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It is considered not as dangerous as the saltwater crocodile. This species has an average lifespan of 70 years, living just as long as the modern-day human. Some of the information about the Freshwater Crocodile was taken from http://australianmuseum.net.au/freshwater-crocodile, Sign up to our mailing list for all the latest from the Zoo and details of offers and promotions, 61 Billabong Drive ( Log Out /  The lifespan of a freshwater crocodile is 1 year. Although death toll numbers are declining due to better education and local knowledge about the formidable nature of these enormous reptiles, around 1,000 deaths are still estimated to occur every year. Gallery. Despite the periodic flooding and drying of their habitat, Freshwater Crocodiles show a strong fidelity to their dry season water body, e.g. Crocodiles are large sized reptiles with thick, scaly skin that is made up of armoured, waterproof plates that both protects them from potential predators and also prevents their bodies from drying out. The world’s largest and most widely dispersed crocodile species is the estuarine crocodile. The smallest crocodile is the dwarf crocodile. This lesson will investigate the three stages of a crocodile's life cycle: before birth, young, and adult. There are a few factors that affect the lifespan i.e. It is found in lakes, swamps and rivers in northern Australia.

It grows to about 5.6 feet (1.7 meters) in length and weighs 13 to 15 pounds (6 to 7 kilograms). The Saltwater Crocodile shows a high tolerance for salinity, being found mostly in coastal waters or around rivers.

Insects (both aquatic and terrestrial) appear to be the most common food item, followed by fish. Mr. Freshie miraculously lived to the ripe age of between 120-140 years, despite hunters shooting twice at the animal.. jQuery(document).ready(function($){jQuery(document).ready(function(a){a("form").submit(function(b){var c=a("option:selected").html();"Rights-Managed"==c&&a('input[name="I_RM"]').val("t"),"Royalty-Free"==c&&a('input[name="I_RF"]').val("t")})});}), function googleTranslateElementInit() { The smaller and much more vulnerable juveniles however, are preyed upon by a number of animal species around the world from wild pigs, dogs and large reptiles to birds of prey like eagles. Habitat Email: admin@billabongkoala.com.au, Copyright © 2019 Billabong Zoo | ABN: 12107179019 | Website by Joyer. Baby crocodiles and juveniles are preyed upon by raptors, turtles, fish, and even other crocodiles. They inhabit freshwater marshes, rivers, lakes and mangrove swamps. Most Distinctive Feature: Eyes and nostrils located on top of the head and snout.

info@blueplanetarchive.com Males can grow up to 3 metres (9.8 ft) long and females up to 2.1 metres (6.9 ft), however the average size of these crocodiles is about 1.5 metres long.

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The powerful tail features large triangular scales known as ‘scutes’ along its length, which is almost half the total length of the animal.
Clutch size ranges 4-20, with on average a dozen eggs being laid. Copyright © 1985 - 2020 Blue Planet Archive LLC. During the wet season these habitats become inundated with flood waters which allow the crocodiles to move throughout the flood plains. Crocodiles are found in a variety of wetland habitats throughout the warmer tropical waters in the southern Hemisphere. The egg-laying period typically lasts for four weeks through August and September. Of all of these species, the Philippine crocodile is by far the most at risk with less than 200 individuals estimated to remain in the wild. Its colour ranges from grey to tan-brown, with dark patches along the sides and top of the body. While their cousins, the Nile crocodile, can live anywhere from 70 years to 100 years of age. Appearance. Their semi-aquatic nature has led to them evolving a number of key adaptations that allow them to survive so successfully in their natural environments.

And the American crocodile lives to a maximum of 70 years … That said, they do not often die of what we would call “old age.” Crocodiles more often die of other causes. habitat, environment, predators, temperature etc. Australian Freshwater Crocodile Baby Australian Freshwater Crocodile care Once the hatchlings begin to emerge, the female crocodile then helps them down to the water by carrying them in the throat pouch in her mouth. Over in Africa, the Nile Crocodile was once widespread in eastern and southern Africa but are now scarcer.

Unlike Saltwater Crocodiles the females do not guard the nest; however they will return and excavate the nest when the eggs have hatched, honing in on the calls of the young inside.
The lifespan of the Australian freshwater crocodile is generally more than 50 years.

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