If you have access to small amphibians, such as Acris (grass frogs), it might be preferable to offer these until the snakes grow to the point that they can take whole pinky or fuzzy mice. This way they get more defensive and will strike more readily.

Neonates can be kept in small critter carriers, plastic shoeboxes or other makeshift enclosures. This species is unusual, as its dorsal ground color is most often olive green. Eyelash pit vipers, also known as eyelash palm pit vipers (Bothriechis schlegelii), are widely distributed throughout moist lowland and montane forests from Chiapas, Mexico (the southernmost state in Mexico), through northwestern Ecuador and western Venezuela. Topics

Major threats for the survival of eyelash vipers are habitat loss due to accelerated deforestation and over-collecting from the wild due to pet trade.
(O'Shea, 2005; Savage, 2002; Sorrell, 2009). The venomous reptiles of the western hemisphere.

Teeth/Fangs: Two fangs are hidden inwards on both sides of the jaw that are used to bite, capture prey and inject venom.

(O'Shea, 2005; Sorrell, 2009), Eyelash pit vipers are slow-moving ambush predators. Shrubs, bushes, vine tangles, trees, and palms usually close to a water source. Temperature- 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In a large enough enclosure the Pothos can be planted in the substrate.

2010. When trying to get them out of their enclosures, sometimes they will hold on to branches with their prehensile tails, so the tails must be gently tapped with a stick or other instrument to get them to release. It is not known to be aggressive, but if annoyed or disturbed it doesn't hesitate to strike. An automated daily misting system, if possible, is better yet. "Eyelash Viper (Bothriechis Schlegelli)"

I have found that these snakes prefer smaller branches on which to drape themselves, generally not greater than the girth of the snake.

living in landscapes dominated by human agriculture. While they are primarily arboreal, I’ve had a few eyelash vipers that preferred to live on the ground.

Instead, they are found most often in dense shrub thickets, low hanging tree branches, vines, or in the coarse bark of various palm species.

The door is constructed from quarter-inch acrylic. Accessed

At this time, a 86 to 90 degree Fahrenheit basking area should be provided. September 19, 2010 Additional Reading

Like all snakes, eyelash pit vipers have primitive ear structures that sense nearby vibrations rather than sound. The eyelash viper is found in southern Mexico, southeastward to the Atlantic lowlands, through Central America to northern South America in Colombia and Venezuela.

Snake venomics of Bothriechis nigroviridis reveals extreme variability among palm pitviper venoms: different evolutionary solutions for the same trophic purpose.
Likewise, if they are yellow, they will remain mostly yellow. The function of these "eyelashes" or horn-like modified scales is not clear, but it has been suggested that they protect the eyes as the snake moves through dense vegetation. There are small vents in the top and back to allow for ventilation.

The strips are then plugged into timers.

Here are a list of tricks that I have always found to help out A LOT: Let a new snake settle in a couple weeks before attempting to feed.

The geographic range of Eyelash vipers extends from southern Mexico (northern Chiapas), southeastward on the Atlantic plains and lowlands through Central America to northern South America in Colombia and Venezuela.

Your email address will not be published. If specimens are basically green as babies, they will stay predominantly green. Wuster, W. 2005.

Currently, two manufacturers of antivenin that is effective in treatment. Keep in mind these two rules: Don’t overfeed adults and provide water and humidity at all times.

These snakes have a slow metabolism, and overfeeding can result in hepatocellular lipidosis.

It is the most common of the green palm-pitvipers (genus Bothriechis), and is often present in zoological exhibits. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Instead, the rough scales of eyelash pit vipers provide protection from rough branches and allow for a "velcro-like" grip that aids in moving and anchoring on vines in their arboreal habitat. The body color primarily varies on their surroundings and habitat, e.g., yellowish individuals camouflage in the ripe bananas, whereas the green vipers hide amidst vegetation.

This, combined with the amazing variety of colors and patterns of these snakes, makes them an excellent display animal. Because of their predatory habits, they are vulnerable to predation themselves. Accessed This is a patternless green morph with a stripe. Biochem. Like all cold-blooded animals, they cannot regulate their body temperature on their own.

Quite often, the females refrain from feeding during the advanced stage of pregnancy, while they incubate their eggs inside their wombs after a gestation period of about six months, which technically means, they are ‘ovoviviparous’.

Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides!

having a body temperature that fluctuates with that of the immediate environment; having no mechanism or a poorly developed mechanism for regulating internal body temperature. The viper is viviparous, meaning it gives live birth. Eyelash pit vipers are ovoviviparous, meaning that after gestation, the eggs hatch inside the mother's body, where they complete their development.

You can see the head muscles contracting as they drink; when they’ve had enough they’ll move away. Allows them to try and swallow, any movement may cause them to drop it again. For years I admired these animals without owning any. Ranges- Southern Mexican state of Chiapas, through Central America, Columbia, and extreeme Western Venezuela to Southeastern Ecuador. September 15, 2010 The scientific name Bothriechis schlegelii is for the German ornithologist, Hermann Schlegel.

Bothriechis schlegelii (Eyelash Viper- Tan Phase). 2004. Ranges- Southern Mexican state of Chiapas, through Central America, Columbia, and extreeme Western Venezuela to Southeastern Ecuador. Males participate in a “dance of the adders” which is a courtship ritual in which two males face one another in an upright, cobra-like stance. Antonio, F. 1980. Eyelash vipers are one of eight species of the genus Bothriechis and certainly the most variable. Frequents low trees, vines, and undergrowth. 1990.

The predatory strike of the jumping viper (Porthidium nummifer). When I got home, all nine babies were loose in the back of my truck.

2006. Neonates, however, can be difficult to feed.

This size enclosure gives them sufficient space to stretch out and move around. and across multiple seasons (or other periods hospitable to reproduction). Because eyelash vipers live in trees, their time is spent camouflaged against the leaves, waiting for prey and drinking from water droplets accumulated in the trees.

The viper likes to live in humid, tropical areas not far from water. The genus Bothriechis is represented by nine species, each characterized by the presence of a prehensile tail (used for climbing) and typically bright green or yellow dorsal coloration.

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