Bennett keeps all these plot threads thrumming and her social commentary crisp. This is chronologically the second of four books in the Lonesome Dove quartet, and it’s entertaining and well written, sometimes poignant and sometimes violent and sometimes a bit risqué. And possibly Comanche Moon as well. She marries a young chief and gives birth to Quanah. We’re glad you found a book that interests you! Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat, laugh and cry. All this is expertly paced, unfurling before the book is half finished; a reader can guess what is coming. This is one of those books that kept me wanting to keep coming back to it as soon as I’d put it down. as i was reading comanche i wondered how the book would have been if read in sequencial order, not knowing the future. McMurtry's writing is timely in scope, as the Comanches were being forced on to reservations at the time of this book's history, pre and post civil war, so the musings of the Indians lends a great flavor to the story. The book is a trilogy unto itself, following the Texas Ranger heroes and unlikely friends Woodrow Call and Gus McCrae. Categories: Get new posts delivered straight to your inbox! If her own word is to be believed, Anderson devoted 4 years of research into the writing of this book, and she brought a genuine respect, admiration, and love of Comanche culture into this story. influencers in the know since 1933. by This is so much better than I thought it would be, there’s so many characters and storylines, it kept my interest the whole way through it’s massive length. As befitting its significance, McMurtry spreads his story across three books with multiple plot lines: Scull's pursuit of one final adventure seeking out the sadistic Ahumado; Buffalo Hump's final assault on white settlements; and Blue Duck's vengeful violence. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Also, one wonders if the character of Inez is McMurtry's attempt to write a 'strong' female character. More By and About This Author. Book Review: Comanche Moon. Again, I can’t speak to accuracy, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable with what was happening in this book. I found many of. ; “We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men,” Powers writes, quoting the naturalist John Muir. Comanche Moon was sad in many places, gruesome in others, but ultimately lovely and satisfying. Seasoned veterans of the Texas Rangers, but no less inept at dealing with life's other challenges --- namely, women --- Gus and Call are once again at the mercy of an unforgiving landscape and a hardheaded commander. One reviewer commented that a lover of westerns would only need to read one series: The Lonesome Dove novels consisting of Dead Man’s Walk, Comanche Moon, Lonesome Dove and Streets of Laredo. Praise be to heaven! RELEASE DATE: Nov. 1, 1997. McMurtry writes great characters and includes both humor and tragedy to great effect. he treats his large cast of characters with humor and respect. Categories: OTHER BOOKS. I stayed up until 3 a.m. to fini, What makes a home a home? The full moon was a harbinger of death to the settlers on the Texas frontier – the Comanche welcomed it's light to guide their fearsome nighttime raids. “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” The idea is important because what Powers means to explore is a sense of how we become who we are, individually and collectively, and our responsibility to the planet and to ourselves. . This is a book about death – the contemplation of endings rather than beginnings. Comanche Moon. The first hints come with the reading out of a pig who instigated the building of a windmill, so that the electric power would be theirs, the idea taken over by Napoleon who becomes topman with no maybes about it. The time is the not-so-distant future, when the US's spiraling social freedoms have finally called down a reaction, an Iranian-style repressive "monotheocracy" calling itself the Republic of Gilead—a Bible-thumping, racist, capital-punishing, and misogynistic rule that would do away with pleasure altogether were it not for one thing: that the Gileadan women, pure and true (as opposed to all the nonbelieving women, those who've ever been adulterous or married more than once), are found rarely fertile. Your email address will not be published. Same characters, but less skillfully crafted than 'Lonesome Dove'. This is the stage Catherine Anderson sets in Comanche Moon, what seems to be by far the most popular of the massive array of Native American romances that flooded the market a few decades ago. She's eventually recaptured (against her will) by white settler relatives and forced to readjust to their society. The second in the famed Larry McMurtry Lonesome Dove tetralogy. Larry McMurtry Book Review by C.M. In the second half, Jude spars with her cousin Kennedy, Stella's daughter, a spoiled actress. A modern day fable, with modern implications in a deceiving simplicity, by the author of Dickens. LITERARY FICTION Nick, for instance, continues a project begun by his grandfather to take repeated photographs of a single chestnut tree, “one a month for seventy-six years.” Pat, a visionary botanist, discovers how trees communicate with one another only to be discredited and then, a generation later, reaffirmed. A magnificent achievement: a novel that is, by turns, both optimistic and fatalistic, idealistic without being naïve. 22 Sep. Comanche Moon book review. Gus and Call are a great pair with nuances of Oscar Madison and Felix Unger thrust into the role of Texas Rangers in the years of the 1840s to ‘60s. ; One captive woman is followed briefly but only as a means to demonstrate how the Comanches, the Rangers and society deals with her upon her return. The scope of Comanche Moon is wide and sweeping, the obstacles that impede our couple’s happily ever after are insurmountable, and the stakes are impossibly high. We have 2 Penelopes waiting at home, one with other suitors; we have one member of the crew shot very early on, dug up and dismembered so his spirit will wander (sound like Elpenor?) While the last third turns workmanlike in its efforts to set up the opening situation of Lonesome Dove, McMurtry nevertheless delivers a generally fine tableau of western life, full of imaginative exploits, convincing historical background, and well-rendered people. This is chronologically the second of four books in the Lonesome Dove quartet, and it’s entertaining and well written, sometimes poignant and sometimes violent and sometimes a bit risqué. Lonesome Dove: as you can see later on, this is close to the way to g, There are two ways to read the Lonesome Dove series, and they're analogous to the ways you can watch Star Wars. Much, much better than the preceding Deadman's Walk - there's more focus on Gus and Call, but also much more from the perspective of Native Americans. Still, the world McMurtry builds here is alive, and worth another visit. I like to read romances with cute dogs, mysteries with female leads, & historicals with unusual settings. McMurtry writes great characters and includes both humor and tragedy to great effect. Buffalo Hump's son, Blue Duck, breaks away from his father to form a band of renegades who prefer the Texans' guns to the bow and arrow and their own whims to traditional ways. Frankly, I found the film (TV generally) versions of these far more engaging. In general, while I fancy myself a serious student of western history and novels that describe that ilk, I have found the Lonesome Dove group far too graphic for my liking. I had only read one such book, prior to Comanche Moon—another book about a feisty white woman and the “savage” halfbreed who sought to tame her. The problem I have with the LD novels is these activities are spelled out in such explicit, thorough and frankly disgusting detail. The story begins in the 1850's. In general, while I fancy myself a serious student of western history and novels that describe that ilk, I have found the Lonesome Dove group far too graphic for my liking. Another excellent cog in the machinery that is the Lonesome Dove saga. McMurtry returns to reliable form in this follow-up to Dead Man's Walk (1995) that serves as a second prequel to his Texas epic Lonesome Dove (1985). A rollicking read!! George Orwell I enjoyed this far more than Dead Man's Walk, but it misses the mark made by Lonesome Dove by a great deal. Comanche Moon book review. ‧ For someone who really enjoys her Georgian and Victorian romances, this was a nice vacation to a different locale, with a lot of excitement and emotion to keep me entertained along the way. The narrative frame for Atwood's dystopian vision is the hopeless private testimony of one of these surrogate mothers, Offred ("of" plus the name of her male protector). In this work, Powers takes on the subject of nature, or our relationship to nature, as filtered through the lens of environmental activism, although at its heart the book is after more existential concerns. HOW MUCH OF THESE HILLS, What kind of books do you like to collect? by Nah. A brutal Comanche raid on Austin at the same time spurs the rise of two tough, bright, experienced young rangers: affable, whiskey- and whore-obsessed Augustus McCrae, who's nevertheless steadfast in his devotion to Clara Forsythe, an independent-minded shopkeeper who breaks his heart by marrying a more stable man; and dour, sensible, lethal Woodrow Call, who can't quite bring himself to acknowledge his illegitimate son or marry the sweet-natured prostitute with whom he has a longstanding relationship. I guess McMurtry follows the Stephen King school of writing, i.e., just write down whatever comes to mind and don't bother with an overarching plan, because like some of King's novels this suffers from being a bit unfocused - stuff happens, other s. Much, much better than the preceding Deadman's Walk - there's more focus on Gus and Call, but also much more from the perspective of Native Americans. This was my first western but I don’t think it will be my last. The thief, a Comanche, resolves to undertake a mad display of heroism by presenting the animal to the Mexican warlord Ahumado (the "Black Vaquero") renowned for the creative methods of torture he visits on anyone foolish enough to cross him. Reed Press $14.95 (128p) ISBN 978-1-59429-003-9. Regency might rule the day right now and always, but it seems that at one point Western/Native romances were giving it a run for its money. We also meet a whole book full of equally unforgettable characters like the lusty Inez Scull who’ll bed anyone in sight, and the terrifying “Black Vaquero” with an amazing repertoire for torture.

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