April, 2017: Quandary seen from the east side of 13er Atlantic Peak. The bay was first roughly indicated by the Belgian Antarctic Expedition under Gerlache, 1897–99. There were only a handful of people on the trail at this point in time. Through the early sections, you will be walking on hard-pack dirt.

4.5 hours round trip. Visitors will enjoy exceptional views that extend across the Mosquito, Gore and Sawatch ranges: The trail climbs steadily across two marked jeep roads to your first glimpse of Quandary Peak, Hoosier Pass, and distant peaks of the Tenmile Range (.85 mile - 1.0 mile). Learn how your comment data is processed. Quandary Peak is the highest point in Colorado's Tenmile Range, and 13th among the state's 14ers. I ended up taking a few rests along the way to relax and recharge.

Quandary Peak (14,265') is located 7.6 miles south of Breckenridge, Colorado in the Dillon Ranger District of the White River National Forest. Zagreus Ridge is the partly ice-free ridge extending 10 km and 3.8 km wide, rising to 1100 m on Oscar II Coast in Graham Land. Parking is available in several parking spots off the road as well as along the road leading up to the trailhead itself. You will see a ton of these well laid out and freshly maintained logs along the trail. September, 2003: Quandary seen from Mt. January, 2005: Quandary Peak seen from 13,000` on Hoosier Ridge. The United States Geological Survey is a scientific agency of the United States government.

It borders Forbidden Plateau on the south and Herbert Plateau on the north. The feature is named after the settlement of Marchaevo in Western Bulgaria. They help keep erosion down and help keep all the hikers going up safely along areas that can get muddy, rocky, or eroded quickly. A banana did me well, just be sure to pack out the peel – Bananas aren’t natural up here. Don’t forget to get photo proof of being at the top! The trail is beautifully maintained and well-marked for the lower sections, it’s nearly impossible to get lost. Surveyed by Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS) in 1955; the name arose because when first viewed it could not be determined whether the feature was part of the central plateau of Graham Land or a detached summit in Hektoria Glacier. Good hard pack below the tree line and icy in the steep switchbacks above the trailhead. Mount Cameron (4340 m) 5.7 km: 6. We hiked Mount Sherman via the Four Mike Creek Road. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. The climb is still a good pace – mostly good brisk walk and altitude gain with some logs/steps to turn through a few areas where there is drainage.

Just 20 minutes from downtown Breckenridge and around 2 hours from Denver, the trailhead can be reached by any 2WD car. Trail Photos Only used to identify you to ProTrails. This is by far the easiest of the (nine) 14er’s I have done. The route is obvious - stay on the ridge where you can see across Quandary's upper east slope to your right - 12, 13, 14 and 15. You will be physically and mentally tested, but the reward is well worth it. My cheap hand-held radio had no problem reaching cabins miles down the valley to stay in touch! Watch your footing, its all rocks and boulders from here on up. Mount Lincoln (Colorado) (4354 m) 5.1 km: 5.

GNIS was developed by the United States Geological Survey in cooperation with the United States Board on Geographic Names (BGN) to promote the standardization of feature names.

$30.95 $ 30.

The trail blends easily into the landscape, but is well-marked by cairns and intuitively followed when not. Mount Helen (4151 m) 3.9 km: 3. Left trailhead at 4:50am and summited at 8. The sheep are cute and make funny noises, which is good because you have just now realized you’re only on a false summit and you stare up at another 1000+ foot climb above you. Select Quandary Peak Location Map Detail: Use this relief map to navigate to mountain peaks in the area of Quandary Peak. Mountains are formed through tectonic forces or volcanism. April, 2005: Quandary from Hoosier Pass. Quandary Peak - 6.2 Miles Round-Trip Quandary Peak (14,265') is located 7.6 miles south of Breckenridge, Colorado in the Dillon Ranger District of the White River National Forest. Expect cooler temperatures, strong sun and wind in the open tundra. Peer down the Cristo Couloir - defined as a steep gorge or gully on the side of a mountain - a celebrated winter route to the summit that begins from Blue Lake. 1/9/18: Very little snow as the ski resorts are lamenting. At this point, I appreciated my investment in right gear and preparation for the trip as well as the support of my wife helping relay weather and check on my status up here. Draining southwards from the south slopes of Foster Plateau east of Mount Quandary to flow into Vaughan Inlet, Weddell Sea next east of Hektoria Glacier. It took me over four hours to get to the top. January, 2007: Quandary Peak seen from Hoosier Ridge. September, 2003: Taken during a hike to the summit.

June, 2004: Quandary - early in the morning from Bald Mountain (13,684`). I would have been miserable without the windbreaker and aborted my attempt had I not had it. The trail at this point can disappear so take your time and look for worn-out sections and look further up the mountain to see where the path recovers and follow back. I wish I had a better photo here (and that my finger wasn’t on the upper left corner), but you can see that even though you’re now at 13k feet on the false summit, that you have a LONG way to go yet. Paspal Glacier is the 14.5 km long and 6.5 km wide glacier on Oscar II Coast, Graham Land in Antarctica situated southeast of Montgolfier Glacier and west of Hektoria Glacier.

Made the decision to go based on it and wasn’t disappointed. The weather can be fierce up here, and it shows! Top Peak Mount Quandary 14er Lapel Pin. Take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water. I plan on camping once the snow comes to save on gas. The scientists of the USGS study the landscape of the United States, its natural resources, and the natural hazards that threaten it. Ever since my first trip to the mountains as a kid I’ve dreamed of hiking to the top and experiencing the mountains by foot. Here you'll have big views down McCullough Gulch, south across the Continental Divide and due west up the formidable and final summit push. Sleeves would roll up if needed. November, 2006: Quandary seen from the bottom of McCullough Gulch.

Brenitsa Glacier is the 14 km long and 4.5 km wide glacier on Oscar II Coast, Graham Land in Antarctica situated southwest of Drygalski Glacier, west of Rogosh Glacier and east of Hektoria Glacier. Pants: REI SPF pants with detachable legs. Use this relief map to navigate to mountain peaks in the area of Quandary Peak. I started to feel the burn of the ascent and the drain of altitude right above the tree line.

The feature is named after the Thracian god Zagreus.

A t 14,265 feet, Quandary Peak majestically overlooks the Rocky Mountains as the highest peak in the Tenmile Range and the 13th highest in the entire state. We hiked July 17, 2020. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You can contact ProTrails directly through our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Foster Plateau is a plateau, about 80 square miles (210 km2) in area, lying between Drygalski Glacier and Hektoria Glacier in northern Graham Land, Antarctica. Quandary Peak is the highest summit of the Tenmile Range in the Rocky Mountains of North America and is the most commonly climbed fourteener in Colorado. I would recommend if you do get keens, to purchase their inserts. At and above the tree line as far up as the exposed south-facing east ridge snowshoes came in handy for knee-deep spindrift. It was named by the FIDS for Leonid Breitfuss, a German polar explorer, historian, and author of many polar bibliographies. First of all, really pleased to find this website with totally accurate forecasts. ", "This page is great! Take a few steps west from the summit to find a small wind shelter along a rugged, tapering ridge. New to 14ers? Good hard pack below the tree line and icy in the steep switchbacks above the trailhead. If you have plans or have already hiked a 14er, we would love to hear your store.

About 2 hours in we hit the ridge. I enjoyed the experience more than I thought I would – even though it was hard physically mentally. Once you’re on top of the mountain, it looks like you can see forever. The feature is named after Hristo Tatarchev (1869-1952), a leader of the Bulgarian liberation movement in Macedonia. The feature was mapped from surveys by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (1960–61), and named by the United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee after the Arrol-Johnston car, which was adapted for use by Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod Expedition (1907–09) and was the first mechanical transport used in Antarctica. Otherwise a fun and beautiful moderate level 14’er.

It has nearly the same elevation as Castle Peak and Mount Evans.It lies in Summit County and within the White River National Forest about 6 miles (10 km) south-southwest of the town of Breckenridge.

Govedare Peak is the rocky peak rising to 850 m in Zagreus Ridge on Oscar II Coast in Graham Land. Gain the summit ridge and walk over to the top - 16, 17 and 18.

Those with a later start will likely face a good deal of downhill traffic. Check out our guide trekking poles for beginners for all the practical details of selecting & how to use your trekking poles. Attempting MT Quandary without acclimation usually leads to massive headaches and other potential health risks, so don’t drive/fly in and then attempt the climb on your first day here.

It's considered among the easiest 14ers to reach for its modest distance and well built trail. Stayed on summit for 30 minutes. You can see practically everything. Take it easy, use those poles and enjoy the alpine air! Snowshoes (or crampons) totally worth it on the last ~800 vertical feet which is hard packed snow and some ice and quite steep. Help keep our trails and parks open during COVID-19 by committing to social distancing. In Winter. It descends from Forbidden Plateau southeastwards between Hektoria Glacier and Paspal Glacier. Easy year-around road access, a class 1 standard route, and panoramic views from the summit ensure that you'll rarely find solitude on Quandary's summit.Climbing and skiing routes here options are plentiful on this complex, monolithic peak. The Trekking poles were one of my “maybe I don’t need these” purchases but in hindsight was the BEST purchase I made to make the trip possible. It was spot on. June, 2004: Quandary - early in the morning from Bald Mountain (13,684`). Crystal Peak (Tenmile Range) (4222 m) 4.2 km: 4. Better to be well hydrated on this lower section and be ahead of the game than to risk being thirsty and kicking in altitude sickness higher up the mountain. Click here to read 1 more climbing note for Quandary Peak or submit your own. Here you'll have views of the Blue Lakes, Monte Cristo Creek and North Star Mountain looming high on the Continental Divide. Quandary Peak Colorado Fourteener Club Hiking Top Pullover Hoodie. If you hit the mountain this Summer report back and let us know how it was for you!

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