He now sports an orange shirt with a white stripe going around the collar line, and a white jacket with orange stripes going down each of his sleeves and brown accents. The finals were coming up, and it was seen that Raimon were training a lot at the Inabikari Training Centre. Hakuryuu used his keshin another time, but the others keshins users except Shuu gave him their power. He failed as Shuu intervened. Both are a role model for two people (For Naruto : Konohamaru and Inari. He is the type of person who never gives up and always thinks of others before himself - therefore he could be described as being happy go lucky. Raimon then made a comeback. Hebino tried to stop it with his hissatsu, but wasn't able to block it as it was way too strong. This follows through to the addition of new members like Domon Asuka but it was revealed that he was Teikoku's spy but he was forgiven later. Raimon then escaped from the tanks and soldiers by some 'unknown' persons before they all passed out. Wiki Activity; Random page; Videos; Images; Discuss. (For Naruto : Sasuke and for Endou Mamoru : Gouenji), Both have someone that's in love with them. It was revealed in Episode 18 that he married Natsumi after the special training with Matsukaze Tenma, surprising Tenma for the fact that Endou already had a wife. (For Naruto : Hinata and for Endou Mamoru : Natsumi), Both have a female friend that helps them out. Kidou commented that Fifth Sector's training was harsh, and this was the facility for SEED's. They had a tough fight with Genesis but at last they won. When Endou enter his second year of high school, he and the others met Shourin, Teppei, Kabeyama and Shishido. Therefore the three would practice on a field, but all the fields they would use were for different sports. Sa peau est légèrement foncée et il est de taille moyenne. How to recruit Mark Evans and Axel Blaze. So they couldn't practice on any field. As they found a way out, they saw a young kid being beaten badly by Fifth Sector's training grounds with soccer balls. The user then thrusts the hand forward to catch the ball. They start training to beat Gemini Storm. Onwards towards this season, his hyperactive personality tones down as he later understands that his teammates are much more important than when he realizes he was only thinking highly for himself that they can clear every challenge anywhere. He never gives up and always thinks of others before himself. Little is shown of his face because he is shadowed. However Endou says that after the match, everyone are friends again, and Baddap starts to understand what he says. ), Both have the same personality. The Raimon's team was then seen badly beaten.

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