptiles for sale online, we also are breeders baby nosy be panther chameleons.. For all of our available animals, feeders, and supplies, please visit our website at! Baby Panther Chameleon for sale If you’re looking for adult panther chameleon for sale, check out their adult Ambilobe chameleons, ambanja Nosey Be chameleon Nosey Faly panther cham as well as samabava chameleons for sale. Try browsing the Other Lizards Index if you're looking for something specific. SCIENTIFIC NAME:Furcifer pardalis DESCRIPTION: We have a beautiful Juvenile Panther Chameleon for sale. They make great colorful pets when properly cared for. December - January, *Pre-Order* - Ambilobe group - females only - from Polisy-menapina (AKA Agent Orange) x Olonkova-ohy (AKA Nice Tail) - Hatched August 2020 - Ready est Oct/November 2020, *Pre-Order* - Ambilobe group from Darony-anjiana (AKA Fresh Prince) x Doro (AKA Fire Starter) - Hatched August 2020 - Ready est. Veiled chameleons are very territorial and don’t tolerate the presence of other chameleons in close proximity. We ship Fedex & UPS Overnight year round. Above all, CB has the best prices online to help you provide the most important panther chameleon habitat requirements. - Ambilobe Offspring (females only) from "Ihany-drako" (AKA My Friend) x "Hay-vao" (AKA Novel) - Hatched August 2020 - Ready est.

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