"You know what I mean," Dean replies. But there's a natural order." Dean asks. "You're not going anywhere. How are you doing that?" What if I told you that if you helped me, you wouldn't have to leave here. They answer no, and the man pulls out a gun and demands their wallets. They decide to summon the spirit of the last person to die: Cole Griffith. "What else would it be?" If you wanna hit something, you just gotta get mad," he says as Sam doubles over. "About what?" I'll whisper the incantation in your ear..." She walks over to Sam's bed and leans down. "Alright, so I'm assuming you're somewhere over the rainbow," Pamela says. "Wait wait wait," Dean says quickly. Dean says. There is high wind, thunder and lightning. "But if you'll excuse me." "What's so funny?" "Hey guys." Sam asks. A man is in the room across from them. He sits down outside. A call from Bobby alerts Sam and Dean to the small town of Greybull, where people have stopped dying - a terminally ill man recovers, another is shot at point-blank range and walks away. "I knocked some stuff over to let her know I'm here, but she only gets sadder." "You're such a prude. Season "Get out of me," Sam orders. He jumps up, and with one hand sends the demon flying against the wall. Sam opens the door to let Pamela the psychic and Dean into their room. Police say Mr. Jenkins was shot in the heart, at point blank range, by a nine millimeter," Sam reads. "To everything there is a season," Castiel says. "Well then could you hold off until we fix this?" "It's okay to be scared." "That's the big secret. Sam and Dean try to find out why people in a small town are having near death experiences with alarming frequency by going into the spirit world. He flicks his hand and Dean flies into a gravestone, knocked out cold. Company Credits He shoots Sam with the rocksalt. "This isn't even the good stuff," Cole says, and the boys exchange glances. "So you know about that, huh?" In Cole's house, his mother is looking at his baby book. They learn that Alastair is planning to sacrifice two Grim Reapers to break one of the 66 Seals in order to bring about the end of the world. He turns around to see Sam standing behind him, too. Dean looks at him. "Enough of it," Castiel nods. "Yo." "I didn't," Cole replies. Thanks, Haley Joel, I know I'm dead," Cole interrupts. "I'm infected with demon blood. That's it. I didn't know what. "You were here the whole time?" "No," she says firmly. He clenches his fist, and the demon pours from the body, burning up on the floor. He jumps and turns around. "No time to chat. Are you here? "Tell your brother, thanks for nothing," Cole says. Come on." The first man vaults the coffin and grabs another chain, and they quickly hook them up so Dean and Sam are inside. It's hard to get it up when you're not wearing your meat, huh?" It aired on March 12th, 2009. Sam argues. Yellow Fever. Dean asks, but Cole disappears. "What? "The kid? His friend tells him not to move, but he sits up. The man shakes his head. "What's the matter, you reeking son of a bitch? "Dean," she says. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. Can we get past this?" "That script on the funeral home, we couldn't penetrate it," Castiel replies. Reapers take a break from work, and that means no one can die. Dream a Little Dream of Me. She shakes her head, smiling. "We're talking the end of the world here, okay? "You're gonna have to refresh my memory." She finishes and says "Okay boys. Dean stares at him, then laughs. "They've already snatched your reaper pal. Cole punches Sam in the stomach. "Where's your brother?" "I dunno," Dean shrugs, mouth full. She turns around and moves away. You can't kill death," Dean says. When I start reaping again? "We just want to talk," Sam says, surprised. Sam." "Why?" "Dude, check me out," Dean says, disappearing, then reappearing next to the man. In the newspaper. Hit me," Cole says to Dean. Pamela is sitting nearby. "I think I have a concussion." Season 4 Sam suggests. But to find a reaper, the Winchester brothers are forced to call upon Pamela. "Another reaper," Sam says, and the boys jump up. Borrowed it from an old friend of mine" Alastair says. So if death ain't in town..." Sam begins, "Then nobody's dying," Dean finishes. Dean asks. "What?" You and Sam just saved a seal. "No. "I dunno, I don't wanna be holding you back or nothing," Dean says, looking away. His wife pulled the plug, and now he's taking her out for their twentieth anniversary," Sam replies. "Are you coming?" He walks over and kneels down next to the first reaper, an old man. "What do you mean?" "So what, the local reaper's on strike? she asks. "You're gonna kill a reaper with that?" Sam walks in to see Dean laying on his bed, holding ice against his head. Dean asks. Filming & Production Heaven and Hell. Sam and Dean investigate a small town in Wyoming where people cannot die. "What do you say to deaf people?" He did some digging." "Do you know where the black smoke went?" Dean asks, looking up at him. Dean references "House M.D." Cole Griffith, last person to die in this town," Dean reminds him. "After our little experience," Dean begins, "for that whole year, I felt like I had this hole in my gut. The end credits begin by dedicating Season 4 to director Kim Manners, (January 13, 1955 - January 25, 2009). Sam replies. "Pamela!" "How you doing?" You know, I've done things. "It's not gonna move if you don't concentrate," Cole says. Tessa is gone. she says. Lazarus Rising. "Alright, let's see what you got," Dean glares. Sam smiles. Like I was missing something. Dean looks at the sky and sighs. "All of God's glory, fit to blog," Dean declares with a grin. "What happened?" And guess what? She pulls back a curtain, but there is nothing behind it. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" [Dean and Sam as ghosts, Dean stick arm through Sam's chest]. "Well, Pamela, you're a sight for sore eyes," Sam says. He approaches Dean, but suddenly a bolt of lighting comes down from the sky and strikes him, and he's gone. "No thanks, House," Dean replies, sitting up. The door suddenly bursts open, and black smoke floods into the room, then disappears. Supernatural S04E15 - Death Takes A Holiday Reaction - YouTube "Which means what I think it means?" Cole nods. Release Dates The soccer ball on his nighttable starts to spin, then flies at her. They summon the blind psychic Pamela Barnes to help them to make an astral projection to save The Reaper. "Look after that boy," Dean says to Tessa. "What're you gonna say to him?" A Very Supernatural Christmas. Sam laughs loudly. Cole turns to him. "Dean, in our experience, when do miracles just happen?" "You're the one that got away, Dean. She pulls down her glasses to reveal her white eyes. They both stand up, surprised that he's alive. He walks closer, picking up a shotgun. "You're kidding, right?" she says. "That was angel-proofing," Dean realizes. "So it's nuts," she cuts in. Outside, the boys arrive at the funeral home to see that it is covered in blue symbols. "No thanks, House. She chuckles humourlessly. He's in a better place. "Wait! "Well, then let's talk to somebody who might," Sam says. If you think you have good intentions, think again." But you know what it was? after Sam asks how he's doing after Dean is injured by Alastair. In the house, Cole's mother enters his room. Cut it out," Sam says irritably. "Of course. But he does have three amigos. Pamela goes on. "Cold air can cause an asthma attack?" "Sure you want me going with you?" Anyway..." He looks back at Sam. "I'm not telling you where the smoke is," Cole says. "You're different," Castiel replies, then disappears. "I'm inside that angsty little noggin of yours." The story is very well written, with many pop references (I loved "Feeling like Demi Moore") and alternating dramatic and funny moments. Sam asks. It's the last death I could find." | "No dude, the kid," Sam corrects. We could use their help for once," Sam replies. "What? Dean, this was a victory." "Wow. Couple of heroes. I could use your help," she says. Sam stares at him. "Well - grim reapers, that's what they do, right? Cause she can't let go," Tessa says gently. 15 Dean stares at him. "You do have a concussion," Sam says. We need to talk to you!" More blind jokes?" Sam stares back. "You sure this is gonna work?" I Know What You Did Last Summer. "I mean don't get me wrong, most of the ones I've met are dicks with wings. Sam opens the small book he's holding. And someone has to set it straight." he says calmly. Episode Behind them, the mother comes in, picks up her keys, and leaves. She scrambles forward and calls the incantation into Sam's ear again. "You're lying," she says. "Dude, I've told you a hundred times, that was the siren talking. "Look, we've been scoping this town for hours. "Alright. "Rocksalt's not so much fun anymore, is it?" Two men walk out of a bar, bickering about football. "How did you get rid of him?" But I guess things are different now." Dean asks. "It pays to have friends in low places, don't you think?" He backs up and gets behind a coffin sitting nearby. Death Takes a Holiday. Written by She doesn't answer. "Why won't anyone tell me what's on the other side?" Cole asks. "You and me? The relationship of the Winchester brothers is really shaken by the lack of trust. "I wish I'd gone with you for good. | Dean stops her. And there'll be nothing left here for you," Dean says. Dean looks at her for a moment. We captured Alastair. "Well thanks for your help with the rocksalt," Dean says angrily. Cole asks. Sam asks. "Mmmhmm. You've been to Hell. Playing the back nine? Dean asks, taking a bite of his hamburger. Dean asks. Ah she wouldn't bother you. In the motel room, the demon and Pamela continue to fight. "Well, no thanks to you," Dean says. "Yeah." "Why wouldn't I?" "Want some aspirin?" "You don't deserve this," Sam says anyway. "You made an exception for me," Dean argues. "Good people." "Because whatever I ask, you seem to do the exact opposite," Castiel says. "So what're you thinking?" Episode list Episode cast overview, first billed only. "Pamela, I'm so sorry," Sam begins.

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