In fact, frequent handling is recommended! A Chinese water dragon hatching in author's hand. Submitted by: Victoria Heuer. No matter where you get your Chinese Water Dragon, you’re sure to have a good time owning one. A separate enclosure, such as a temporary tub or bin, should be set up and ready to accommodate the needs of a female about to lay eggs. Dragons of Chinese mythology have the body of a snake, the mane of a lion, antlers and four legs. Chinese Water Dragon Their diet as hatchlings will consist of traditional feeder insects, such as pinhead crickets, every day and appropriately sized mealworms once or twice a week. As the juvenile Chinese Water Dragon grows, it will shed its skin several times. The main body of the lizard is much smaller, making them easier to handle. Normal and Abnormal - Runny, White, Red Crested Gecko Poop, Pet Lizard’s Skin Shedding and Claws Care, Is My Bearded Dragon Too Skinny? Even after you’ve brought your lizard home, they could encounter a few different health problems. As for décor, provide lots of vegetation (either artificial or nontoxic live plants) along with many branches and climbing vines to simulate the natural water dragon environment. The throat may have some unique colors, too. Just because they are babies does not mean that they are sweet. Chinese Water Dragon care can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have a lot of reptile experience. Other possible health concerns include metabolic bone disease and skin infections. Chinese mythology classifies dragons into many different types. Metabolic Bone Disease, also known as MBD, is an extremely serious and often fatal disease for these animals. Compared to western dragons, with the exception of the Fucan Lóng, the Lóng does not hoard treasure. They appear as dark-colored patches on the skin that can be raised and/or filled with fluid. minutes. I offer these to water dragons until they are about 3 to 5 months old. Many factors affect the life expectancy of Chinese Water Dragons. Offerings made with warding off in mind include five-coloured silk and the Pride of India, which the dragon dislikes. The head of the Chinese Water Dragon is triangular. If threatened, the dragon will drop from the trees into the water and either swims to safety or remain submerged for up to 90 minutes. It’s good for humidity and is soft enough to keep your Chinese Water Dragons safe if they fall. Those leaves are going to serve as shelter and will make your lizard feel secure. An occasional pinky mouse may also be offered once or twice a month during this stage of rapid development and growth. Without appropriate lighting, water dragons can develop a multitude of problems. These animals are admirably beautiful, so make sure the cage is in a spot where you and your guests can observe your dragons in action. As a child, Isabel spent countless hours following her older brothers on their search for reptiles, amphibians, and other critters. You see, many wild-caught specimens already have parasites. Although tornadoes no longer occur in China due to climate change, the term may have developed into the mythological being known as Lóng.[5]. This can cause aggression, so you will have to separate them. Not only are they smaller, but they have different care requirements, too. Many people who attempt to care for a water dragon will find it difficult to find good sources of information, as I did when first starting out. After mating, the female will dig an underground nest and deposit 6-18 eggs. You can feed your adult dragon daily if you like, just be sure to keep the portion sizes small to prevent the dragon from becoming overweight. Their bellies are typically lighter and can be seen in white, pale green, or pale yellow. Also, if a female develops metabolic bone disease due to a lack of calcium in her system, yet continues to be bred, she will become increasingly likely to become egg bound, and her ability to walk and climb could be reduced almost to the point where the dragon is nearly immobile. Chinese water dragons, also called Asian/green/Thai water dragons, come from tropical forests of China, Thailand, Vietnam and generally – mainland of Southeast Asia. You can easily access our privacy policy and terms of use. The lamps need to be on during the day for 12 to 14 hours. Also, try to give your dragon the largest anclosure possible so they are less inclined to rub against the walls. In many cases, owners have to custom build the enclosure because of the lizard’s unique needs. Collecting for food and for the international pet trade are main threats to Chinese water dragons. A water dragon may also whip its tail in defense, much like a green iguana, although these lizards are more inclined to run. Chinese water dragons are oviparous which means that females of this species lay eggs. Chinese water dragons are popular exotic pets in part because of their unique look. The original article can be found through the Interlanguage-Link at the bottom of the page. I’ve noticed that female water dragons will most likely not lay eggs in the presence of the male, likely because when her tail lifts to begin laying her eggs, the male may see this as a sign of her submission and he will aggressively try to court her, putting an end to her attempts to deposit her eggs. Chinese water dragons are among one of the friendliest lizards out there—friendlier even than iguanas. Juvenile Chinese water dragons need to be fed more frequently than adults to promote healthy growth, while adults require fewer feedings. Our website is compliant with GDPR and adverstising laws of United States. Signs that your dragon may have contracted MBD include twitching, lethargy, fractured bones, muscle spasms, and swelling of the legs or back. They could also get hurt climbing or scratch themselves on something sharp. Always maintain proper hygiene in your Chinese water dragon’s habitat and allow the cage to fully dry out between mistings to prevent the growth and spread of fungus and bacteria. You can mimic this with logs and tree branches, living or artificial plants for climbing, and rock caves for hiding. Whole prey, like juvenile or baby mice, can be a great source of protein and should be fed to your pet dragon no more than twice per week, and only if your dragon is large enough to handle them. The water dragon’s tail comprises about 70 percent of the animal’s total length. Their tail can assist swimming and can also be used as a weapon, for balance. It possesses the: There are other, similar descriptions to the characteristics of a dragon. It is caused either by a lack of calcium in the dragon’s diet or inadequate exposure to UVB light. There are no other recognized subspecies of Chinese Water Dragon, but there are other similar lizard species, the closest genetic relative being the Australian Water Dragon (Physignathus lesueurii). When you handle a Chinese Water Dragon, carefully lift them off the branch or enclosure floor. The body is covered in brownish-green while the belly takes on a white hue. Chinese water dragons make good pets for those with some reptile experience as well as for more advanced herpetoculturists. The philosopher Wang Fu described nine basic properties of the dragon. They are arboreal lizards, meaning they like to climb in plants, on rocks, and in trees. Substrate, also called bedding, is what makes up the flooring of your dragon’s habitat. Owning multiple dragons doesn’t require much more work or money than owning a single one. Now to decorate your new water dragon’s cage with all the furnishings and supplies it needs to live a healthy, happy life. It is important to note here that water dragons do not maintain their weight very well. If threatened, the dragon will drop from the trees into the water and either swims to safety or remain submerged for up to 90 minutes. The Chinese Water Dragon is one of our favorite reptiles, hands down. Meanwhile, the tail is banded with brown and green. In addition to insects, you can provide finely chopped fruits and vegetables. The types are: In classifying the Lóng, the number of claws on each leg is important. Chinese water dragons have a triangle head and are colored between light to dark green. If you catch them by surprise, the lizard may whip you with their tail and scurry off. If you’re going to handle an adult water dragon, I recommend gloves to prevent potentially painful scratches. These reptiles are incredibly rewarding to own and are still one of our favorites even after all these years. Incorporate vines, large branches, and climbing shelves. When getting a Chinese water dragon, you must remember that it will potentially reach 3 feet tall and will require a huge tank that is at least 4x3x5 (L x D x H). Be sure to thoroughly wash all vegetables and fruits before feeding them to your dragon (or buy organic) to avoid the ingestion of pesticides and other chemicals. The front legs are slim and more defined, used for gripping and lifting the dragon up and into foliage, while the powerful rear legs not only aid in climbing but also allow a water dragon to run bipedally. Chinese Water Dragon Appearance. Expert Tip: Most of this measured length actually comes from the tail. The basking site or sites should be kept at a constant 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Traditional pet stores do not usually have the means to properly care for water dragons, due to space constraints and, in some cases, a lack of employee knowledge. The reason for its common name is that this nearly neon-green lizard is well known for living its entire life near flowing creeks, small ponds and other bodies of fresh water in forested areas. If you see symptoms of Metabolic Bone Disease in your Chinese water dragon, see your veterinarian immediately. The water dragon, like many other agamid lizards, has an incredibly long tail. Humidity below 65 percent could result in eggs collapsing. Although they are generally considered good creatures as opposed to Western Dragons , they should be viewed as neutral beings that can bring destruction when enraged. Typically, they do enjoy being handled. Though, they often come with a much higher price tag. The Emperor of China used the dragon as a symbol of his own power. Chinese water dragons are popular exotic pets in part because of their unique look. Yes, Chinese water dragons make good pets, due to their large size, interesting personality, docility, handling tolerance and ability to become tame.

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