? Lame ass nigga Ugly ass nigga Wannabe trash gang so bad ass nigga. As with anything, it is how it is delivered. Some fans found the skit funny, some did not. Having one of the stars go off so publicly kinda gave the haters a bit of ammunition to go after any type of fan.

rumors and deceit is childish and is a waste of time. It is implying that an individual is not living a worthy life or a life worth living.

Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

Maybe it starts out as escapist fantasy, but it doesn't end there. When you stop wasting time, you can reinvest it in moments that help create memories and make your life meaningful, says Griffith.

printed in, from Charles T. Jr in Interstat #145 (November 1989). Love the idea! If you’ve ever been told to “get a life” you probably took it as an insult, but maybe it’s just a little constructive criticism. If you've been in it for a while, you know the ugliness too. It is rude coz it basically means your existence is just a waste of space on this earth with what you're doing or lack of doing, hence the get a life thing. Why not take today off? Later in the summer, at another con, I gained more insight into the situation.

The convention parody was a cheap shot at our expense in order to get some cheap laughs, and in spite of the 'with it' attitudes of the SNL cast, I'm afraid that the show's writers are coming across like pompous snobs these days. It was meant as a joke, but caused a lot of PR damage for him, because the statement itself is nothing more than an insult with no structure to it at all.

Deadlines. Isn’t there a bullet somewhere you could be jumping in front of? I think it's rude most of the time....but really if someone is being ridiculous, like how one person mentioned how one man thought all women were after him....yeah, I'd have to say I'd say "Get A Life" to him too! A hobby is necessary for mental health. Just a few little changes can put you in control. Trek shows us an imaginary future, where our crew cares more about each other than themselves, where people are valued for what they are and what they can accomplish, and where humans have left behind the ridiculous barriers of race, sex, geography, and other accidents of birth that currently divide us from each other. What's something God hasn't sent you yet?

Through fandom, some of us discover or develop talents or abilities that we might have ignored otherwise, such as writing, photography, drawing or painting, computer skills, or even a sense of humor. I thought the characterizations of the convention members were right on mark. There is always at least one question from the audience regarding some obscure beaming coordinates, or a safe combination, or some other minute detail of some episode. Trek draws many people who, at some time in their lives, have felt deeply dissatisfied, needy, or even hopeless—about themselves, their families and associates, their work, or the way they see their world going. (Even Spock never found a perfect human.)

They were always a wacky group, but they were kinda just dismissed with a roll of the eyes. I have "got a life."

Anyone who thinks that way about fandom has a remarkable lack of compassion, and has missed the most important things about fandom.

“One new choice is the starting point that leads you to the next steps,” says Levin.

was a skit performed on Saturday Night Live by William Shatner.

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Life comes at us fast, and it’s natural to go through the motions without ever really stopping to breathe.

[1987]: I thought Bill Shatner's skit on SNL was mildly amusing and I was not insulted by it (SNL treats all subjects that way, and Bill is a consummate actor—he'll play ANY role). It is surely a universe in which there is much to value, and much joy.

I think it might have hurt fandom's perception in the eyes of the general public a bit.

yes, saying get a life is really rude.

“Not enough time,” she says. was a skit performed on Saturday Night Live by William Shatner. After all, most of us exist on auto-pilot, without living our lives to the fullest.

Classic insult, I don't remember who actually said it first.. (Well, I'm Catholic.)

I tried this on this real annoying kid Spoiler alert: nobody heard it.

It is fun. Yes, we should be able to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves (or the things we're into) TOO seriously, but I don't think that we have to put up with EVERY put-down or EVERY cheap shot at our expense.

So what do they say is stopping them from fulfilling their dreams?

and that they have basically been living a pathetic pointless life. I’d tell you to go fuck yourself, but that would be cruel and unusual punishment.

When Star Trek star William Shatner... appeared as a guest host of Saturday Night Live, the program chose this opportunity to satirize the fans of his 1960s television series. :) Or....: "Wow what a great idea! For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter!

This page was last modified on 30 August 2019, at 04:38. “I meet a lot of women who have big dreams,” says certified life and business coach Susan Hyatt. There is some finality to the statement as if it is supposed to end an argument. From a Blurb About the Book of the Same Name, from Shirley J. F in Interstat #116 (June 1987), from Jayne K in Interstat #134 (December 1988), comments by Harriet Cooper in the essay "Thanks a lot, Bill!" Never be outside ass nigga. "Ask yourself, 'Is this activity/habit/behavior/person contributing to or contaminating my happiness and success'," says Griffith.

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It’s how we choose to use those hours that makes all the difference. One of Shatner's lines, sick of Star Trek fans asking him what he felt to be inane questions, is to tell them to "Get a life!". 6. Navy SEAL in charge of bin Laden raid endorses Biden, Woman, 9 months pregnant, easily breaks 6-minute mile, 50 Cent appears to endorse Trump over Biden, 'Secret weapon' gives GOP hope for Election Day, Rush Limbaugh says cancer going in 'wrong direction', The New Yorker suspends Toobin after Zoom incident, Blue wave would rain $2.5 trillion stimulus: Analyst, David Letterman admits he 'misjudged' Kim Kardashian, With just days to go in the campaign, Trump rips toilets, Derrick Henry is terrifying and this stat proves it. plus. It helps me relax. It was reminiscent of the 1986 skit. “It can motivate you to make important changes in your life,” she says.

Like the people that play online video games and have astronomical scores.

It's very rude and the phrase is completely overrated and overused. “Completely empty your brain,” she says.

The "Trekkies" were depicted as nerdy guys with glasses and rubber Vulcan ears, "I, When William Shatner appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1986 and told Jon Lovitz and a convention hall full of absurdly nerdy Star Trek fans to "get a life," it was all in good fun. They need to hear that every now and then! After all, anyone who’s been to a Trek. would it be considered bad manners to ask at a shop for something they don't have? Having seen ourselves in the mirror of Trek, some of us see fandom as a way-station.

4. Like yours?" I do shopping, vote in elections, and change diapers.

It was meant as a joke, but caused a lot of PR damage for him, because the statement itself is nothing more than an insult with no structure to it at all.

[1989]: I do believe that ST fans get an unfair amount of criticism from outside their ranks and I believe some of these know-it-alls could learn a few things from us in how we try to raise honest criticisms about each other through gentle-hearted kidding and by showing some real warmth towards the person of the other point of view in our ranks (or at least some of us do).

To do this, I recommend they regularly go back to mundane places such as supermarkets, malls, stores, public transportation, parks, happy hour bars, etc. “Getting a life is all about what makes you feel full of life,” says Steven Griffith, author of The Time Cleanse.

"By the time most of us hit adulthood, we resist starting something new because we don’t want to be seen at the bottom,” says life coach, radio host and author Sunny Joy McMillan.

I’m not saying I hate you but I would unplug your life support to charge my cell phone.

In May 2009, Star Trek XI stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy appeared on Saturday Night Live and preformed a 3 min 24 sec skit, one that focused on the reception with which diehard Trek fans greeted Star Trek (2009).


The famous, "get a life" speech by William Shatner back in the 80s was aimed at hardcore Star Trek fans.

And I suspect that the majority of fans are more like me than the stereotype.

Yes because it is an inherently stupid thing to say, plus whenever people say it it is always in the context of being rude to someone. If you’re waiting for me to care, I hope you brought something to eat, ‘cause it’s gonna be a really long time.

Some of us, basically isolated, find that we can form solid and enduring friendships.

why do people come to work 30-40 mins before their shift?

Still have questions?

This could be as simple as taking a new route to work, or choosing to start each morning with a meditation instead of answering emails. Here's how to, well, get a life.

But you can say that to a dead person maybe that'll work out okay. I have been addicted to conventions since I discovered them in Atlanta while I was attending college (c. 1982).

But according to Shatner, some (or most?) [1988]: One thing I've learned from my exposure to a number of fans is that the infamous "get a life" skit from Saturday Night Live haunts us.

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But. It helps me retain my perspective. Get a life ass nigga, Kik modding ass nigga.

You see, either people view ST and ST fandom with open minds or they don't.

But that is not what Bill Shatner was talking about.). Levin calls this exorcising your excuses. But what struck me the hardest was his line about the 30-year-old fan who lived in his parents' basement and had never kissed a girl. If humans had beaks instead of noses, would we still kiss? Some of his arrows aimed true—dealers offering overpriced merchandise to folks who snapped it up, and fans knowing more about the details of the stars' lives than they do. Me neither.

Some day you’ll go far—and I really hope you stay there.

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