Or, in the case of Ollie, rather SBS training. Ollie ollerton audiobook . Bullets don't bounce off them. If we are informed by our supplier that the title is no longer available during this time, we will cancel and refund you for this item. (min 8 characters including 1 number & 1 uppercase). Unfortunately, there is very little information about the actual SAS training. Scraping a living as a gun for hire and estranged from his family, Abbott is haunted by ghosts of the past, drinking to dull the pain. We can all find ourselves on a path which we thought we wanted, but the truth can dawn on us when we know it's not what we hoped, but most people are too scared to change. Knowing something is wrong, needing to find his son and desperate for redemption, Abbott has no choice but to go back. At the bottom of a bottle, with a family in pieces, unable to adapt to a civilian lifestyle, yearning for a warzone. Ex-Special Forces soldier Alex Abbott escaped the Middle East under a cloud and now lives hand-to-mouth in Singapore. Ollie ollerton laura. Ex-Special Forces soldier Ollie Ollerton knows more than his fair share about keeping going. Ex-Special Forces soldier Ollie Ollerton has faced his own break points and now he tells us the lessons he has learnt along the way. Returning to Baghdad, Abbott renews old acquaintances and begins his search for Nathan. Under heavy fire from armed kidnappers while protecting journalists en route to Baghdad. 44K likes. But when one of his old crew turns up dead in mysterious circumstances and the link with Nathan is clear, Abbott begins to suspect a trap. Bullets don't bounce off them. FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestPodcastYouTube, Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy - Disclaimer, 40 unmissable magic realist reads - “It’s real-life, but not as we know it”. Or is it here? Ollie ollerton girlfriend. ', Author: Ollie Ollerton Our Australian supplier has this title on order. Facing the gruelling SAS selection process on one leg, with a busted ankle and the finish line nowhere in sight? There are some useful lessons one can learn from. Author: Ollie Ollerton On order from our Australian supplier to our Sydney warehouse. At his lowest he was battling a failed relationship, substance abuse, depression and a reckless disregard for his own life. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Ollie goes into his back story of growing up, getting into scrapes with the law and some traumatic events which (in hindsight) helped him find his eventual path of self fulfillment. Format: Hardback Release Date: 12/11/2020. We will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Author: Ollie Ollerton ', If this is your author page then you can share your Twitter updates with your readers right here on LoveReading, If this is your author page then you can share your Facebook updates with your readers right here on LoveReading.