The answers to these questions help you to understand users’ opinion of your site.

You can analyze the user’s flow through your website as well as the drop off rate on each page. “Why we like this report the most? It’s so important to know how people explore your site and understand where people drop off so you can optimize. Editor’s Note: If you don’t want to pull up Google Analytics every time you want to see your top traffic sources, you can use this free Acquisition Snapshot Dashboard template.

“For example by seeing which pages are most likely to make your customers leave your website.”. What is the average duration per user on your site? Open Reports. Use the Realtime Content/Screens report to see which pages/screens have been viewed during the past 30 minutes. The lack of conversions might lead a client to discredit the blog’s value since it’s not directly attributable to conversions using certain attribution models. “This report shows you where people are coming from when they land on your page. Those actually ended up making him profitable as they were converting between 4-7% so he focused on selling just those on scale while optimizing other products. I know our clients find it very valuable (not to mention interesting and insightful to user behavior).

It shows the actual navigation pattern across pages, in a way that is easier to analyze than the Behavior Flow report which can be complex and even misleading.”, “The Users Flow report is a goldmine for spotting opportunities to optimize your user journey,” says Dan Young of Loud Digital.

“When Google Analytics is paired with Google Tag Manager and GTM’s various tracking options are activated, the Events report becomes very powerful,” says Keith Moehring of L2 Digital. “One of the best Google Analytics reports monitoring this is under the ‘Acquisition’ tab. “I use it regularly to check general traffic trends on my site and understand where the traffic is coming from as well make notations on traffic dips or increases.

Audience behavior provides statistics that will help you RETAIN customers.”. Nearly 50 marketers weigh in. Analytics “As for my digital marketing company, the most useful Google Analytics report that we think is useful is the Mobile Overview Report,” says Scot J Chrisman of The Media House.

The information that appears in these is preset by Google Analytics , and gives an insight into the data on every part of your site, from your audience demographics to the channels through which they find your … For example, you can report on which pages form completions take place, how far visitors scroll down a page, what external links they click on, which PDFs they download, the YouTube videos they watch on your site and for how long, and various other ways they interact with your content. From this, it makes it easier to determine how engaging your content is or if the user navigated until they found the information that they were seeking. This report is preferable for understanding how well your website is optimized for smartphones and where we need to make improvements. ”Demographic data is the most useful because it allows us to segment our audiences to the group of users that are most likely to convert,” says Liam Barnes of Directive. John Howard of Coupon Lawn adds, “As a business owner, I believe that Mobile Performance Report is the most important Google Analytics Report. With so many different standard and custom reports in Google Analytics, we asked nearly 50 marketers to share their most useful Google Analytics reports, including: “The Audience Overview report is by far the most useful tool in Google Analytics because it provides an overall snapshot of the traffic going to your website,” says Sam Olmsted of Tampa SEO Services, Inc. “As an SEO expert, tracking changes in traffic over time, examining bounce rate, and looking at new users coming in allows me to give my client useful insights that can impact their campaigns.

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