Posted on 5 September 2008 by Staff Writer in Bondi View 1 Comment. I would get up at 2am to be on a call when she was at an ultrasound or whatever … I think it’s also a challenge with Annabelle, because even though we talked about the pregnancy all the time and that her sibling was coming, for her it wasn’t in her face every day … And then suddenly you take her overseas, you’re like, “Bang, here’s the baby.” She’s like, “What?”.

the way social media can connect us never fails to amaze me. Away from the cameras, she is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, and also works as an MC. Register to fundraise via Photo: Instagram. I really just roll with each day as best I can ….

Now they have two children - Annabelle who is now five years old, and Elyssa, who they recently welcomed through surrogacy. According to … And it’s very hard. Please sign in to contribute to the Mamamia Community. Share on Facebook Share. If you're not already a Mamamia member, sign up (it's easy, we promise). "But it brought us closer to our true selves and each other. Death is like a mirror that reflects back to you the truth about who you really are. For us and for our family, this is like an amazing dream come true … If I could have adopted, I would have, but … adoption laws need to change because they’re so backward.

"My heart sank but at the same time adrenaline kicked in as I knew our lives had just changed forever and that would need to be there for Sally and our unborn baby. "We reflect on life, family, kids and grandkids and appreciate the chance we had to know love in its many forms.
Do you love being a mum the second time around? Share on Email Share. It’s not pre-recorded, and then if something happens, it’s just on. It was so good to immediately pick up where we left off - Anne: ”how’s Annabelle” … “what’s she like” …”how’s she finding school” Me: how’s New York” … ”I’m sooo jealous” hahaha i was lucky enough to have Anne take a picture of Annabelle and I, when Annabelle was about 3 months old. The day before Annabelle was born, Sally received harrowing news: she had aggressive stage three breast cancer. ???????????????? It’s so different this time. We picture a future where we are old, strolling happily down the street holding hands, whilst enjoying an ice cream together. We went to Mr G’s, Intercontinental Hotel Double Bay, We ate Fish Tacos with kingfish tartare, finger lime & flying fish roe; King Crab Sliders with Alaskan king crab, cucumber, celery & lemon aioli; French Beans with smoked bacon & herbs; BBQ Creamed Corn, Sally wore vintage Levis and a Swiish choker knit. We FaceTime all the time … it feels very natural. She is currently writing a personal memoir about her battle with cancer, which… This is something very difficult to deal with both at a practical and emotional level," Marcus said.

They spent a lot of time together and worked as a team to make sure that Annabelle was getting the love and attention that she needed too.

Sally Obermeder’s Boyfriend. "This said, although we knew Sally may die and accepted this, we chose to live as if she would be a survivor.". Wow. "It also made us realise the simple things in life matter most.
This is something very difficult to deal with both at a practical and emotional level," Obermeder said. Obermeder, 43, talks to me about her surrogacy journey and Australian attitudes around it, the thrill of live TV, and her new range of frozen smoothies.

Marcus said that he and Sally had emotionally prepared themselves for the worst case scenario. You have to let go and understand that the future is uncertain and out of your control. "Realistically, we both thought Sally was going to die and prepared for the worst. She was diagnosed 41 weeks into her pregnancy. Will [Rachel] be involved in your life going forward? "We reflect on life, family, kids and grandkids and appreciate the chance we had to know love in its many forms. We shared our deepest thoughts and emotions in a way not otherwise possible," he said. She married Marcus Obermeder in 2001 and the couple welcomed their first daughter in 2011. Sally married Marcus Obermeder in 2001 and the couple live in Bondi, NSW. In terms of celebs, definitely I would say Jon Bon Jovi, just because it’s like that was the era that I grew up in. Celebrity Baby News: Melanie Vallejo and Matt Kingston, Celebrity Baby News: Gillon McLachlan and Laura Blythe, Celebrity Baby News: Antonia Kidman and Craig Marran, Ruby Anne Susie Murch: A Daughter for Cathy Freeman and James Murch, Celebrity Baby News: Michael and Jacqueline Felgate. Marcus Obermeder: Liberal candidate for Waverley ward. It's been the best day of family and food and pottering around at home baking and cooking and being grateful for everything. Share . Running from June 12 to June 18, the campaign will help NCBF fund breast cancer research focussed on prevention as well as highlighting that the disease isn't a women's only cancer - men can be diagnosed too just as they are affected when females in their lives are diagnosed. I go back at the end of August … I popped in a couple of weeks ago to introduce Elyssa to the team … The adrenaline rush comes back and it’s funny … that buzz of live TV, there’s nothing like it. Sally has spoken openly in the past about her breast cancer journey, however Marcus has remained private about it, as he does with most of their private life. I said to [husband] Marcus, “I can’t remember Annabelle smiling, I can’t remember this, I can’t remember that” … It was so tough at that time with Annabelle. ", FREE Edible Beauty ‘& Gold Rush’ Eye Cream-SAVE 36%*. In December 2016, she welcomed the new child via a surrogate in the United States of America. Things were tough for her from the start, particularly the limited time she could spend with her mother. Committed to the residents of Waverley, he believes Council should work to ensure people of all ages continue to enjoy living together. Plus, her favourite skincare products and favourite workout. The whole time the 13-year-old in me was like, “I cannot believe that this is happening”. Enter your email address to follow this blog. Annabelle isn’t really a smoosh – it’s the French form of Annabel, an apparently Scottish form of Amabel (full form of Mabel). Her husband Marcus is less of a familiar face, preferring to keep things private when it comes to his family. What advice would you give to someone going down the surrogacy path? and there's no other way we'd have it ❤️❤️happy 16 years babe ❤️❤️, A post shared by SALLY OBERMEDER (@sallyobermeder) on Jun 12, 2017 at 12:47am PDT. I am very close to our daughter, she has a great relationship with Sally's mother and her sister too.". "The future looked very uncertain and this really shook me to the core but I had to stay strong and step up.

All rights reserved. It's positive days ahead but there's still lessons learned from that time that the family keep in mind. Sally Obermeder is a face most Australians would recognise..

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