View and Organize Teams Click to see your teams. By first rolling out Teams on a small scale, you'll learn Teams by using Teams and gain valuable insights to inform how you deploy Teams across your whole organization. Creating, attending, and running meetings while using Teams for distance learning; Teams for Education Quick Start Guide (PDF) that includes meetings and calls; Microsoft Teams meetings training; Resources for educators. H��V]kcG}7�?��^�XҌ���f�.-v[CJ���&����+i�\��. Find Personal Apps Click to find and manage your personal apps. Microsoft Teams for Students Navigate Teams Use these buttons to switch between Activity Feed, Chat, your Teams, Assignments, Calendar, and Files. 1093 0 obj <> endobj 1109 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[1093 30]/Info 1092 0 R/Length 88/Prev 1617303/Root 1094 0 R/Size 1123/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream }���G���ќ�wߞΏǻ��n?Ÿ�D$f,�2�$���z��;x^�v�~xx]�fḡQ�x߭W_�+�Ѩ�79��,IhR�P+��p�)�&�MO�X$] ��D�7�OZ����.��|Y����3������5��pu����" Q�ДHb U��`���`��l�c �I�p���YRS�R��(Q�Κ�͠3�2đ� �f�ze�]����"J��P���l5t6T91͈�2���+.^������B+�`(�J�8���}0��ܪO���Je�2#����阳oG�S2;*պh�2���VԌ��oc��b��;g�e[���XȑN�"� ݹ�d��j���(�� g���]�aH:�**,=U5z��觋�X � Your email address will not be published. ��B̚祠Z�^@���,%Z�J�)�2�,�Zb�]c��>`&�Y�ES���l�Sl&M��e��4��������?�p!i�%���9a��s)��Is���1�}��[�Ԭ錟�y����C��*Ŷ�S������_�M�c��WlĘ���.� ` �J3 endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 1122 0 obj <>stream 3. To get started quickly on Teams, we recommend you create two or three teams and channels for a select group of early adopters.,, The Future of Learning – Higher Ed in the Craft Economy, The Future of Learning – Ethics Matter Now and Later, The Future of Learning – Learning How to Learn is Key, The Future of Learning – Guesses, Hunches, and Hitting the Bullseye, The Future of Learning – Tech Talk Special Series Starts Now, Reblog: PollEverywhere Distance Learning Newsletter, SE07EP03: What your Phone Knows about You, S07E02: Dynamics of the Digital Workplace, S07E01: Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship. Dieser Leitfaden gilt auch dann, wenn Teams die erste Microsoft 365- oder Office 365-Arbeitsauslastung sind. Select Teams to see which class teams you’re in. This guidance applies, even when Teams is your first Microsoft 365 or Office 365 workload. %PDF-1.7 %���� A how-to video or short webinar are convenient ways to learn directly from trusted experts. �t~��@ߑ����q� A,���Z+�,V�0�ʺ68=x�������֫_6�[���is�崍�y�o���lc���_a��zu�����ώjQ?����:�o�qsoe���4w[j�c��{t�:�X����̀�=��8�x��B�����|z�ëz����.��"����PBt� If you're rolling out Microsoft Teams quickly in response to an increased demand to support remote work, use this Get started guidance to roll out Teams to your entire organization. Getting started . �!�\̀z! Check out the Education Help Center and the Microsoft Educator Center for additional Office 365 Education resources. h�b```�> ��A���X��T؋�ؘ�9��u?0�O.��M`�z�����|q�����=70�-�����q�K5d�I>L��jf8x�"D�ֱyʇ��xDD�B$X�882828�:2��` �^ �Ă w3�iQ��~ ��38kX�0�f�j�p����nj ?Z�. �k� �c�ȵ�l�{���c�XS2�� N�K endstream endobj 1094 0 obj <>/Metadata 92 0 R/Pages 1091 0 R/StructTreeRoot 590 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences 1110 0 R>> endobj 1095 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 960 540]/Parent 1091 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 1096 0 obj <>stream Drag team tiles around to reorder them. Change your Picture or Status See your mentions, Replies … Teams Quick Start guide for educators and students. ���笇�ާuql�N���Н�*w��j�+� X�/�.y�f���^��,�m��"t�E�=w��ٲ�يId�T�6�L3RUL�N��L0�*'-���}k�3Fk�2�L�T�b���y���G�Q�S�|��4���)v�y��ihr5��ll�A��~Tީ���#�0P͓�$3`"��sMC�"�. University of Portland. Microsoft Teams for Education | Quick Start Guide for Students Get started How to sign in. �E4��hb,G�[hD,�.sq9�dY����k:����o�z��$u�0�`zG��n�k��vt�n��S��'�Bc6!�B-kL�*4 �G'/ۧ�I;���3��v����àw%8���o{�]�M�N��Օ2E��C�u.c\�)H�Cf��}���|�X|+ö �n�ʰ��m�� Microsoft Teams Quick Start Guide Have Private, one on one, group chats and video calls Talk and collaborate in channels open to everyone on the team View your upcoming Meetings or schedule something new Quick access to files relevant to you Set up all of your preferences for Microsoft Teams See your Activities and saves messages. h�bbd```b``� ��@$�v����fǁ��$D�3X��f�y ��D�� IF��@�z#��������� However, because of the many features it has, it can be a bit intimidating to get started with. E�N��*$1�Jee�`!%�İ�h)�әk̅'%�TБ�e��# O�W��M��դ�­��CxBA���!��Rh�1v�ڎ�9�.�W ��_({Q����H&2Dq��Z|�H�Am-pWPHV�b h���j�0�W��4:�J g��-K��.��l���3r�#��6�ܚ��h8�0��#B!D9�qBI If your teacher has already set up the class team and added you, you’ll see one of more (depending on how many classes you have) class team tiles. Microsoft Teams is a fantastic program for engaging with students both synchronously and asynchronously, allowing for chatting, video & audio calls, and even sharing presentations with students while on a call. 0 ^bn��l;�[=R�nz�`� �@�qԄf����G�ìæ89\���+� �l endstream endobj 1097 0 obj <>stream

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