I have now logged a formal complaint and have made contact with You and Yours. I too have a 6 year old TV which is now obsolete.

And some questions nobody really wanted the answers to…. Moto 360 review: is this the best Wear OS watch yet?

You can remove the continue watching progs on BBC Iplayer via a laptop only just realised recently after it kept trying to make me watch the same episode of Silent Witness again and again !!! The BBC will not tell my exactly why this has happened (the coding of the iPlayer content has not changed). What do the lights on the Nest Hello video doorbell mean?

C'mon Samsung give is a firmware to allow tens of thousands if not a magnitude more people to keep watching iPlayer. Yeah it's so annoying not having an option to remove unwanted episodes on the Continue Watching section, where many customers have asked for the feature.

I am seeking advice as to what this device is, where it can be bought, and how much it costs, advice of this nature would be of more help to us than starting of on a legal route whicih is unlikely to succeed or indeed solve our immediate problem which has to be done by Oct 17 2017. A TV licence rebate should be given to all affected. Another option for viewing BBC iPlayer on your TV is to use your tablet or smartphone.

Yes, the only way to remove them from the list is to either watch them or simply fast-forward until you get close to the end and let it play to a finish.

Noblechairs Epic Series review: does it make a good office chair? Say "Hello!" If enough people complain, perhaps the BBC will do something about this issue. Copyright © 2020. None of the answers given are satisfactory.

I would just like to add my voice to the thread of disgruntled and disappointed people.

The BBC's iPlayer is a wonderful thing, but its power is wasted if you're watching it on a titchy PC screen.

Now they are stuck in my continue watching list and I cannot find out how to remove them from the "continue watching' list. In all this is a daft policy whoever is driving it and there should be more uproar.

In fact I bought a larger samsung TV this year 55" for the PS4 and I swear the picture is not as good as my older samsung. Learn how your comment data is processed. If enough people complain, perhaps the BBC will do something about this issue.

From consoles to cables, here are five easy ways to put iPlayer on your plasma. How could we purchase a new Samsung TV with this experience of cavalier support. I blame the BBC and Samsung jointly. I will almost certainly never buy a Samsung product again based on the complete lack of care from the customer service team. When we now access BBCi Player a caption comes up to say you will be removing the BBC player on 17th October.

Please also email Dan Taylor-Watt, head of iPlayer.

It seems a cynical use of supplier power to force customers like us to go out and purchase a new television with no technical reason offered and no compensation towards a new Samsung TV. An Amazon Fire TV Stick should solve the problem, but these cost £40 why should we have to pay for this on top of the TV licence if the BBC chooses to stop supporting some devices with just six weeks notice? This TV is only six years old, was an expensive top-of-the-range model and is wall mounted with all cables chased into the wall. Now they want to destroy it. Click the “Clear History” link to the right of it to remove all programmes from your viewing history. It's a real shame this feature has been removed as I use catchup TV a lot for the BBC. I've requested this, but TV licencing appears to be a separate entity. BBC are removing iplayer V2 from service, This has nothing to do with Samsung. My guess is that our TVs cannot cope with the new iPlayer sign in process. The only reason for buying the SMART version was to view BBC i player.
A quick, simple way to resume watching episodes and series you’ve been watching. The Big Tech Question delivers straight answers to the biggest questions in tech.

Can I watch Apple TV Plus without Apple TV? I think that the responsibility probably lies with the BBC not Samsung.

This makes no sense from a customer retention view.

A TV licence rebate should be given to all affected.

My family consumes all TV content via the iPlayer, but iPlayer will no longer work on my Samsung TV from 17th October.

The rest of the BBC are not listening - I've spent hours contacting Complaints, the iPlayer team and TV Licensing - they all direct me to each other. Thanks for raising this as I did a couple of weeks ago. And why would I do that? "My Watchlist"is fine, that has an edit button to use. I've never had a problem with BBC streaming quality over this time and my router is some questionable distance from the TV.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They are taking no action against you. I've requested this, but TV licencing appears to be a separate entity.
It is a 32inch Smart TV and cost £599.

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