Not sure if it’s been mentioned but presumably now it’s officially our 3rd kit this season? Black shorts and socks complete the Sheffield Wednesday home kit 2019-20. The shorts are silver with a solid black pattern, black socks and silver turnover. Both our other kits clashed with Rochdale's so I guess it was a one off. I believe this was a 'European Sop' to keep interest in the matches mid season, and the old, original Football Association Cup specified that, if a clash of colours should occur BOTH sides should change. © 2020 Also since when did we change the away kit every year as pointed out on the site last week? That was never the case. Advertising works - you're reading this! It's easy! On Wednesday 4th September 1867 the Wednesday Cricket Club formed a football branch to keep members together during the winter season. It will have to change because it's a different manufacturer. Sign up for a new account in our community. Show your team pride with a Sheffield Wednesday retro football shirt. To me it looks better than the boring grey 2nd kit. Use the filter options on the left to help narrow your search. If they wore pink he would have said it was too bright as an excuse for Southampton turning them over . We’re excited to announce the forum is under new management! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Think when crowds are back players will blend into crowd in that grey kit. Not the easiest of colours to spot and pick out a team mate at a quick glance. As soon as other clubs became as rich as man u and could match them he left . Away kit this,away kit that,our colours are blue and white stripes,we should play in bloody stripes unless there is a colour clash.It drives me nuts. Put your own text advert here and link it to your site for just £10+VAT per week. Sheffield Wednesday to change kit manufacturers again New Topics. Click here to get started. Started 8 hours ago. 2019/20 Junior home shorts £12. It's easy! The owls are changing the kit suppliers to LOTTO for the new season...Yet another costly summer kitting the kids out..the fans can vote on the favourite design for the away kit on the owls website...ive voted for the white away kit. Then and only then can the kit be considered Original ! We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. At 30 quid currently means it is a bit of a bargain. The 2019–20 season was Sheffield Wednesday's eighth consecutive season in the Championship. Nottingham Forest v Sheffield Wednesday - Extended highlights - Sat 14th December 2019 11 August 2020. The season covered the period from 1 July 2019 to 22 July 2020. i voted orange, the white looks ok though, but the last white we brought out looked so cheap,, the last green we brought out was disgusting, though the green hooped one i liked. I went for the orange. - Click Here. Except for Chelsea and Liverpool and arsenal (just in this country) who had as much money as he did, and the fact he was nearly 70 when he retired. ... Not impressed at all by any of the kits and is it me or have the last 3 seasons of votes included a green kit which has never won. the Official Away kit., though why we cannot play in the \b7W stripes unless there is a major clash of colours, I don't know. 2019/20 Pro fit home shirt £50. The reason for the second, and third shirts is for one reason only -MONEY. doddicus January 8, 2007 in Sheffield Sport & Activities. 2019/20 Adult home shorts £14.50. It affected their performances so much they won the title twice, were runners-up twice, won the FA Cup once and lost in the final once. Put away colours should be white and blue. It's a well known fact that it's aimed at the kids who then put pressure on the parents to buy more. Not keen on either of the green or grey to be honest. Not keen on either of the green or grey to be honest. ... 2019/20 Home mini kit £25. Didn't know United where voting for theirs as well, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Powered by Invision Community, Owlstalk | Sheffield Wednesday News for SWFC fans, Join Owlstalk and join in with the debate! Yeah i know that but they said on the site the cycle of kit changes was Home every 2 years and Away every year! The Owls 2019-20 away shirt has a green base colour with a pixelated gradient effect on the lower half of football shirt. Sheffield Wednesday fans have had their say on the clubs new kits for the 2020/21 season. Don't know why the whining scotsmans excuse for not winning still carries on . It's something to do with a commitment to the fans that the EFL stipulate. Sign up for a new account in our community. Brilliant. The white looks too much like derby to me. POSTS ON THIS FORUM ARE NOT ACTIVELY MONITORED. Didn't we have problems way back when Shrewsbury have used blue and yellow stripes? Subscribe Now Subscribe Subscribe. Taking inspiration from on-trend modern visuals, the Owls’ away strip incorporates a grey camo-effect, with the shirt complemented by silver trims, cuffs and monochrome badge. Elev8, who have been making Wednesday’s kits for the last three years, have released the Owls kits for next season in a promotional video. Powered by Invision Community. Not the easiest of colours to spot and pick out a team mate at a quick glance. For the reason found it difficult seeing colleagues. Incidentally, I know this is the Caribou Cup or something, but its still the old League Cup. It was always alternate years for home & away in alternate 2 year cycles. IMO it would be better were it to be the decond choice i.e. It all came from some one a few seasons back having 4 shirts as standard and parents playing hape. Started 4 hours ago. September 16 in They did a study a few years ago on what colours were  best for catching the eye, red was top I think yellow was second, so for me please DC reinstate a yellow away kit next year. Owlstalk | Sheffield Wednesday News for SWFC fans We have classic kits from the 1930’s to the 1980’s as well as sweatshirts and hoodies featuring the classic owl crest, embroidered in our factory here in the UK. The kits shown in the video do not feature a sponsor. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. They did a study a few years ago on what colours were best for catching the eye, red was top I think yellow was second, so for me please DC reinstate a yellow away kit next year I don't care what colors they play in, just keep winning.uto. By Sheffield is the crucible of football, boasting the world's oldest clubs, Sheffield FC and Hallam FC formed in 1857 and 1860 respectively. Most over rated manager ever . Plasterer. The green one is, kit...the last green 1 we had was disgusting, (CB saying it in his best sneaky voice trying to be Jazzy), Not impressed at all by any of the kits and is it me or have the last 3 seasons of votes included a green kit which has never won. For those of a particular age and tradition in the Hells Angels mode an original kit should be thus... Shat, Urinated and vomited on, upon it's first airing and from thence only cleaned in a rudimentary fashion utilising soda and various body fluids. The Sheffield Wednesday Football Club badge is placed on the left breast. Topics; Silverdale School. If the EFL want us to pay for extra shirts, why dodn't gthey stick up more of the cash they're wallowing. Plus the two promotions we have had in grey . Actually liked the kit far preferable to grey. Liverpool had a grey away kit for four years in the late 1980s. Buxtongent,  all right surry-mon. If blue and white is our home colours. Sheffield Wednesday revealed the new 20/21 Away Kit by ELEV8. That's correct, I think we played in all white, we did same at Wimbledon in 79-80 season. sonofbert2, Sheffield Wednesday to change kit manufacturers again, New Bus Service - Sheffield To Manchester. Sheffield Wednesday Matchday. should yelloooooooooow like it used to be, not ruddy green or that god awful grey thing that makes me think the colours gone funny on me telly...... Not sure it can officially be a one off though and has to go through some sort of EFL registration I think? Football fans are fickle, forgetful, spoilt little brats. Basically if we shell out a oner for a Grey shirt the EFL expects the team to use it X number of times per season, to represent VFM. Remmeber man Utd having grey kiytit lasted one match under Fergie. There's no reason, and we do it anywa on home shirts, of wearimg EFL insignia. Register Now Register Register. By Along with competing in the Championship, the club also participated in the FA Cup and the EFL Cup.. Every 2019/20 Championship home kit rated and ranked, including Leeds, Hull and Sheffield Wednesday shirts.

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