Barry, we did it! And as a bee, honey's pretty important to me. He's dead, dead, another dead one, deady, deadified, two more dead. The film ends with Barry flying off to a flower patch with the Pollen Jocks. And the Krelman just opened up again.

Oh my. It's just a status symbol. Seinfeld had this to say, I considered it this spring for a solid six hours. (voice), Janitor / Would you excuse me? We're not made of Jell-O.

(voice) (as John Dimaggio), production supervisor: character technical direction & character effects, additional production supervisor: lighting, additional production supervisor: animation, production supervisor: layout (as Jenné Marie Guerra), production supervisor: lighting (as John S. Kokum), production supervisor: modeling & surfacing, production manager (as Deven R. LeTendre), production supervisor: art department (as Stacey Ernst), production supervisor: animation / production supervisor: story, post-production supervisor / production supervisor: story, production coordinator (as Mylissa Fitzsimmons-Grieve), additional visual development artist (as Patrick Hanenberger), associate art director (as Mike Hernandez), additional visual development artist (as Doug Rogers), production coordinator: matte painting (as Pat Connolly-Sito), additional visual development artist (as Paul Westacott), sound designer / supervising sound editor, re-recording engineer: 20th Century Fox Studios, additional dialogue recordist (uncredited), additional dialogue recordist (uncredited) / adr recordist (uncredited), artistic supervisor: technical direction (as Roberto A. Calvo), render engineer: research and development, final layout artist (as Eve Wong) / technical director (as Eve Wong), additional lead lighter (as Brian Jude Danker), additional production coordinator: lighting, additional lighting artist (as Gina Di Bari Carlos), technical director (as Russell R. Dumornay), additional lighting artist (as Ben Fischler), additional effects animator / chief effects architect: DreamWorks Animation, head of production technology: DreamWorks Animation, effects animator (as Christian A. Hatfield), lighting artist (as Edward 'Ted' Helmers), artistic supervisor: character technical direction, head of research and development: DreamWorks Animation (as James A. Mainard), head of global technical direction: DreamWorks Animation (as Mark Orser McGuire), artistic supervisor: character technical direction (as Kevin Matthew Ochs), character effects animator (as Steve Pete Rembuskos), artistic supervisor: surfacing (as Sabrina M. Riegel), additional lighting artist (as Eli G. Rod), character technical director (as Jeff Smith), effects animator (as Karen Kirkhuff Smith), matte painting compositor (as Marla Valentine), character effects animator (as Dante Tantoco), character technical director (as Michael Ware), technical director supervisor (uncredited), visual effects producer: main & end title sequences: yU+co.

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