When we were in Winden last, the world had ended — kind of.

* For a recap & review of the next episode, “Double Lives” – click here Jonas asks Adam what time it is. Jonas ventures through a destroyed Kahnwald house. Things aren’t right here, Eva says. Martha changes and enters the factory, where Bartosz, Magnus, Franziska, and Jonas are waiting with her. A single mistake was made in this world, Claudia explains. Tannhaus tried to bring someone back from the dead but ended up dividing and destroying his world — and created Adam and Eva’s two worlds. ( Log Out /  In 2021, Noah and Elisabeth are struggling to pull rocks out of the cave. He asks her how long the walk to Winden is, but she tells him to reconsider. Elisabeth and Peter exit the trailer they’ve been staying in and make their way through the various checkpoints. Martha twists the gold orb again and places it on the ground. “There is a way where you can avoid becoming me.” He asks Jonas to trust him. “The question isn’t what time, but what world,” Adam tells him. We’re in 1974. Martha begins bleeding from the mouth as Jonas pleads with her. Martha is stunned to see Jonas alive.
“Let’s drink to that.” The lights turn back on. I didn’t want to read too much into these lines at first; I assumed her deceptive nature was so core to the character that it was bound to shake out over time. Jonas opens his eyes. Hannah wants to offer Aleksander a deal. He picks up one and blows dust off it, only to reveal what appears to be a smaller blueprint of a time machine. “Looks like Winden doesn’t want to disappear,” Peter says. It appears to be empty as they walk towards the family tree and Adam and Eve paintings. Martha wants Adam to keep his end of the deal: where is the Origin and how can she destroy it? We’re watching it with English subtitles but the audio … At the power plant, Charlotte is questioning Aleksander Tiedmann (who sports a beard) about Erik’s disappearance and notes tire tracks, but she doesn’t have a warrant. We cut to Claudia at Regina’s grave.

Ines and Claudia wonder aloud what happened to Tronte’s mother. An older, blind man in a top hat enters and informs Martha she has a visitor and that he sees more than those who have sight before we move back to school in 1987. Dafne Keen’s Lyra is obsessed with lies but only because her entire world has been built on one. Martha wants to know what the door in the cave is. “Last summer,” he says as thunder booms and the power goes out. Sixty-six years have passed and she finally understands: some pain is never forgotten. It’s in keeping with this version of the Gyptians that they would welcome her as one of their own, but this odd scene — presumably meant to enhance Ma as the stark maternal contrast to Mrs. Coulter’s iron grasp — also belies the fact that, even if Lyra stays with them forever, she’ll always be a highborn girl playing vagabond. It’s 1920 now and adult Noah is looking for a room, having traveled very far. Jonas isn’t trustworthy, she says, because he belongs to the dark. He’s been there for 34 years and was just released from solitary. “Jonas was always the problem,” Bartosz tells the others.
Well, if that ain’t a familiar phrase. Bartosz recognizes her immediately: Silja. He killed Martha and the Origin in her. You want us to give this child up to them she’s a-fleeing from, is that right?,” he says, before launching into an impassioned itemization of every way Lyra’s father, Lord Asriel, has defended them over the years. “Take good care of Charlotte,” she says, confirming what we suspected: Charlotte’s lineage. In 2019, Ulrich visits Martha, wanting to know what really happened in the bunker. “A world without Winden,” Katharina says. She goes on down into a cave, where there are stacks and stacks of nuclear waste in barrels, tucked away beneath the earth. Suddenly it’s September 21, 1987. Back in the ruined study, Claudia tells Adam that he and Eva should have never existed. His and Eva’s actions have maintained the knot, and they keep creating themselves anew. “Jonas, you’re alive,” she says. Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel fell in love and got pregnant while the former was still married to Edward Coulter, another rich dude; they were going to pass Lyra off as Edward’s child, but “there was no hiding the Asriel” in her (a weird explanation for a newborn infant, now that I think about it, unless Coulter wasn’t white). The man in the reflection isn’t Ulrich, however — it’s 1954 Egon Tiedemann. Mrs. Doppler visits Egon at work, demanding answers regarding the missing minister. Adam has tried to sever it so her child would never be born, but it’s impossible — the worlds can never be disconnected, and Jonas can’t escape his fate. Because this is exactly when young Mads went missing all those years ago. She unfolds the plastic bag and asks him if he recognizes it. Jeff Bridges Reveals He’s Been Diagnosed With Lymphoma: ‘The Prognosis Is Good’, “As the Dude would say… New S**T has come to light.”. He wrote for Film Inquiry frequently during 2016-17, and regularly contributed to Scriptophobic during 2018-2019 in a column called Serial Killer Celluloid focusing on film adaptations about real life murderers. It’s the same silver pendant, but Hannah’s reaction is lukewarm, as she isn’t feeling well. Bartosz must save himself to save everyone’s lives. She dropped in because the forensic results of the two pennies came in: they’re exactly identical, the same penny.

Martha apologizes as she fires the gun, but we don’t see who she was aiming for. Jonas is confused while chic Martha with bangs tells him, “We don’t have time now.” She takes a gold orb-like device, twists it, and places it on the ground. She wants to know where Helge went after dinner and begins interrogating him about 1987. All rights reserved. Sonja hangs back and promises Tannhaus Marek will cool off. Regina doesn’t know about any of this. We’re back at the apocalypse as Jonas promises Martha (who is dead) he will make everything right. Adam meets Eva in the study. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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