They have shiny black scales on their back and a light colored belly, and their throat and chin are white. Their chins are white and they have a black and white checkerboard belly. A cross-section of their body would be square. The length of … The underside is mottled, becoming uniformly gray towards the tail. The Eastern Rat Snake can reach lengths of over seven feet long. The eastern rat snake is primarily active at night during the summer, and diurnal in the spring and fall. Eastern Rat Snakes are very prevalent within their range and account for many of the calls and requests for help we receive from homeowners who don't understand the benefits of having this snake on their property. Specimens longer than six feet are not rare. Some adults have traces of white patterning caused by pigmented skin that is exposed between scale rows. The head of an eastern rat snake … The eastern ratsnake is our largest snake in Maryland and is a common visitor in backyards. Eastern Rat Snakes are large constricting snakes which are found throughout South Carolina and most of the eastern United States. Eastern ratsnakes are large and shiny black. The snakes can also eat young chickens and chicks, hence the common name chicken s… The chin and throat are cream or white in color. This species has been recorded at lengths just over eight feet.
Biology: Eastern Ratsnakes are the most commonly seen snakes in Virginia. It is a terrestrial burrower and an excellent climber, and it may enter water.

For most of its range, adult Eastern Rat Snakes appear shiny black. They are weekly keeled to smooth scaled. They are often flecked with white or have traces of white bands. The snake is a constrictor, and adults eat mainly endotherms while young eat mainly ectotherms. It occurs in two color phases; the black phase and the yellow phase. It is found under rocks and boards, and in trees under bark and within knot holes and palm fronds. The diet includes rodents, lizards, frogs, and birds and their eggs. The chin and throat are white and unpatterned. The eastern rat snake is a large thick-bodied snake with a solid black body. They occur in many types of habitats, including agricultural areas, most types of hardwood forests, isolated urban woodlots, and forested wetlands. The eastern ratsnake is a shiny black snake with weakly keeled scales and an irregular black and white checkerboard pattern on the belly. Eastern rat snakes, formerly known as black rat snakes, are large non-venomous snakes between 3.5 and 7 feet (one and two meters) long. They are terrestrial and arboreal.

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