Other species kept in captivity are spotted dolphins, false killer whales and common dolphins, Commerson's dolphins, as well as rough-toothed dolphins, but all in much lower numbers than the bottlenose dolphin. Mammals Amphibians Birds Habitat Profiles Reptiles Wildlife Conservation Insects Marine Life Forestry Dinosaurs Evolution View … Humans have long been fascinated with dolphins, but the relationship between humans and dolphins has been complex. [36][38], Some dolphins are adapted for diving to great depths. These ancient whales are the predecessors of modern whales, stretching back to their first ancestor that spent their lives near (rarely in) the water.

by Dolphins-World | Apr 25, 2017 | Information |. [132], Dolphins can tolerate and recover from extreme injuries such as shark bites although the exact methods used to achieve this are not known. Additionally, five river species exist that only inhabit the freshwaters of the Amazon, Ganges, Yangtze, Rio de la Plata and Indus rivers respectively.

These conical teeth are used to catch swift prey such as fish, squid or large mammals, such as seal. Dolphins and other smaller cetaceans are also hunted in an activity known as dolphin drive hunting. Dolphins have long played a role in human culture. Several species have female-biased sexual dimorphism, with the females being larger than the males. Though not quite as flexible as seals, some dolphins can travel at speeds 29 km/h (18 mph) for short distances. Other species are particularly endemic to a zone, and some may have different populations scattered over an extensive range. [23], Archaeoceti is a parvorder comprising ancient whales. [96] In larger groups, individual whistle sounds are less prominent. In October 2006, an unusual bottlenose dolphin was captured in Japan; it had small fins on each side of its genital slit, which scientists believe to be an unusually pronounced development of these vestigial hind limbs. At Corinth, he was so closely connected with the cult of Poseidon that the Isthmian Games, originally instituted in Poseidon's honor, came to be looked upon as the funeral games of Melicertes. They are smart creatures with the intelligence to modify their habitat when needed for survival. Dolphins are widely known for their high levels of intelligence, which has helped in establishing a stronger connection with the human. [181][182][183], A number of militaries have employed dolphins for various purposes from finding mines to rescuing lost or trapped humans. [193] There are no known cases of mercury poisoning as a result of consuming dolphin meat, though the government continues to monitor people in areas where dolphin meat consumption is high. The signature whistle of a male bottlenose dolphin tends to be similar to that of his mother, while the signature whistle of a female bottlenose dolphin tends to be more distinguishing.

Dolphins are sometimes kept in captivity and trained to perform tricks. [90] Bottlenose dolphins have a strong memory when it comes to these signature whistles, as they are able to relate to a signature whistle of an individual they have not encountered for over twenty years. [35][36], Dolphins have conical teeth, as opposed to porpoises' spade-shaped teeth. [9] In common usage the term 'whale' is used only for the larger cetacean species,[10] while the smaller ones with a beaked or longer nose are considered 'dolphins'. [153] In both ancient and later art, Cupid is often shown riding a dolphin. [13] Though the terms 'dolphin' and 'porpoise' are sometimes used interchangeably, porpoises are not considered dolphins and have different physical features such as a shorter beak and spade-shaped teeth; they also differ in their behavior. Dolphins engage in acts of aggression towards each other.

Dolphins are found quite literally all over the world; generally they reside in shallow seawater of the continental shelves. This blubber can help with buoyancy, protection to some extent as predators would have a hard time getting through a thick layer of fat, and energy for leaner times; the primary usage for blubber is insulation from the harsh climate.

[192], There have been human health concerns associated with the consumption of dolphin meat in Japan after tests showed that dolphin meat contained high levels of mercury. [58] They have also been seen protecting swimmers from sharks by swimming circles around the swimmers[59][60] or charging the sharks to make them go away. [79] Coralling is a method where dolphins chase fish into shallow water to catch them more easily. In addition to their streamlined bodies, some can slow their heart rate to conserve oxygen.

[124] Some of the larger dolphin species, especially orcas (killer whales), may also prey on smaller dolphins, but this seems rare. Gallup Jr, Gordon G., and James R. Anderson. Using sponges as mouth protection is a learned behavior. [66] The Cornwall Wildlife Trust records about one such death a year.

Sam H. Ridgway, Richard John Harrison. Dolphins are fast swimmers in comparison to seals which typically cruise at 9–28 km/h (5.6–17.4 mph); the killer whale (orca), in comparison, can travel at speeds up to 55.5 km/h (34.5 mph). Dolphins do, however, lack short wavelength sensitive visual pigments in their cone cells indicating a more limited capacity for color vision than most mammals. For example, the Bottlenose Dolphin dwells in all of the oceans, and they tend to live close to the coastline. The largest dolphin species (the orca) grows to more than 30 feet long while the smallest, Hector's dolphin, is just 4.5 feet in length. When a pregnant female is ready to deliver, she separates herself from the rest of the pod to a location near the water's surface.

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