It could be that you get lucky with some quality newgens by the time this becomes a real concern, but here are some players who, in theory, could perform well in this system*. Instead of playing the ball forward with the first pass forward after regaining possession again, Liverpool more often secure possession with horizontal or even back passes since a penetrating pass is impossible. Nevertheless, their attacking philosophy is slightly different which also influences their defensive transitions. Upon the pass being played, James Milner rushes to press Fernandinho, while Mané drops to get closer to the full-back. Sadio Mane provides a huge transition threat, and had been invaluable in these situations at Southampton & Salzburg. In the opening Premier League game against Norwich City, it was Joe Gomez who partnered van Dijk in the centre of defence, and Gomez visibly struggled against both the counter-attack and the ball over the top. The formation isn’t the tactic, it is the platform from which the gameplan is executed, and for that reason, it’s also very important. Since Dortmund followed a rather direct attacking style, the wingers tucked inside quite early attacking down the half-spaces. However, many only think of his Liverpool times although the German manager started way earlier and already had impressive years at Mainz and Dortmund before making his way to the Premier League.. Eddie Nketiah: 19-year-old striker/inside forward (left or right) at Arsenal, valued at £8.5m. Despite spending big money in this area of the pitch, Guardiola is yet to find similar joy from the full-back position, which is perhaps in part due to Benjamin Mendy’s injury troubles, but on the right, he has nothing close to Trent, yet. By lining up Salah as the centre-forward in front of Firmino as the number ten in a 4-2-3-1, for instance. One of Dortmund’s defensive strengths was how the wingers tracked back once being overplayed. Instead of making an additional movement with his leg, the player can use the force generated from the jump to deflect the ball to a teammate. You may feel that a completely different set of attributes would be appropriate – it is entirely your decision. Football game is very complex, so many things are happening at one moment and I do not know on what should I focus and how to structually approach game analysis. We can see an example of this helping in transition below, where Laporte remains narrow while Walker has attacked down the right, therefore he is in a much better position in order to assist the defence. The graphic above shows the layout of the team, which FM19 identifies as a 4-1-2-3 DM WB Wide formation, and it features the following first-choice players and roles: Once these roles are in place, the only positional instructions you need to change are: I used the following settings for the tactical style: The most consistent feature of Liverpool’s attacking set pieces in the 2019/20 season so far is how they deliver their corners. In this tactical analysis, we will look at the features of these tactical battles and what makes them so interesting. I am tempted to experiment with the idea of moving Firmino into an attacking-midfield role to try and imitate the link-up play he does so wonderfully with Liverpool in real life, in the form of an Enganche or a Shadow Striker. Despite being on opposite wings, they both have a clear understanding of each other’s position on the pitch. This involves him rushing into quickly foul Salah, as he recognises that Mendy is high up the pitch, and so the counter-attack is stopped at his source. Firmino, the false nine, is running back to pull the opponent’s centre-backs out of position. Players like Milner, Sturridge (bear in mind this is still based on FM19), Lallana and Lovren should be taken into consideration here, and to a lesser extent Henderson, Wijnaldum, Matip and van Dijk also. Individual possession: The key factor of possession-oriented game, Tactical Theory: The impact of a deep pivot on a team’s attacking set-up. Progression of Liverpool’s counterpress over the 2015-16 Premier League season. In general pressing phases, his contribution to regaining possession is more indirect: closing passing lanes and adjusting to his teammates’ movements with intelligent decision making. Backwards pressing from the ball-side attacking midfielder played a key role in ensuring the opposition could not merely recycle possession. Jurgen Klopp vs. Personally, although I have identified Endurance and Quickness as being among my suitable training methods, I never include both within the same weekly schedule due to their physical demands. The defensive line is much higher, which enables a closer connection between the players while in possession, and allows for a greater tempo in their attacking play. They are perhaps more similar now because Guardiola likes the way Liverpool play, and because they face similar challenges against the rest of the Premier League, but there is no bigger challenge for both of these managers than facing each other. Andrija Zivkovic: 21-year-old inside forward at Benfica, valued at £13.5m. But in attacking organisation, he finds it difficult to make consistently helpful movements, particularly with his back to goal. Gs: Ernst Happel’s 1970 Feyenoord team and Rinus Michels’ Netherlands team of 1974 were among the first higher-level teams to implement this style in football. Another core principle the players exhibited almost immediately was a more intense press in the wing area. Initially brought in as the ‘Welsh Xavi’, Allen has found himself without a defined role at post-Rodgers Liverpool. The ball near winger will often press the centre-back and guide the opposition build-up into central areas. Dortmund would often build up their play through one side of the pitch. Improved ball-oriented shifting was one of the key features that Klopp was able to implement into Liverpool’s press almost immediately. Their improved attacking phase might have been the key factor for Liverpool’s current success. Indeed, Benteke will largely receive the ball facing his own goal regardless of his location on the pitch. When Alexander-Arnold had possession of the ball, Henderson made a diagonal run down the right, encouraging two Burnley players to follow him. Virgil van Dijk and Joël Matip are tall centre-backs with good recovery pace, essential in situations where the opposition break the offside trap. This came immediately after the controversial Sunderland match (due to a fan walkout at ticket prices and Klopp missing the game due to illness) where Liverpool utilised a heavily rotating midfield to counter Sunderland’s emphasis on man-marking. Calvert-Lewin vs Abraham: Who is the better back-up to Kane? For most readers, this will probably be the main reason you are reading this article. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the following graphic, we can see how James Milner (#7) takes in the left-back position allowing Robertson (#26) to move higher. Meanwhile, Henderson is also running across to cover the space that Robertson has left behind. But Liverpool’s press requires their full-backs to defend higher in order to press a potential ball towards the opposition full-back. The role of the attacking midfielders (generally Lallana & Firmino in the 4-3-2-1) in these instances was particularly interesting. Much like Sturridge, he is capable of playing as the outlet or reacting to an initial break and offering immediate support, with a fast-paced movement into the centre. Notice in the following image how a Liverpool midfielder can press Fernandinho from the blind side once the pass is played. This was particularly the case in Klopp’s 4-3-2-1 shape, where both the attacking midfielders and outside central midfielders would spend much of their time in the halfspace (with license to drift wide depending on the movements and positioning of their teammates). Jurgen Klopp vs. Not quite as quick, but still a talent. For the fans, it is really good.”. On FM19 you might be content with Alberto Moreno as your back-up, but in case he wants to leave or you want to cash in on him, then Martin should be an able back-up for Robertson as he could still provide the crossing abilities required of this system. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. There is no player I admire more than Firmino, but I strongly doubt that this would ever happen in real life. I then looked at my tactical instructions to consider which attributes require more time to work on. Yet both employ styles that contrast and contradict each other perfectly, leading to some of the best tactical battles in the world of football when their team’s play one another. From time to time, Klopp is pulling the rabbit out of the hat with an unexpected change. But the big feature of Klopp’s transitions is his team’s ability to bypass the midfield so quickly, and once the midfield is bypassed their quick, effective, decision making creates opportunities. This article continue our focus on broadcasting how to emulate real life tactics in Football Manager and let you download some of the best tactical systems from some of the top managers in the world.

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