Vet care is very important and they need to have an experienced vet on hand in case of illness. Many could have diseases which can cause issues in the future. Highly think about finger monkey for adoption via a non-profit firm. As adorable as they are, they have very specific needs and care to remain a desirable companion. Monkeys have complex emotional needs, a high level of intelligence and are likely to live a long life.

As with any animal, these are lifelong commitment and NOT easy to keep. 0000013832 00000 n Marmoset pricing Build cost: Choose publishing options: After your initial build, you have the following publishing options. trailer <<7EB387535D6F4F29AD003982BAF42D8D>]/Prev 44423/XRefStm 1225>> startxref 0 %%EOF 192 0 obj <>stream

They have got a lion mane fur type. Laws change all the time check your state, county, and city to make sure monkeys are legal where you live. 0000006061 00000 n 0000003643 00000 n

There is no discrimination on any of our pygmy marmoset monkeys.

Some are more shy but not generally aggressive. They have the cutest faces and have huge personalities even as babies. 0000017780 00000 n They come in a variety of sizes, from small to mouse-sized. You should take your baby in yearly for annual checkups.

It will be an excellent means to save money on diet expenses each month. Playful with dogs and ferrets and will get along with most cats. You might also shop online by browsing their official sites. 157 36 Very affectionate, curious, loves attention and to play. 0000038391 00000 n Marmoset food almost always has to be ordered online so you should have all of their food pre-ordered and ready by the time you get them. They should not be exposed to a lot of people for this reason, you should not take them out in public.

I generally prefer to sell marmies to experienced owners as these guys are very particular and have many special needs and care. They are all treated equally and will make amazing companions.

0000018331 00000 n They scent their areas by rubbing their perineums over everything: toys, food dishes, bedding, stuffed animals, furniture, rugs and caging. They are intelligent and need stimulation. When hand raised from infancy, marmosets can make fun and enjoyable pets for the right household. Keep an eye for playful fighting as marmosets are very small and dogs can get carried away and may hurt them accidentally. 0000013998 00000 n 0000018757 00000 n It means before you get it, you have to be certain you have got the necessary money to buy it and raise it, without risking your budget.

If there is no one home all day, or if you have young children a marmoset is NOT FOR YOU. No vaccines are needed however your Veterinarian may want to give vaccinations. Marmoset monkeys are native to South America mostly, but due to their over population in the pet trade, can be found all over the world. The lifespan of a marmoset can be up to 18 years. 0000033095 00000 n Marmosets scent-mark their surroundings, so are unsuitable to be kept in a home. Marmosets are generally about 20 inches in length, have claws …

Therefore, only get one through a pet store, to verify it was vaccinated plus it is not hostile to humans, mainly kids. Interaction can be supplemented with toys, but if a marmoset is kept as a pet by themselves, it will rely on the human family to become its family group.

h�b``P```ua �I�P3�0p40�! They are wild animals that have very specific welfare needs. 0000001401 00000 n Finger Monkey Cage: You require a cage kit for the pygmy marmoset that depends on the size and complexity, construction, may cost from $150 – $400. Have a safety measure in going to bring up them like a pet, since like humans, they get crazy when irritated or hungry, which can make them proactive and may attack you. Many Marmoset owners do not even have a cage for them run around loose like a dog. Have your vet give a general examination and let them get familiar with you and your baby in case of an emergency or routine visits in the future. ​ ​A pet marmoset can easily contract human diseases, such as the common cold. The most experienced keepers can breed them, but breeding more Marmosets is not recommended. Although the dont throw their poop, Marmosets will hang on the side of the cage and pee out of the cage, marmoset urine STINKS. They require special marmoset foods that must be special ordered online or found at a specialty store. It is a must to provide a play area or a tall outdoor enclosure in which they can climb high, the way they would in the wild.

Are their major differences between males and females in captivity? It is impossible to provide an environment as complex and rich as the wild for a marmoset kept as a pet. Before the big day, schedule an appointment for your baby be seen within 72 hours for our health warranty.

When they becomes sexually active, some marmosets can be really nasty and aggressive. So if you want a marmoset monkey for sale, Tiny Happy Faces is the perfect place to get your finger monkeys from.

Yes they do have scent glands and they should be spayed or neutered or the scent and urine can be very strong especially if kept indoors. 0000013605 00000 n Remember that because these creatures are rather difficult to discover, it does not hurt to reserve yourself at an adoption waiting list.

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They will want your attention and do silly things to make sure you are watching. 0000001016 00000 n Finger monkey breeders are somewhat rare. Their urine has a strong odor, and some people will use special monkey diapers. When they are kept in non breeding environments there is no significant difference between the two sexes. 0000038661 00000 n They are tropical animals who require a warm climate. All of our marmoset monkeys for sale receive the absolute best care and treatment. Do as much research as possible! Provide a safe environment for them to run free. they cost 1000-2800$ but makes a good pet Ask Login. In case, adopting one, be sure you do the homework. 0000018053 00000 n Your email address will not be published. 0000032262 00000 n 0000032521 00000 n Ensure to check the state and local city laws to make sure you can keep a pet monkey in the hometown. 0000008840 00000 n In case, you decide to buy such an animal, remember these are crazy animals. It is very important that a marmoset should never be kept in isolation, because it is an extremely social animal. This kind of tiny monkey should include black flecks with the furry body. Monkeys cannot be expected to be “well-behaved”.

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