Up close, the walls of the Waiting Room look more like bone than marble, but the floor pattern is the same black-and-white checkerboard that appears in the luxurious case workers corridor. The Receptionist, Miss Argentina 1939, has visible wounds on her wrists slit her wrists, Charman still has the tire tread markings he got after throwing himself in front of a truck, and one office worker still has a noose around his neck. Smaller bites next time, guy. The movie is called Beetlejuice and the guy only shows up in a few scenes. This 120-year period might explain why all the Waiting room Recently Deceased are only from the last century and a half or so. This idea is reinforced by touches like a digital turn counter that resets every 100 billion deceased or so and the kind of magazines you'd fine in an average doctor's office. The project spent several years in development hell, by which point most of the key players had lost interest. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. There's even a PA system that announces emergencies or the arrival of large groups, like the victims of United Airlines Flight 409, so that every employee can prepare accordingly. Even if they didn't kill themselves, everyone's afterlife existence reflects how they lived and died, exorcism is like going through a second death and Betelgeuse can't be trusted. Burton was never particularly interested in making one, but the studio spent years working a script called Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, where the "Ghost With The Most" follows the Deetz family to Hawaii when they move. RELATED: A Tim Burton-Themed Bar is Opening in New York City. While it might not be obvious, the whole Neitherworld seems to be within a labyrinthine cave system that has been more or less decorated depending on each department’s budget. We'll dedicate a little space to the other dearly departed here: Magician's Assistant: Cause of death: being cut in half. Taking a cue from the most obscure bureaucratic offices, the Neitherworld Waiting Room does not clearly advertise its existence. On the upside for fans of the character, it was recently announced the film was being adapted into a stage musical. Betelgeuse finds this out the hard way. Bad Hair Is an Uneven but Entertaining Mix of Horror and Satire, Beetlejuice: The Secrets of the Afterlife Waiting Room, Explained, Tim Burton Doesn't Think Beetlejuice 2 Will Happen, A Tim Burton-Themed Bar is Opening in New York City, Beetlejuice 2: The Long, Strange History of the Troubled Sequel, Hocus Pocus: Bette Midler Shares In-Costume Photo From the Reunion Special, The Suicide Squad: Michael Rooker Casts Doubt on What We Know About Task Force X, NIGHTSTREAM: Punk Rock Romcom Dinner in America Wants You To Hate It, The 10 Best Halloween Movies (Updated 2020), Star Wars: Everything We Know About The High Republic's Starlight Beacon, Charm City Kings' Tragic Ending Gave the Wrong 'Hero' a Second Chance, Swamp Thing: Twin Branches Gives the DC Hero's Origins New Roots, Warhammer 40K - Marneus Calgar #1 Is Off to a Solemn Start, Review: Rorschach #1 Is a Meditative, Noir-Tinged Return to Watchmen's World, Trungles’ The Magic Fish Is the Queer Story We All Need, King of Eden Vol. It takes on spine-chilling issues like untimely deaths, haunted houses, suicidal thoughts and the horrific nature of upstate New York Real Estate practices and casts them in the macabre vision of a young Burton. You can endure her shameless self-promotion by joining her five Twitter followers at @BeaCaicoya. and move to a higher plane. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. While it's not totally clear how Juno and Betelgeuse ended up with their roles, Juno explains a few other rules. While Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian didn't ultimately happen, there was revived talk of a sequel in recent years. More: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Beetlejuice. While Beetlejuice has its share of dark moments it's still a comedy at heart, so ending the movie with Lydia's death would have been an unnecessary downer. Witch Doctor: You probably don't wanna mess with a guy who can shrink heads. Another shows  the ocean, which is a universal symbol of death and the unknown. He was given his nickname because of a character in the movie Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice made his debut on The Howard Stern Show on July 14th, 1999, making an appearance with Frank "Third Degree" Burns, another little person.

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