Just click on the location you desire for a postal code/address for your mails destination. Locate the correct postal codes for Seattle, Washington (United States) in the list above by clicking the destination region you are sending to. The current SMC is published on the website of our codifier, the Municipal Code Corporation, and is also available in print (updated quarterly) in the City Clerk's Office. Address: Mailing Address:

Box 34019, Seattle, WA, 98124-4019 The City Charter, adopted by the City's voters as prescribed by the Washington State Constitution, embodies the fundamental principles of the City, defines the City's powers and duties, and guarantees certain rights to the people. To come back to the Seattle Clerk's pages simply use your browser's back button. The City of Seattle has issued requirements for construction projects seeking inspections. Mailing Address: The Code does not currently contain City law contained in the building, fire, electrical, mechanical, and boiler codes. Use our. Emergency Management - Landslides & Earthquakes, 2018 Seattle Code Adoption - Get Involved, 2018 Seattle Code Adoption - Project Documents, Incentive Zoning Update (links to Office of Planning and Community Development's page), Floodplain Development Regulations Update - What & Why, Floodplain Development Regulations Update - Get Involved, Floodplain Development Regulations Update - Project Documents, Floodplain Development Regulations Update - Background, Floodplain Development Regulations Update - Timeline, Leaf Blower Best Practices - Project Documents, Sign Code Update (links to SDCI code page), Solid Waste Code Changes - Project Documents, Unreinforced Masonry Buildings - What & Why, Unreinforced Masonry Buildings - Get Involved, Unreinforced Masonry Buildings - Project Documents, Unreinforced Masonry Buildings - Background, Unreinforced Masonry Buildings - Timeline, Updating Stormwater Regulations - What & Why, Updating Stormwater Regulations - Get Involved, Updating Stormwater Regulations - Project Documents, Updating Stormwater Regulations - Background, Updating Stormwater Regulations - Timeline, Yesler Terrace Redevelopment - What & Why, Yesler Terrace Redevelopment - Project Documents, Accessory Dwelling Unit (links to SDCI page), Environmentally Critical Areas Update - What & Why, Environmentally Critical Areas Update - Get Involved, Environmentally Critical Areas Update - Project Documents, Environmentally Critical Areas Update - Background, Environmentally Critical Areas Update - Timeline, Shoreline Master Program (links to SDCI's code page), Vacant Buildings Code Updates - Project Documents, Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA) Code, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Code, Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance - About RRIO, Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance - Owners & Managers, Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance - Renters, Rental Registration & Inspection Ordinance - Inspectors, Steam Engineer & Boiler Fireman Licensing, Shoreline Substantial Development Permit Extensions, Parking - Location, Size & Number of Spots, Environmentally Critical Areas Exemptions, Construction Permit - Addition or Alteration, Construction Permit - New Building, Multifamily, Commercial, Mixed Use, or Industrial, Construction Permit - New Building, Single-Family Residential or Duplex, Construction Permit - Subject-to-Field-Inspection, Construction Permit - Temporary Structures & Uses, Land Use / Master Use Permit - Overview of MUP, Land Use / Master Use Permit - Conditional Use, Land Use / Master Use Permit - Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA), Land Use / Master Use Permit - State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), Land Use / Master Use Permit - Land Use Variance, 35th Avenue Business Districts - Accomplishments, 35th Avenue Business Districts - Documents, Construction & Demolition Waste - Accomplishments, Construction & Demolition Waste - Documents, Design Review Program Improvements - Accomplishments, Design Review Program Improvements- Documents, Developing Small Single-Family Lots - Accomplishments, Developing Small Single-Family Lots - Documents, Living Building Project Update - Accomplishments, Living Building Project Update - Documents, Lowrise Multifamily Code Corrections - Accomplishments, Lowrise Multifamily Code Corrections - Documents, Marijuana Zoning Restrictions - Accomplishments, Marijuana Zoning Restrictions - Documents, Shoreline Master Program Code Update - Accomplishments, Shoreline Master Program Code Update - Documents, Stormwater Codes and Rules Update - Accomplishments, Stormwater Codes and Rules Update - Documents, Transitional Encampments - Accomplishments, Seattle Center Sign Code Overlay - Accomplishments, Seattle Center Sign Code Overlay - Documents, Find out more at King County Public Health, Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections, SDCI Service Updates in Response to COVID-19, 700 5th Ave, Suite 2000, Seattle, WA, 98104.

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