Learn about the FPPC's responsibilities and functions. underwriting on noncommercial stations. Request informal advice about your obligations under the Act. These decisions give broadcasters plenty to think about – and it may give broadcasters plenty to do. These decisions, as detailed below, will end up making life significantly more difficult for broadcasters running ads from non-candidate groups, as they will need to review each issue ad to come up with a list all of the issues of public importance discussed in the ad. 1982 Order Recent cases before the Commission indicate that some noncommercial broadcasters have aired outright commercial messages on behalf of profit making entities in Commissioners Fowler (Chairman), Quello, Dawson and Patrick 1982 Order at 907. Discussion of FCC, copyright, advertising and other legal issues of importance to radio and television broadcasters and other media companies. at 911. to our attention that such offerings have been used by noncommercial educational licensees to raise funds for program acquisition purposes, a novel fund raising commercial messages on behalf of profit making enterprises for which consideration is paid to the station. announcements by nonprofit organizations, public broadcasters could air announcements promoting program-related materials sold by nonprofit organizations, FPPC’s Electronic Payment System for Enforcement Penalties, Pro-active Campaign Advertising Compliance Program. Amendment of Those Provisions of Part 73 of the Commission's Rules Which Describe and Delimit the Nature of Non-Commercial Educational FM and Television Broadcast Service, and Related Material (Sections 73.503 and 73.621) , Memorandum Opinion and Order, FCC 70-487, 22 FCC … While the Commission seemed to think that this would make disclosure more uniform, as each station running an ad would not pick a different issue to highlight, in fact, this will require many subjective judgments by broadcasters as to what ads are in fact being discussed and whether such issues are political matters of national importance. The importance of the broad nature of the definition becomes clear when coupled with the newly articulated requirement that all issues discussed in a third-party ad must be disclosed by the broadcaster. We have looked carefully at this area because it has come Under the Act, candidates and political committees must put disclosures on campaign advertisements that identify the committee that paid for or authorized the communication. So, the Commission notes, a debate over some tax ruling at the IRS, while not pending before Congress, could still be a political matter of national importance triggering the broadcaster’s disclosure obligation. Find out where violations occur across California. The Commission has articulated specific Notice for material omitted in the 1992 Reprint], We repeat that the Commission will continue to rely on the good faith determinations of public broadcasters in interpreting our noncommercialization Learn what constitutes a conflict of interest and how to determine if someone should be disqualified from participating in a governmental decision. Seemingly, matters already voted on, like the health care bills, or perennial Federal issues on which there may be no specific legislation pending before Congress (e.g., abortion, gun control, civil rights, etc.) Watch as the ramifications of these decisions become clear in the coming months. A candidate’s campaign committee, a ballot measure committee, a general purpose committee, a political party committee, a slate mailer organization, a major donor, and a person or entity making independent expenditures on candidates or ballot measures in California are all types of committees that may be subject to the Act’s ad disclosure requirements.

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