The presence of Chivay obsidian is clear evidence that inhabitants of the island were participating in a wider network of exchange. And the lake’s water is said to be 10 degrees Celsius pretty much constantly. Paleoclimate studies indicate that around 3100 BC the level of Lake Titicaca would have been as much as 85 m (279 ft) lower than modern conditions, but that it had reached near modern levels by about 2000 BC. We chose a tour agency called Turismo Bolivia-Perú because they’ve been in business for more than 15 years and they have the experience and staff to offer trips tailored to specific needs–like combining Isla de la Luna and Isla del Sol into one trip for us (prices are based on your personal itinerary and the number of people in your group). Just an hour’s boat ride from Copacabana, today travelers can visit the island to explore Inca ruins, learn ancient weaving techniques, and take in some of Lake Titicaca’s best views. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; You might like to read: Explore authentic Isla del Sol in Bolivia. (function(d, sc, u) { The second day after breakfast take a walk to visit Pilcocaina Temple, where you can take magnificent photographs, then head back to Copacabana by boat.

In one version of the myth, the ancient people of the province were without light in the sky for many days and grew frightened of the darkness. He built a convent for mamaconas (chosen women) and a tambo (inn) for visiting pilgrims. A temple was built at this rock and later expanded by the 10th Inca Tupac Inca Yupanqui. Read all about Isla del Sol here!!!

Birthplace of the sun and the Incan dynasty, Bolivia’s Isla del Sol is the embodiment of peace and serenity.

Isla del Sol Brief Summary: The Isla del Sol is located in the middle of Lake Titicaca.

Offerings are still left in small wall niches that remain at the Temple of the Virgins. Boating accidents are sometimes blamed on this Lock Ness of the Andes. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Copacabana is full of tour companies flogging all kinds of trips including trips to Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna.

Venturing to Isla del Sol is a tranquil escape to nature, hiking, local island life, ruins, and sweeping views of Lake Titicaca.

All the restaurants on the island come with an incredible view of Lake Titicaca and, on a clear day, the snow-capped Andes.

Once you’re ready to depart, you can go to the bottom of Yumani village to eat some hearty lunch, shop for souvenirs and yes, catch the boat back to the mainland. The Tiwanaku people were actually in this area before the Incas and many of their structures and treasures are now submerged in the lake.

Since they introduced trout into the lake in the 1930s, trucha frita (fried trout) has been served in tourists restaurants by the bucketload here. On Isla del Sol they grow three main crops : la haba?, quinoa and wheat el trigo.

Whilst Lake Titicaca belongs to Bolivia, only 70%!o(MISSING)f Isla del Sol ? The archaeological evidence indicates that neither Murokata nor Titi Qala were used during the Late Intermediate Period (ca AD 1000-1450). When we reached Isla del Sol, we headed for the Pilcokaina (Place of the Birds) pier and began our exploration from there. From the Temple of the Sun, we continued to climb along the island’s Incan Trail which connects the Sacred Rock in the north of the island (where animal sacrifices were performed) to the Temple of the Sun. According to one bathymetric model,[6] there is no path between the shore edge and the Island of the Sun that does not pass over areas where the lake bottom reaches a depth of 200 m (660 ft) or greater. Fun fact: she has also guided former US President George W. Bush. It is therefore possible that Murokata was the "sacred rock" of the Tiwanaku culture.[10]. Docking at Isla del Sol near the Temple of the Sun. Because sun screen is bad for pachamama. After waiting in vain for the island dispute to work itself out, we gave in and booked a trip to the southern half of Isla del Sol and to Isla de la Luna with Turismo Bolivia-Peru travel agency. We also liked the fact that the company’s guides and drivers are all Bolivian. Alternatively, you can sleep in a homestay in Isla del Sol with a local Titicaca Lake family.

A rotating cast of about a dozen virgins lived in an ornate temple and housing complex on Isla de la Luna (10 bs or about US$1.50) along with four older women who were their caretakers and teachers. Sadly, a years-old dispute between island residents has closed the northern half of the island and there’s no end to the dispute in sight. Fast boat takes about 1.5 hours. … Since 2016, Isla del Sol in Lake Titikaka, where about 3,000 people live, has been embroiled in an increasingly violent dispute between two of the island’s three communities. walking to the southern end viewpoints was great and the views were amazing. No sun screen. Then we got back on our boat and traveled a couple of minutes around a bend in the lakeshore to a private cove to Moise’s Restaurant where we had a traditional Aptapi lunch which is the type of meal that’s served during big celebrations when people bring whatever ingredients they can. For some reason, we were under the impression that accommodation on Isla del Sol was limited to very basic homestays. Read all about Isla del Sol here!!! We descended back toward the lake through the heart of the village passing the Fountain of Youth with its three spouts, one for each of the Inca’s top three “commandments” (do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy). They offer a Hotel/Hostel pick-up-drop-off service from La Paz, bring you to Copacabana, keep your luggage safe for you, take you on a day trip to Isla del Sol (extra 10 USD), bring you to the Peru-Bolivia border and then drop you off at Puno (or if you want, you can continue with them the very same day to Lima or Cusco). So why not take advantage of it and stay overnight in Copacabana itself? A must visit. Now that the north side of the island is off limits, the boat only stops at the Yumani community on the south side, which requires a steep climb up from the boat jetty to the top of the island. Isla del Sol in Bolivia is the perfect daytrip to take from Copacabana, the Bolivian town next to the Peruvian border. A short boat trip from the lakeside town of Copacabana, Isla del Sol is a beautiful place teeming with archaeological marvels. However, we were nicely surprised that most people on Isla del Sol are warmer, they will greet you and smile at you and really want to talk to you and get to know you. Its main claim to tourist fame is the chance to visit Lake Titikaka, which the Incas considered sacred as the birthplace of their god, and the temples on Isla del Sol in the lake.
Share your thoughts and let me know what you think? Lake Titikaka is up to 992 feet (281 meters) deep and, at 12,507 feet (3,812 meters), is the highest navigable lake in the world. But we were there to see the virgin complex. Our guide told us that the real name of the lake is Lake Titicarcar (which means silver puma), but the Spanish heard “titikaka” and made it so. If you suffer from motion sickness, best to take some tablets before you board. The site of Chucaripupata was a major Tiwanaku ritual site located above the Titi Qala, that the Incas made famous. It’s also worthwhile stopping off at Isla de la Luna on the way, another sacred island nearby with stunning views of the Andes. If you’re lucky you might even befriend some llamas!!! Known as the birthplace of the sun and the Inca bloodline, Bolivia’s Isla del Sol – meaning “Island of the Sun” in Spanish – is deemed one of the most sacred islands in South America. Here’s what you need to know.

The only way to access the Isla del Sol is via Copacabana in Bolivia.

Are you ready to visit the ancient Inca Sun-God? Eventually you will reach Yumani, a village famous for its Incan steps and for its pre-Columbine water source that was vital for the survival of the island.

p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); In terms of “ticking off” all the tourist attractions (particularly now that the north side is off limits), you could definitely do it all within a day. View Photos . The temple is in remarkably good shape and you can still see Incan and pre-Incan walls, entryways, and even edifices with the distinctive Andean cross motif.

Travel to Isla de la Luna first, then head to Isla del Sol. Bring change for the bathroom.
Even if you’re coming over on an “all-inclusive” day trip, it’s a good idea to bring some Bolivianos with you. The Titicaca Lake is the highest navigable lake in the world so as you can imagine, the islands are all located at over 3500 meters above sea level (the highest point of the Isla del Sol is 4067 meters over sea level) so take some time to acclimatize before attempting any epic hikes my friends! This indicates cultural continuity between these two sites in the same preceramic time frame. Both Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna, named for the two major Incan gods, were also considered sacred and, during Incan times, they were only inhabited by priests and virgins.

From boutique hotels like Hotel Rosario Lago Titicaca to charming hostels like Hostal Piedra Andina, Copacabana will marvel you at every opportunity.

It’s a basic expectation, and many locals can get quite upset if you refuse.

Of the several villages, Yumani and Challapampa are the largest.

The weather changes quickly. Willy, our boatman was skilled and careful (even when gunning it through a tight shortcut that everyone uses). If you can, please support our travel reporting on Patreon.

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