How to tell these two commonly confused words apart, Set your young readers up for lifelong success. So, the original spelling of both words that are now spelled chord was cord, but a refashioning of the mathematical chord caused the spelling change of the musical chord as well. (Slate), Transverse myelitis produces symptoms involving inflammation along the spinal cord that can cause pain, muscle weakness and paralysis. Chorda entered French with the spelling corde and the meaning “string for a musical instrument. A ninth chord is a seventh chord with one extra note added. However, the fact that cord comes from chorda and chord comes from cord does in fact make sense, if we dig a little deeper. See Wiktionary Terms of Use for details. I thought “factoid” meant “a little fact.” I acquired the word from an English prof and never bothered to look it up. For our purposes in this millennium, though, a "chord" with an "h" is a simultaneous playing of notes or a math term, and a "cord" is a rope or cable—among other meanings. Unfortunately, some speakers get mixed up when it comes to the anatomical term “vocal cords”: Do you want to strengthen your weak vocal chords, so you can become an amazing singer? You mean to say those are not facts, but, like asteroids or humanoids, merely things that have the APPEARANCE of them? Chord also functions primarily as a noun and is defined as a combination of three or more pitches sounded simultaneously. Cord (the string) may be traced back to the Latin word chorda (meaning "catgut"). In 1948, the writer Paul Jennings coined a word, resistentialism, which may be defined as “the seemingly aggressive behavior on the part of inanimate objects,” or, in Jennings’ own words: “things are against us.” This word, intended to be humorous, has enjoyed sufficiently limited use that it is not found in many dictionaries (the Oxford English Dictionary first included it in 2010).

A major chord sounds happy, and a minor chord sounds sad. Burns me up when the OCD genius nut job Sheldon Cooper on ‘Big Bang Theory’ uses it that way. As I understand it, “factoid” was coined by Norman Mailer in 1973 as a term to deride the rumors printed as if they were facts in celebrity gossip columns about Marilyn Monroe.

The spelling changed, however, sometime in the 18th century due to confusion with the mathematical use of chord. This is the most common use of the word. That character should be the first to correct people about it! What is the Difference Between Cord and Chord? This chord comes from the Latin word for "catgut." Chord and cord sound the same, but a chord is three or more notes played together while a cord is basically a thick string. That’s what makes homophones tricky. You’ve all got me hanging my head in shame. If a sad song makes you cry, it strikes a chord with you. This is something that would, on initial inspection, appear to fall into the category of "unhelpful etymology." A cord of wood not measured with string, bound with cord. To arrange (wood, etc.) You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! How to Keep Your Vocal Chords in Good Condition, Although used to sing, vocal cords are not spelled “vocal chords.”. in a pile for measurement by the cord.

After reading this post, you shouldn’t have any trouble with cord vs. chord again. When to Use Cord. To provide with musical chords or strings; to string; to tune. Word Choice: Cord vs. Chord. A unit of measurement for firewood, equal to 128 cubic feet (4 × 4 × 8 feet), composed of logs and/or split logs four feet long and none over eight inches diameter. Notes that were in accord were in agreement; therefore they were part of a cord (now read chord).

(computing) A keyboard shortcut that involves two or more distinct keypresses, such as Ctrl+M followed by P. (music) To accord; to harmonize together. The 'chord' that means "a collection of notes" is an alteration of the Middle English word 'cord'. Homonyms are words that sound identical but differ in meaning.

(figuratively) Any influence by which persons are caught, held, or drawn, as if by a cord. They used it for there little filler-things while switching during breaks (maybe still do). But in passing you hit upon a pet peeve of mine: Really, Maeve, “FACTOID?! These three words have a delightfully messy history behind them and all ultimately, albeit in a very roundabout way, stem from the Latin chorda. Home » Cord vs. Chord: What’s the Difference? 'Chord' vs. 'Cord' How to tell these two commonly confused words apart. The parachute is connected by a heavy-duty synthetic cord that can hold over 1,000 pounds. As it turns out, having different spellings for each term is quite useful. Still not sure you will be able to remember when to use chord or cord? A cord is a long flexible string or rope, often made of thinner pieces woven together. Those two chords together sound beautiful. What is the difference between chord and cord? Wellbeing or Well-Being – Which is Correct? For evidence of our language’s antagonism towards its speakers, we need look no further than the words cord (“long, thin material that is usually thicker than a string but thinner than a rope”) and chord (“three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously”).

This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. I wanted to cry ‘Say it ain’t so, Maeve!’. The original Greek khordē meant catgut, string of a musical instrument. Yes, a cord of wood may be bound by a cord, but that is probably not why it is called a cord of wood. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? (engineering) A horizontal member of a truss. In music, a chord is three or more notes that combine harmoniously. Here are some musical examples: While these shows vary wildly in style and subject, they all struck a chord with viewers. The homophones cord and chord are often confused–with good reason. They sound exactly alike, but they are spelled differently and have different meanings. Your car keys that mysteriously vanish? Cord (noun) See Chord.

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