!” Thank you. The courses are designed to give you the training you need to pass everything, so if you find something difficult make sure you speak up. Just be aware that you partner MAY be required to open the care packs in the presence of Platoon staff, so be careful what you put in. Hey mate, i discharged from the army in 2009, and looking to re enlist.

And thanks Aaron will take it all into account! The one thing that I’ll say to you though, is that Kapooka changes the way you think and often the way you act, so your son will probably be different to the last time you saw him – in a good way. If I could choose where I would be based in Australia, and could come to an arrangement where I would be deployed for no longer than 6 months, I would sign up tomorrow and serve indefinitely.

Since being home he has been diagnosed with glandular fever, he will try again but not until he’s 110%, he’s feeling like he’s left everyone down and I must admit I feel let down to, this was his dream for ever. Thanks.

I am currently signing up and wondering how quickly after my you session I can expect to go to kapooka.

Recruit training – like every course you’ll ever do in the Army – is actually designed to get you through with a pass.

I can’t comment on your ability to deal with that, not knowing you or your personality.

His training continuum won’t be broken, but obviously this just lengthens the time he will spend at Kapooka. Serving members may wear Dress Order 1B ‘Ceremonial Service Dress’ / 2B ‘Ceremonial Parade Dress Cold Weather (Winter) and 2C ‘Ceremonial Dress’ (Summer), or civilian attire with medals as awarded. It does get ridiculously cold at Kapooka. Exact Pay while at Kapooka.

Saph, you won’t be fishing while you’re at Kapooka.

I can achieve the required level for the PFA beep test, and I also think I could achieve the required level for the BFA.

There are a lot of people in the Army with bad knees who undergo painful surgery, so I’d urge you to make sure your body can handle what lies ahead.

I managed to get through, and spent over 20 years in the ARA.

As an Officer, you will have the ability to command a unit or sub-unit of between 100 and 400 personnel.

After the parade visitors will be transported by bus to the March Out Function and at the conclusion of the function they will be transported back to the visitor’s car park. Hi can you tell me if the army let’s the parents know if there recruit has been back squadded?

Hi Jane.

If they can do it, why can’t you?

I imagine that being a mechanic, you’re good with your hands and have the ability to retain a stack of technical information which you need to “access” every day, so you’re probably going to be fine. Bookings can be made on 0458 350 100. You will get plenty of time to work on strength while you’re there, but good cardio at the start is the biggest bonus.

I thought they would keep him there to complete his convalescence. Naturally, there is a percentage of people who go to Kapooka, but it becomes evident that they’re just not suited to the Army. There isn’t too much you can’t send these days.

One of the main injuries are stress fractures so u need ur bones strong.

There is a Shuttle Bus Service available to take you from the Airport, to your accommodation, to Kapooka and back again after the parade. These days, pretty much anyone can get in, and it’s up to the Corporals at Kapooka to train them. There are other combat roles that are less of a strain on your body, like Armoured Corps (driving armoured vehicles).

( Log Out / 

As for being a rifleman, aggression is the absolute biggest trait. The website suggests food items will be used to stock the mess or shared amongst everyone. Is there someone there he can ask to get some support like a counsellor do you think?

Those kinds of women get pretty much no respect from anyone, regardless of their rank. Hi grumpy! And when all else fails, remember this: Thousands of women have gone through what you’re going through in the past. But the weeks will fly by and be a great

Later he found out he has a stress fracture in his foot. Intakes depend on budgets, so some years there’s a lot, some times not so many.

Don’t stress about how you’re going to relate to the other recruits, just focus on doing the best you can. While in Holding Platoon, you’re likely to do a whole bunch of different things, but it will all depend on who is running the platoon at the time, and whether they can employ you in a job somewhere (perhaps related to the trade you’re about to learn).

A7. And although I don’t know all the rules these days, I imagine that if you fail the testing, you can probably try again in 6 months or a year. So thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s really appreciated.

Hi Kris, one thing I can suggest is when u arrive do what u have to. For instance, if it’s just your fitness, than visit a gym or a personal trainer and get working on getting fitter. But it’s not over and he needs to try and keep his chin up. 8 weeks later im still here.

Believe it or not, I went through something similar at Kapooka. Not normally; however, there will be times when accommodation may be difficult to source due primarily to the coincidence of regional events. Hope things work out for you and your son sounds like you are a week behind me. You can bring your own skins if you want, but you will need to wear “normal” shorts over the top – same for females. I’ve served my time in a Battalion, and those guys know their shit. Best of luck. You need to be able to turn it on and off very quickly, and the Army will help you learn that. But uses many acronyms and there seems to be many “F” bombs. If you’re struggling with the training and can’t keep up, they will start by providing extra training to help you improve your skills in the area where you’re struggling. I can tell you he is having a ball. I have my YOU session lined up for the 29th April and I’ve been doing some re-search into Kapooka, but I was just wondering what does a normal day at Kapooka look like? Hey guys, I’m off to Kapooka this Monday.

If you join the ARA, you’ll be there for the full 80 days. You need to learn to accept discipline and carry on at your best, despite the frustration and anger you might be feeling.

He is sounding more disheartened each time we speak to him. I attend myself and I’m so glad.

At the end of every lesson, just before they conduct a final test of what you have been taught, you will hear these words: “Are there any final questions or doubtful points?” If there’s something you don’t understand, or something you didn’t quite get during the lesson, speak up. If you fail the first time, they will push back your enlistment date.

So if you can’t improve to a suitable standard in that week, you may find yourself “back squadded”, where they re-assign you to another platoon that is a few weeks behind your own platoon.

the Army. Great question. What else can I expect? A lot of people did 20+ years and never went overseas. I don’t think that I would ever have classed myself as being super-fit, or being super keen to really do anything, lol. Backsquading hurts a lot. At Kapooka, the days go slow, but the weeks go fast. Just a few questions on kapooka with the physical side of training and the amount of training that on a weekly basis? Hi Jessie. It’s very hard when u think you are there for the 81 days then it all goes backwards.

A2. You will need to wait until your partner gets in touch with you and lets you know his Platoon and Company details. Im not geting any help what so ever. That is other than keeping myself focused on my job role and training hard etc? Hire cars are also available from the airport.

Alot stay longer due to injury. Ex-Service members are permitted to wear their own medals on the left side.

Firstly I’m wondering if during PT do you get issued gear if so its not short shorts is it?

Best of luck with your situation and I hope that you can resolve your injuries and get back to a life that you enjoy. If you want to prepare for other things, get someone to yell at you all day long.

Often, this kind of setback can be come quite psychological, and she could struggle more with the mental side of failing than the physical. He was initially backsquadded 5 weeks due to illness so he’s been in holding between March out and leave plus the lucky bugger scored guard duty Xmas week:(.

Hi Bianca.

Generally, if a soldier discharges and then re-enlists more than 12 months later, they are required to go back to Kapooka and conduct basic training again. No. They really do want her to pass, and they will give her all the training she needs to get there.

After the first few weeks, you start to get a bit of time to yourself on weekends (on base) and even the occasional day in Wagga Wagga. You might get injured, or need some retraining, and that will delay your completion date, so it’s not easy to try and work out when to enlist.

Chances are, they will already know the answer. I can only recommend that you encourage your son to continue, using whatever method/s you need.

Feel free to send more questions.

I can’t find an actual policy on it, but my team of experts tell me that you won’t have time to use it until after basic training. Hi Jack. Hi sorry dale for replying to your post its not allowing me to comment on the blog, only reply…anyway i was just wondering my partner leaves on the 14th april for kapooka…when he is there can i send carepackages?

Can he change his mind? i’m worried i am not fit enough to pass yet. Just keep him motivated a week at a time, and before he knows it, he’ll be so far through he won’t WANT to quit.

There’s very few reasons why you WOULDN’T pass Kapooka. . I spoke to his PL commander and he said he’s going ok not on his radar and everyone is not going to know anything first week 2nd week in .. if he does leave say after a month if I cave in as a concerned mum ..what are the policies and procedures for his exit? If you’ve been training, then you shouldn’t have any problems. So they will pay for you to get to Kapooka for training, and they’ll pay for you to move from posting to posting – because there’s a “service requirement” for that to happen. It’s not unheard of that soldiers and recruits get to return home for Convalescence Leave. He could speak to the recruiters, because they are the ones who will know when the intake is.

I am currently in Reserves (awaiting Kapooka dates) and already wanting to join ARA. They really do just want the kids to pass.

The day’s training could include any combination of ceremonial drill, navigation lessons, weapons lessons or shooting, fieldcraft, basic Infantry skills, radio communications, lessons about allowances and entitlements, and of course: PT.

Please make sure that if you send gloves, they’re either brown or black (preferably leather) which will increase the chances of him being allowed to wear them outside of being in bed.

Just trying to sort through a few things financially before I leave. I was told this would happen mid march.

I don’t know if the processes are different for discharging someone from Kapooka, but essentially he will be taken out of training and put into a holding platoon until his discharge is final. She has passed all other assessments so far, however has struggled with the beep test!

Deploying overseas is just a new location for them. Says $1,434 per fortnight but I can quite figure out the exact subtractions of the rest, My first full pay into my bank minus all deductions while at kapooka was 1305.27 and that was in feb of this year. How many times can this happen? Hi there

Attendance at the March Out Parade is free. But the thing is, not everybody finishes Kapooka on the planned date.

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