LAUREN O'NEILL, "Mr Brightside" is a song that's been blessed with the same quality as genres like UK garage and disco. McNicholas notes its party-starting potential, pointing out that the song is “fantastically upbeat. “It’s OK. If May finally agrees to clash him in a leader's debate, it will enter the Top 10. here are several contenders for big singalongs at Glastonbury this weekend – chanting “la la la” with Kylie, or retelling Stormzy’s tale of Costa-brokered infidelity in Vossi Bop. “When I look back at it now, I see little things that helped,” he says. What forces have catapulted NME's fifth best track of 2004 back into relevance above all other totems of the past, causing it to once again to reside among the most lucrative hundred songs of the moment in 2017? As you're saying that, you hear that Paddy's dropped the opening guitar picking of "Mr Brightside" and both you and the person you've slung yourself around throw your arms in the air in recognition, warm beer leaping out of the American-style red cups you're holding and onto the back of some poor twat in front of you. Yet Mr Brightside became the longest-charting song in UK history, having appeared in the top 100 for a total of 208 weeks, 42 more than its closest competitor. But in 2001 he attended an Oasis show that seemed “communal – it was the first time I felt that. “It just felt like a dangerous idea at the time.”, The group’s popularity, however, is down to them not actually being very dangerous at all. Perhaps because it was expressly engineered to mimic one. “There’s something about that rousing sort of rock’n’roll that’s absent these days,” he says, which leaves Mr Brightside as “one of the surviving great anthems that has never been replaced”. Or is Theresa May doing such a fucking bad job of being the Prime Minister that every time she appears on telly sneering in a factory in a town she can't remember the name of because it doesn't have a Waitrose, the electorate feels compelled to listen to "Mr Brightside" and think of Jeremy Corbyn. Bowled over by the mass euphoria, he set himself a new goal. Nobody outside Las Vegas gave a shit about The Killers in 2003 when they first released "Mr Brightside". Usher's "Yeah!" RYAN BASSIL, Forgive me for sounding like an A-Level philosophy student called Tristan who's just discovered salvia for the first time, but doesn't it, like, sometimes freak you out that we rely so heavily on technology? "MR BRIGHTSIDE" WAS LITERALLY A TOP 50 SINGLE in 2017. You associate it only with having fun, which is exactly why every student in the UK wants to hear it at their end-of-year rager, just after "Tubthumping," and a bit before "Wonderwall." Mr Brightside’s trajectory is indicative of the way the modern music industry works: it has spread through playlist culture, to which its chameleonic, largely inoffensive nature is uniquely suited. Brandon Flowers and others reveal why we make such a hot fuss of it, Last modified on Thu 27 Jun 2019 17.00 BST. DAISY JONES, PEOPLE ARE JUST GENUINELY SO EXCITED ABOUT THE KILLERS PLAYING HYDE PARK THIS SUMMER THAT THEY'VE OPENED SPOTIFY, QUEUED UP "MR BRIGHTSIDE" AND SMASHED "REPEAT ONE" FOR HOURS SO IT'S PLAYING OUT THEIR LAPTOP SPEAKERS WHILE THEY FALL ASLEEP AND AGAIN WHEN THEY WAKE UP, Look, the sorts of people willing to pay like $80 excluding booking fee to see the Killers live in 2017 are probably the same sorts of people who would … buy a second copy of the album? Indulging in the relatively niche fandom of these bands felt, says Flowers, like “a very personal experience”. “They had this fantastic mainstream appeal, because there was nothing not to like,” says McNicholas, who believes the song encapsulates this universal charm.

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