FIELDIANA: LIFE AND EARTH SCIENCES (8): 1–43 -. Ventral scales in five females 144– 147. with the exception of C. australis  Edit

Cette section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète. Edit Upper labials 2–4 contact the loreal; the upper labial under the orbit of the eye (and subocular scales) is usually 5 (64 %), or 5–6 (25 %), rarely are they 4, 4 + 5, or 6. Murphy, John C., Voris, Harold K. & Karns, Daryl R., 2012, The dog-faced water snakes, a revision of the genus Cerberus Cuvier, (Squamata, Serpentes, Homalopsidae), with the description of a new species, Zootaxa 3484, pp. . Holotype: BMNH 1946.1.2.40. Comment. AMNH 70651 is from Koror Island, now Oreor Island (~ 7 ° 19 ’N 134 ° 28 ’E) see Crombie and Pregill (1999). inhabits the Sahul Self on the north coast of Australia from near Derby, Western Australia (~ 17 ° 15 ’S 123 ° 41 ’E) westward along the north coast to the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland Australia (~ 11 °03’S 142 °09’E). The posterior upper labials are horizontally divided; the first divided upper labial ranged from 5 to 8, with 7 (54 %) and 8 (39 %) being the most frequent in 28 sides examined. TABLE 3. [CDATA[ */ javascript:fav(); /* ]]> */, IUCN Red List - Cerberus australis - Least Concern, LC, National Center for Biotechnology Information, http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=15961786, http://www.arod.com.au/arod/reptilia/Squamata/Colubridae/Cerberus/australis, Homalopsidae, Colubroidea, Caenophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes), N Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia), SC Papua New Guinea, Holotype: BMNH 1946.1.2.40 (formerly iii.16.4b). Madagascar abritent deux espèces endémiques avec les lamprophiidés Liopholidophis sexlineatus et Thamnosophis lateralis. home › Homalopsis australis Gray 1842: 65  Have any product related questions? based upon significant shared morphology summarized in Table 3. Lower labials in contact with the anterior pair of chin shields 1–3 (11 %) or 1–4 (89 %) in 28 sides examined. The type specimen and the paratype AMNH 116020 are from Arakabesang Island. 1983: 210; Wilson & Knowles 1988: 702; Gow 1989: 76; Shine 1991 a: 120; Shine 1991 b: 14; Greer 1997: 122. Zootaxa 3484: 1–34 -, O'Shea,M. The venter may be cream, yellow or salmon with mottling or blotches. Edit has 25 scale rows at mid body (rarely 23); keeled scales on the crown anterior to the angle of the jaw, and the last two upper labials are horizontally divided. Cerberus australis  Cogger, H.G. Edit The divided subcaudal scales numbered 53–57 in males (n= 5) and 47–51 (n= 9) in females. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Ventral surface of the tail with a wide, dark medial stripe. L'élapidé Laticauda crockeri, bien qu'appartenant au groupe des serpents marins, est endémique de l'île Rennell aux Salomon. Subcaudals in five females: 50–54. Lower labials 13, with 1–4 contacting anterior chin shield. Il y a relativement peu de serpents aquatiques en écozone afrotropicale, qui se répartissent en quatre familles. Cerberus australis - (Schneider, 1799) Pronunciation SIR-ber-us oss-TRAH-liss Etymology Cerberus: after Cerberus, the Greek guard dog of the entrance of Hades. which has 27–29 scale rows at midbody. UMMZ 65857 is from Micronesia, Caroline Islands, Palau with no specific locality.

Belly uniform dark brown to black, on dorsal scale rows 1–2 light pigment forms an indistinct stripe. The large, plate-like fragments of the parietals may fuse with the temporal scales.

Wilson,S. Kans. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 19 septembre 2020 à 19:29. by Murphy 2007: 65.] Variation in Referred Material. Wilson, S. & Swan, G. 2010. Cogger H.G., Cameron EE & Cogger HM 1983. Scales in the first row lack keels. The nearest Cerberus  La sous-espèce Cerberus rynchops novaeguineae a été placé en synonymie avec Cerberus australis et l'espèce Cerberus schneiderii a été relevée de sa synonymie avec Cerberus rynchops [3]. Edit (~ 12 ° 28 ’S 130 ° 54 ’E) Australia. Cerberus australis  Cerberus rynchops rynchops  2004: 1277; Murphy 2007: 65; Alfaro et al. The life aquatic: an association between habitat type and skin thickness in snakes. Krieger Publishing, Malabar, Florida, 249 pp. Approximate distribution of the Australian Bockadam (Cerberus australis) The status of the taxonomy of Cerberus australis and Cerberus rynchops seems to be uncertain LINKS OF INTEREST Click here for more information about Australian Colubrids and Mud Snakes Australian Herpetology Website . with the exception of C. microlepis  AMNH 70651 has 18 scale rows anterior to the vent, 146 ventrals, 52 / 51 subcaudals, 14 / 15 lower labials. Nat. Gyi, Ko Ko 1970. Du côté des serpents marins, il est recensé 70 espèces. Scale rows at midbody are usually 23 (71 %) or 25 (21 %), rarely 21 (8 %). FIGURE 4.

No known copyright restrictions apply. Diagnosis. BMC Research Notes 2009, 2:53, Murphy, John C., Voris, Harold K. & Karns, Daryl R. 2012. 1982: 50; Cogger et al.

can be distinguished from all other members of the genus by its 23 scales rows (range 21–25) at midbody, imbricate scales on the crown, lack of keeled scales on crown anterior to the angle of the jaw; lack of contact between first labial and loreal; horizontally divided last upper labial; and mottled venter Cerberus dunsoni  can be distinguished from all other members of the genus with 23 scales rows at midbody by its rounded, juxtaposed, plate-like scales on the crown; these scales appear to be thickened compared to the scales of other Cerberus 


The ventral pattern is uniform black or dark brown in preserved C. dunsoni  The species was re-delimited in 2012, allocating populations east and south of the west coast of Thailand to other species. Loreal single, in contact with upper labials 1–4 (third upper labial on the left crowded out by the others and does not touch the loreal). Gyi 1970: 169; Gow 1989: 77; O’Shea 1996: 116. Ralph Curtis Publishing, Sanibel Island, 808 pp. species. Cerberus schneiderii  [review in Sauria 26 (3): 32]. The scales on the crown anterior to the level of the angle of the jaw usually lack keels; all other Cerberus  It is also present on the southern coast of New Guinea.


Edit Publs. pp. Upper labials 10 / 11, ninth horizontally divided, 5–7 contact the suboculars. usually has 23 scale rows at mid-body (rarely 21 or 25), the first upper labial usually contacts the loreal. Chez les natricidés, Xenochrophis vittatus étend possiblement sa répartition jusqu'aux Célèbes[1].

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