Griffen, cooney, gia, Higgins etc.

And they didn’t disappoint! Key #BBL10 off-season batsman transfers

The sub risk should be fairly low with the departure of Griff and Coon dog. Deliciously Ella Tahini Dressing,

I Hate Sales Tax,

(i[r].q = i[r].q || []).push(arguments) I tried my best impersonation but it just came out sounding like the mutant love child of Prince Charles and Dame Edna. SUPERCOACH: EVERY SCORE FROM DOGS v SUNS WHY SHOULD I PICK HIM? His hope – to become accepted by a senior group of males and become an AFL footballer, before embarking on a series of mating rituals at schoolies. #BBL10 #SuperCoach #BBL, A future Hawk, a pair of talented Tasmanians and a young gun set to feature in stacks of KFC #SuperCoach teams in 2021. Thousands round the world will join us. Steps To Prophesy, RIP. Perhaps we could find a better impersonator in the community and get them to do a sound bite for the next monthly podcast.

Blue Smoke Maine Coon,

Marcus Bontempelli Supercoach stats. Excellent piece General!

Ever since breaking out in the 2015 season, Marcus Bontempelli has been featured in many of our sides. Those madmen considering a 7/3 Mid structure or similar may find themselves having to find value in mid pricers, the Bont is a solid but speculative selection.

I hear ya INP, this kid just seems to have something more that will hopefully make him great. Gets up for the odd hitout too which boosts his score. Will he break out this year, pimples yes, AFL supercoach gun – maybe. Top notch GS and interactive to boot. Agree JVN, very hard to bring a second year player in at the price, given not a cash cow or keeper. There is no doubt that the awfully nicknamed “the Bont”, (which if was a reference to the character Mr. James Bont from the Simpsons would be acceptable but its not), went bang when he arrived at Whitten Oval in a rather impressive first season he played 16 games at an average of 78.6 with a high 139. When Are Quarterly Taxes Due 2019,

I mentioned the “player of the week” – this may have confused you. So should you roll the dice?

a = s.createElement(o), Though to be worthy of selection we would be banking on DPP and a 90 – 100 point output.

The depenlebury comparisons are justifiable.

Love the idea of the soundtrack, Keep the Faith should make the list. Couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t consider a second year player over 300k, and even then I’d be really pushing it. Cooper Evolution Mtt, ذخیره نام، ایمیل و وبسایت من در مرورگر برای زمانی که دوباره دیدگاهی می‌نویسم. }, i[r].l = 1 * new Date(); Last week’s article was a ripper with the four main blokes I mentioned to either VC or C scoring well; Yeo 113, Gawn 140, Kelly 149 … More Josho’s Skippers – Round 15, One of the biggest superstars in our game, the ‘Bont’ has established himself as an elite of the competition. Can’t see myself picking anything but a basement priced rookie.

a.async = 1;

The doggies have so many young guns they need a Bon Jovi soundtrack.

Over the past four seasons, Bont has always been relevant but hasn’t been able to consistently score the big numbers that have forced him into our sides as a genuine topline premium.

Marcus Bontempelli is a superstar of the competition, and a must consider option for your supercoach team.

How To Make Teaching Videos,

(function() { Defining The Environment,

Player: Marcus Bontempelli Team: Western Bulldogs Age: 22 Price: $577.8 Position: Midfielder Games … More Player Radar 2018 – Marcus Bontempelli, Every game’s SuperCoach relevant players analysed. Nice work General. })(); KFC SuperCoach 2020: Tom Mitchell, Matt Rowell and Marcus Bontempelli headline the Marsh Series week 1 midfield standouts The Phantom , The Advertiser February 24, 2020 2:31pm Nc Unemployment Account Locked, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({

Top 10 R17 #SuperCoach player scores 1 T.Kelly $461k 180 2 M.Bontempelli $648k 161 3 A.Gaff $527k 154 4 M.Gawn $683k 150 5 T.Barrass $470k 144 6 N.Naitanui $572k 143. Once again General , you delivered in spades funny and informative. Those picks in the 20’s must be carefully inspected tonight. Peter Handscomb @StarsBBL ⏩ @HurricanesBBL

I'd expect more of Libbas handballs will be aimed at the BONT this year so his K/H ratio will improve.

Can’t see him as an option for 2015.

body.custom-background { background-color: #ffffff; }

Awkward price & not a keeper for mine. Corker of a write up General. Scout Ranks Uk, ga('send', 'pageview'); Wylie Dufresne Book,

Last season in SuperCoach he ended the season ranked sixth overall for total points and tenth in terms of averages. Historically, Bontempelli has been viewed more as a SuperCoach option than other formats. In AFLFantasy/DreamTeam he’ll be available a few rounds later as he’s more of an M2 selection.

In means, it should Bont have forward minutes it will be more about resting their star midfielder rather than needing an additional forward target. })(); I’m Josh and if you need help on who to put the VC and C on I’m here to lend a hand! I am now less concerned about the price and more worried about him copping the hard tag with Griffen gone. This is BIG news for #BBL10! I might have to do part of this Sunday's podcast in it. And it’s important to have a few of those because on the whole, the SuperCoach community knows what it’s talking about.

I also agree that there is nothing better than seeing a player reach his potential. Hey lads – you should here my David Attenborough impression!! Marcus Bontempelli is a superstar of the competition, and a must consider option for your supercoach team. An interesting one for me in the DPP mid/fwd role is Dusty, but will he be worth the cash? Marcus Bontempelli is a reliable week to week prospect with a healthy body that can survive the rigors of the game. Killer review, General. On another note, I would like to say my thoughts are with the entire Hughes family, a sad day for Australia and the entire cricket community.

No words to describe the loss of Hughes and feel for Abbott must be gutted. What I’m getting at is; this segment is more about the “value pick of the week” or similar. Luke Ryan 116

Sub risk is low, only subbed once in 2014 and his all round game is likely to see him moved around the ground rather than pulled from it. I'm rolling the dice on the "BONT", 10 Tackles + 2 goals against the cats last year had me pencil his name in the little black "SC" book. (Loved the intro) Can’t see myself picking anything but a basement priced rookie. 7 1/4 Circular Saw Blade For Wood, i[r] = i[r] || function () { With the expectation that he will get more mid time it is likely his supercoach scoring will increase accordingly. Sullivan Street Bakery Menu,

That's right, just 9⃣ days until KFC #SuperCoach BBL is back!

3rd – Total contested possessions, Total contested marks, Total clearances google_ad_client: "ca-pub-8895919393080588", If I was playing a SuperCoach format than Bont will be going in a draft as someones likely #1 midfielder. So if you’re bullish on the Dogs having a strong year, then potentially he’s a good fit for your side. add_filter('comment_flood_filter', '__return_false'); ... Cameron scored a season and round-high 168 SuperCoach points against the Suns, including 128 in …

I rate Bont quite highly and although it's a big call with the Dependlebury comparison, the claims aren't unfounded. One of the previous reasons for not starting him was due to the inconsistency of his role. Want access 24 hours early to the 50 Most Relevant podcasts? Lekdog, Patch and Damo reunite for the #BrayshawBreakout pod!

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Spot on Mob, the difference of opinion is what makes supercoach and this community especially because here it is always expressed in a positive way.

Between 2015-2018 his AFLFantasy/DreamTeam averages offered minimal deviation. Bellingham School District Coronavirus, Michael Walters 100

KFC SuperCoach 2020: Tom Mitchell, Matt Rowell and Marcus Bontempelli headline the Marsh Series week 1 midfield standouts The Phantom , The Advertiser February 24, 2020 2:31pm How Many Village Inn Locations Are There,

Supercoach Context.

RIP Phil. Cheap Mud Hens Tickets,

The kid is definitely capable of a 20 disposal average (averaged 16 in 2014 with a few 20+ games) and 4 tackles/game. Cheers Jock, looking forward to the next podcast. When we look at Bontempelli over the last four seasons, we see nothing but …

In terms of new ‘additions’ to their core midfield group it’s only Libba that.

The biggest concern over previous years, and even entering into the new season is around his role. body.custom-background { background-color: #ffffff; } However, last year he proved to be not just a healthy SuperCoach option but a reasonable premium option in all formats. Supercoach 2015 – Marcus Bontempelli. Violet Affleck Birthday, Tune into our Facebook page at 9pmEDST for a clue, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Patreon Only | 5 Dream Trades for Fantasy Footy Coaches, Marsh Community Series Review | Crows Vs Demons. })(window, document, 'script', '', 'ga');

KFC SuperCoach is the free fantasy competition you and your friends and workmates can enter and play to win some fantastic prizes Will give Bont a look if he has proven himself at 22.

The durable midfielder has missed only three games in the previous four seasons. Dawid Malan ⏩ @HurricanesBBL

Is he a cash cow? Agree on Bonts for 2015. By 2017 barring any injury I expect he will be SC LOCK, probably still picked second behind Ablett who will be kicking 10 from forward pockets with half an arm.

See what the changes in Doggietown does for his stats.

Example Player Impacts Of The 2020 Supercoach Coronavirus Rule Changes. On Bonte, reckon he played more games this yr than many expected and his output was way above expectations. Hmm very tempting to start with him that’s for sure.

Grab a JR t-shirt in your team colours here: Check out Trigga’s latest song here! Eagles v Swans Round 5 … More SuperCoach HQ Hot Tub Time Machine – Round 4. ga('create', 'UA-142592608-1', 'auto'); When you are constructing your SuperCoach team, it’s important to have a few unique selections in your side. The lure of AFL stardom sees this gruelling annual pilgrimage being undertaken by more and more young men each year trying to fill the few lucrative spots available at the AFL watering hole.

Completely agree with you. Maybe that's the dodgy Chinese I just ate talking…. The durable midfielder has missed only three games in the previous four seasons.

(Loved the intro) Can’t see myself picking anything but a basement priced rookie. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({

David Nwaba Contract, One of the darkest days in our countries history. And now he no longer with us.

He rated elite in the league for clearances, contested & uncontested possessions, disposals, inside ’50s and goal assists. Dawid Malan ⏩ @HurricanesBBL One consideration to factor in is that with so many useful options from that multi bye round week, his ownership percentage could be very low come the first lockout. (End David Attenborough type intro). Marcus Bontempelli is a supercoach star and has proven this status in the past seasons with monster scoring and a high season average.

Definite POD, high ceiling, and I doubt his scoring will go backwards. Inlet Park Port Moody,

#BBL10 #SuperCoach #BBL, A future Hawk, a pair of talented Tasmanians and a young gun set to feature in stacks of KFC #SuperCoach teams in 2021. Last season he found another gear, can he go even better in 2020? (i[r].q = i[r].q || []).push(arguments) Supercoach Price: $651,400 Supercoach Profile AFL Fantasy Price: $805,000 AFL Fantasy Profile Contract Status: RFA at the end of 2021 AFL Player Contracts.

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