Evidence on Endangerment: The last estimate of the walrus population was 250,000 in 1990. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not at fault. Left: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska oil field; Right: Bristol Bay Pebble Mine. Carbon taxes and fewer burnings of fossil fuels will help protect the polar region from melting at one point. Humankind indirectly hurts the arctic wolves by wasting energy and releasing greenhouse gasses. Annual mean change of sea ice concentrations (SIC) between, the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and conservation status of, emperor penguin colonies by 2100. They range between 2 to 3 feet tall and can be up to 5 feet long including their tail. Cause of Endangerment: The Arctic wolf is endangered because of it's very fine and rare fur or pelt which is wanted by hunters. Fortunately, there are organizations, such as World Wildlife (WWF) and the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), that are working hard to protect the Arctic Tundra and the animals that live there, including the arctic wolf. The lack of food for caribou and musk oxen consequently results in a lack of food for the wolves, resulting in a decreasing population of arctic wolves. 129-133. ( Log Out /  ot numbers refer to each colony evaluated, with dot. In order to do so, carbon taxes need to go into effect to help reduce the significant amounts of carbon being released into the atmosphere which is the primary contributor to climate change and the melting of the ice. Although arctic wolves are of least concern on the Endangered Species List and experience little interaction with humans, climate change and industrial development, both of which have been caused by humans, are destroying the food sources and habitats of arctic wolves, ultimately disrupting the natural balance of the Arctic Tundra and resulting in negative consequences for other species in the ecosystem. (red = quasi-extinct, orange = endangered, yellow = vulnerable, green = not threatened). The Arctic wolf doesn’t have a subspecies, but it is a close relative of the grey wolf. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Arctic Hares and Muskox (some of their prey) have lost their food sources due to global warming. The recovery of the Arctic wolf population came when summer weather conditions returned to normal. There was a problem submitting your report. The Arctic wolf is of the least concern when it comes to being endangered but it does face threats of endangerment. Unlike other species of wolf, the Arctic wolf rarely comes into contact with humans and is not threatened by hunting or persecution. The WCC is an organization that focuses on providing wolves with comfortable habitats and spreading awareness about the impact of climate change on wolves and their ecosystem. denning areas and movement corridors, seasonal feeding areas and times, and key resting areas during the ice free period. Protection of Species: The biggest effort into helping protect the Arctic wolf is to prevent the global warming. SIC projections were obtained from a. subset of atmosphere-ocean general circulation models. Walrus feed on the ocean floor in the shallow waters of the continental shelf where the sea ice contains food. Since, it has been lowered to least concern, which means that, for now, the Arctic Wolf isn’t in very much danger! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The expansions of things such as roads, pipelines, and mines invade the arctic wolf’s natural territory, and impede upon their food supply and their ability to catch prey. Please contact Adobe Support. Because of the greenhouse gas effect, which traps heat in our atmosphere, the entire planet has increased in temperature, which threatens all of us, but especially those in arctic climates. But we can all work together to make sure we fix them! With the decline of the Arctic wolf, increasing swells of primary consumers occur, making it tougher for other species to compete for survival. Arctic Wolves and many other animals are suffering because of our mistakes. Without these, the populations of the Arctic Wolves’ prey have vastly diminished. Big companies that develop in the arctic tundra with mines, roads, and pipelines are also hurting the arctic wolves and other animals in their environment. These organizations give people hope that climate change can be conquered and that animals in danger can be saved. WHY. Once the populations of musk oxen and caribou grow too large, the environment will no longer be able to sustain them due to limited food sources. Fortunately, they are a low concern, and are not close to extinction. This was due to harmful weather conditions during the summers for four years. The reason for their endangerment is Global Warming. The average pack size of the Arctic wolves was 3.3; packs of four or more were rare. The species that call the refuge home have been protected from the risks of unsustainable development for decades, but now the US government is moving forward with plans to open the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge to allow for oil and gas drilling. In parallel, the Arctic Tundra is going through a period of imbalance, where climate change is causing weather fluctuations, which inhibit caribou and musk oxen, the main food sources of arctic wolves, from finding food. The Pebble Mine in Alaska is the largest open-pit mine in North America, and WWF says that toxic waste could contaminate the bay, affecting tons of species, not just arctic wolves. The US Geological Survey and the Russian Knipovich Research Institute are teaming up to determine the walrus population. Harsh weather conditions have made it difficult for caribou to find food, which has resulted in a decrease in the caribou population of the Arctic. Additionally, industrial development threatens the arctic wolves. As the population of wolves decreases, there will be fewer predators of caribou and musk oxen, resulting in their rapid growth. They are secondary consumers. Even though they are rarely hunted today, Arctic wolves are faced with rapid climate changes which reduce amount of available food. This contributes to global warming, which IS hurting the arctic wolves. They are now listed as 'least concern' which is the lowest level of... See full answer below. Sarah, amazing site, is there a little more on global warming on this page aside from the picture? Projected continent-wide declines of the emperor penguin under climate change. Our impact on the wolves is very real and very big. Starving arctic wolf struggling to find prey. ( Log Out /  Protection of Species: Like majority of the polar ice species in danger of extinction, the efforts into protecting the Pacific Walrus is to make changes to help climate change. It’s biggest threat, however, is … © Adobe Systems Incorporated. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Aldo Leopold, " 'Thinking Like a Mountain,' " A Sand County Almanac: With other essays on conservation from Round river, Oxford University Press, 1966, pp. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Evidence of Endangerment: There is no graph evidence available, however there has been data showing that cubs are of various sizes in the West island of Iceland, suggesting that food supplies are unstable. ( Log Out /  International Union for Conservation of Nature, or the IUCN,  deemed arctic wolves as endangered in the Endangered Species Act of 1986. All rights reserved. Leopold uses the imagery of the dying mountain to show his audience that without the natural balance of wolves as predators, the other animals will grow without boundaries and destroy their habitat. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is located in one of the largest remaining natural areas on the planet: Alaska. Luckily, current population is still large and Arctic wolf is not on the list of endangered species. However, when this balance is disrupted in the story, due to the hunting of wolves, Leopold "[watches] the face of many a newly wolfless mountain, and [sees] the south-facing slopes wrinkle with a maze of new deer trails" (Leopold 8).

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