Gutierrez-Moreno, Adelina; Moreno, Hugo (June 1968), "A photometric investigation of the Scorpio-Centaurus association".

The SensagentBox are offered by sensAgent. There are overlapping secondary pulsation frequencies of about 4.85 and 5.69 cycles per day. Seit 2000 wartet er die technische Ausstattung der Sternwarte. Zwischen Antares und Pi liegt der 2,9m helle Stern Alniyat (Sigma Scorpii). This is a bright blue star easily visible in the southern / equatorial night sky!

Orion war ein unehelicher Sohn Poseidons und gilt bis heute als der mächtigste aller Jäger. has done some calculations as to how long it will take going at differing speeds. It is rotating rapidly, with an estimated period of only 1.9 days and an axis of rotation that is inclined by about 40° to the line of sight from the Earth.[5]. Bernacca, P. L.; Perinotto, M. (1970), "A Catalogue of Stellar Rotational Velocities". κ Scorpii visual magnitude is 2.41. The map was generated using Night Vision, an awesome free application by Brian Simpson. The star's Galacto-Centric Distance is 7,254.00 Parsecs or 23,659.89 Light Years. Our own Sun is the brightest star and therefore has the lowest of all magnitudes, -26.74. The beta star is still pretty big compared to the Sun. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has been known to produce widely incorrect figures. Using the 2007 distance, the star is roughly 30,557,918.11 Astronomical Units from the Earth/Sun give or take a few. It has the traditional name Girtab, [8] which is the Sumerian word for 'scorpion' and has survived through the Babylonian star catalogues. κ Scorpii (kappa Scorpii) κ Scorpii is a variable giant star in the constellation of Scorpius. Based on the star's spectral type of B1.5III , Girtab's colour and type is blue giant star. Simplified finder chart for κ Scorpii (kappa Scorpii). It has about 12 times the mass of the Sun and nearly six times the Sun's radius. DSS2 image of κ Scorpii. Company Information It may not have been reviewed by professional editors (see full disclaimer). English thesaurus is mainly derived from The Integral Dictionary (TID). All messages will be reviewed before being displayed. Longitude: 0° 00’ 00” E Günther Bendt ist Jahrgang 1951, Diplompädagoge und Ingenieur für Physikalische/Biomedizinische Technik. Poor Relationships You can decline to give a name which if that is the case, the comment will be attributed to a random star. The Galacto-Centric Distance is the distance from the star to the Centre of the Galaxy which is Sagittarius A*. summarizes the key facts about κ Scorpii: κ Scorpii is Durch die Anordnung seiner Sterne ist das Sternbild Skorpion am Himmel leicht zu identifizieren, man kann darin mühelos einen Skorpion erkennen, der seinen mit Giftstachel bewehrten Schwanz drohend und zum Stich bereit nach oben krümmt. [5] The effective temperature of 18,800 K[5] is also higher than the Sun's, which is at 5,778 K. Girtab appears on the flag of Brazil, symbolising the state of Paraíba. Simple Cosmos Official Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

[5] The effective temperature of the outer envelope is 23,400 K,[5] giving it a blue-white hue. Seit 2008 präsentiert er im Arbeitskreis Astronomie seine monatlichen „Neuigkeiten aus der Astronomie“. Girtab is a binary multiple star system. An Astronomical Unit is the distance between Earth and the Sun. In Südeuropa und in Nordafrika zeigt sich der Skorpion in jeder klaren Sommernacht als ein prächtiges Sternbild, denn es enthält viele leuchtkräftige Sterne, schöne Doppelsterne, schöne Offene Sternhaufen, Kugelsternhaufen und Nebelregionen. 15 Sonnenmassen, 9000 Sonnenleuchtkräfte und liegt ca. The figure is derived at by using the formula from SDSS rather than peer reviewed papers. The web service Alexandria is granted from Memodata for the Ebay search. Wie in der Informatik üblich sind aus historischen Gründen nicht überall alle Zeichen erlaubt. Von Babylon aus gelangte die Kenntnis dieses Sternbilds im 7. Bei erstellt er seit 2004 u. a. die monatliche Himmelsvorschau. -0.006 arcsec per year in Right Ascension and -0.027 arcsec per year in Declination and the associated displacement Antares ist ein Roter Überriesenstern von über einer Milliarde Kilometern Durchmesser, er hat ca. Tetzlaff, N.; Neuhäuser, R.; Hohle, M. M. (January 2011), "A catalogue of young runaway Hipparcos stars within 3 kpc from the Sun". Ca. II. Teil des Sternbilds Skorpion. [11], This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. A faint star will have a high number. Using the most recent figures given by the 2007 Hipparcos data, the star is 483.20 light years away from us. Celestial coordinates for the J2000 equinox as well as galactic coordinates of κ Scorpii are provided in the following table: The simplified sky map below shows the position of κ Scorpii in the sky: Location: Greenwich, United Kingdom [change] nach Ägypten, und über Kleinasien kam es ins antike Griechenland.Das Sternbild Skorpion liegt auf dem südlichsten Teil des Ekliptikbogens und ist damit eines der Tierkreissternbilder. In 2007, Hipparcos data was revised with a new parallax of 6.75000 which put Girtab at a distance of 483.20 light years or 148.15 parsecs. The number of A.U. The New Horizons space probe is the fastest probe that we've sent into space at the time of writing. Based on the spectral type, we can deduce that the surface temperature of the star is in the order of between between 10,000 and 25,000K based on the notes from Harvard University. in the constellation of 1,2° westlich von Antares liegt der Kugelsternhaufen M4.

Ca. Das Sternbild Skorpion gab es aber schon lange vor der klassischen Antike. ○   Lettris There's no register feature and no need to give an email address if you don't need to. [9] Ca.

It is purely that the distance was recalculated.

Latitude: 51° 28’ 47” N When the value is negative then the star and the Sun are getting closer to one another, likewise, a positive number means that two stars are moving away. ),,,, The Variable Type is usually named after the first star of that type to be spotted. The primary star is about 7 times the raidus of the Sun and has around about 17 times the mass of the Sun. Girtab is a B1.5III giant star based on the spectral type that was recorded in the Hipparcos star catalogue. Der Skorpion kroch unbemerkt aus einer Erdspalte hervor und stach den Orion in die Ferse, und Orion starb durch den Stich. The Declination is how far north or south the object is compared to the celestial equator and is expressed in degrees. Er arbeitete in internationalen Unternehmen der Medizintechnik und war zuletzt mehrere Jahrzehnte Technischer Redakteur in einem Telekommunikationsunternehmen. ○   Wildcard, crossword Ca. Using the original Hipparcos data that was released in 1997, the parallax to the star was given as 7.03000 which gave the calculated distance to Girtab as 463.96 light years away from Earth or 142.25 parsecs. Most English definitions are provided by WordNet . Timezone: Europe/London, κ Scorpii (kappa Scorpii) is currently not visible from Greenwich, United Kingdom [change]. Parallax measurements place it at an estimated distance of roughly 480 light-years (150 parsecs) from the Earth.[1]. The constellations that we see today will be different than they were 50,000 years ago or 50,000 years from now.

Diese beiden Sterne können bei günstigen Beobachtungsbedingungen von Mitteleuropa aus während ihres Meridian-durchgangs dicht über dem Horizont erkannt werden.Der 2,4m helle Girtab (Kappa Scorpii) und der 1,9m helle Sargas (Theta Scorpii) liegen so weit südlich, dass sie von Mitteleuropa aus stets unter dem Horizont bleiben. Als KInd erlebte er unerwartet eine Mondfinsternis, das weckte sein Interesse an der Astronomie. The pair orbit each other with a period of about 196 days and an eccentricity of nearly 0.5. None Luminosity is the amount of energy that a star pumps out and its relative to the amount that our star, the Sun gives out. The second star is about six times as big as the radius of the Sun and only about 12 times the mass. A name is preferred even if its a random made up one by yourself.

Information regarding Metallicity and/or Mass is from the E.U. The time it will take to travel to this star is dependent on how fast you are going. Die Römer schnitten den westlichen Teil des Sternbilds ab und machten aus diesem Teil das Sternbild Waage. The primary component of the pair, κ Sco A, is a variable star of Beta Cephei type. Ca. Interpretation of the line-profile variability", an offensive content(racist, pornographic, injurious, etc. [3] The 'III' luminosity class indicates the presence of a giant star that has exhausted the supply of hydrogen at its core and is in a late evolutionary stage.

van Leeuwen, F. (November 2007), "Validation of the new Hipparcos reduction". Eco, Cookies help us deliver our services. Mach 1 is the speed of sound, Mach 2 is twice the speed of sound. moving towards the Sun at the speed of

If you used the 1997 Parallax value, you would get an absolute magnitude of -3.38 If you used the 2007 Parallax value, you would get an absolute magnitude of -3.46. Graffias ist 600 Lichtjahre entfernt und hat 2700 Sonnenleuchtkräfte. The wordgames anagrams, crossword, Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata. Tips: browse the semantic fields (see From ideas to words) in two languages to learn more.


Privacy policy 800 Lichtjahre entfernt, mit über 4000 Sonnenleuchtkräften. Your guide to the Solar System and the night sky. Thanks to its high brightness, κ Scorpii is clearly visible when observed from locations with dark skyes, and should be also quite easily visible from light polluted areas. Girtab is the 82nd brightest star in the night sky and the 6th brightest star in Scorpius based on the Hipparcos 2007 apparent magnitude. Der hellste Stern des Sternbilds Skorpion ist der 0,9m helle Antares. Geht das Sternbild Orion unter, geht das Sternbild Skorpion auf, und ist das Sternbild Skorpion untergegangen, geht das Sternbild  Orion auf.

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