It is up to each individual to know their limits, abilities and level of expertise before attempting any outdoor activity.
It sounded amazing and the cool thing is, Cory took a risk and brought his dSLR with him in a dry bag (that orange thing hanging from his waist). The beach is beautiful and secluded. Kalalau Trail Maps. Eleven miles in and eleven out. If you follow blueflamingo's boating link, you'll find that no tour boats are allowed to land at Kalalau beach, only kayaks. This remote wilderness area is accessible on foot (or by boat) only. Those of us that didn’t have sunglasses wore their swimming goggles to keep the sand out of their eyes. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions.

Did you see Todays Groupon for world resorts international? Smith’s Tropical Paradise Cruise and Luau Combo. They include contour lines, mile markers, and more. Nonetheless, the sheer beauty of the place is spellbinding. Yep - it's true. The beach has high surf, due to the lack of off shore reefs to break the waves. Now you can sit back and enjoy yet another epic sunset. The answer is, it takes more effort to find a boat to take you there than it does to hike. Just know that some of the campers down in Kalalau live free and believe that clothing is optional. The beach is approximately 1 mile long, with trails snaking through the rest of the valley where people in hiding are rumored to live.

Some dock a small boat in the town of Waimea and ride it over to Kalalau Valley to drop off passengers. The strong current would help by pushing them the whole way. And blueflamingo, I wouldn't hike it either. Kayaking and swimming (by strong swimmers with fins) from Kalalau Beach are the only ways to reach Honopū Beach. There’s no longer sand to walk on here. This is the cleanest fresh water on the island, so it's great for a shower. That means that all you need for the trail and stay, you have to carry in and out.

A short swim around the bend will take you to the secluded Honopu Beach. There has been mention here before about companies, individuals who will pick you up from Kalalau Beach and bring you out - but I don't know if any of them are still doing that personally. Here’s what they saw. The trek involves many rolling hills along the Na Pali coastline and crossing Hanakapiai Beach and Valley . It’s wide and deep. Potlucks are pretty common. The ocean engulfs the beach and carves caves into the young rock. Long term tourists who stay beyond the authorized five days that a camping permit allows are generally considered squatters. This remarkably beautiful beach has been the scene ... Travel insurance is able to cover your trip for those unexpected problems that might come up.
It’s the part right after you come out of the valley. Yes, there are illegal campers there, some of them do leave trash. Kalalau Beach is more about the journey than the destination, and it's not easy to get to this secluded, beautiful and verdant beach. It is still possible to kayak into and out of the beach.

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The large waves at Kalalau Beach can make a landing by boat extremely treacherous. The trail gets dry, dusty, and even more dangerous as the lack of cover allow land slides on the side of the Pali's. The white sand beach is a mile long, and, in this seclusion, you'll have no problem picking out your own isolated spot. Kalalau Beach is the mystical beach at the end of the trail, where adventurers and hippies alike find their Eden. You'll look up the giant walls of the valley, gaze upon waterfalls and you'll be greeted by abundant wild fruit trees. It is the final destination of the Kalalau Trail, one of the most difficult trails on the Hawaiian Islands. In Kalalau, which offers about 80 hectares of agricultural terrain, the population likely numbered in the hundreds, according to subsequent missionary censuses.

What off the beaten path activities can I do? Keep driving until the road absolutely ends at a circular parking lot.

But Kalalau valley and beach are not trashed, though far from totally remote and pristine. It’s like being in the desert. Weather Report says Rain, Should I panic?

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