Panamint Alligator Lizard. It is found in the Nearctic. western blind snake Lepotyphlops humilis Nocturnal; under rocks, among roots on brush covered slopes; from below sea level to 4000 feet.

EOL has data for 12 attributes, including: Known occurrences, collected specimens and observations of Panamint Alligator Lizard. new Creature Feature is posted? games and coloring pages!

This species is also known to be quite aggressive and bites when threatened.
The tail length on this species is amazingly long—usually longer than the body.

The Panamint alligator lizard (Elgaria panamintina) is a species of lizard in the Anguidae family. This species is also known to be quite aggressive and bites when threatened. The Panamint alligator lizard is a secretive species known only from a remote region in eastern California. A juvenile Panamint alligator lizard (Elgaria panamintina) sits on a rock.First discovered in Surprise Canyon, in the Panamint Mountains of Inyo County, California, this elusive lizard has also been sighted in Pleasant Canyon, Wildrose Canyon, Johnson Canyon, and Hanaupah Canyon, from around 3,800 to 7,500 feet in elevation. May climb bushes and trees in search of prey, including bird eggs and chicks. Individuals can grow to 63.66 g. Panamint Alligator Lizard has sexual reproduction. Diet includes slugs, scorpions, centipedes, insects, and spiders, including black widows; will also eat small lizards and mammals. rosy boa Lichanura trivigata Low foothills and canyons below 4500 feet; in sandy and gravelly habitats. Check out our,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, If it appears incomplete or if you wish to see article references, visit the rest of its contents, Captive cheetah gives birth to largest litter ever recorded. western blind snake Lepotyphlops humilis Nocturnal; under rocks, among roots on brush covered slopes; from below sea level to 4000 feet. They include the Panamint Range of Death Valley National Park, the Inyo Mountains, the White Mountains, and the Coso Mountains.[1].

It is found in the Nearctic. Panamint Alligator Lizard relies on running to move around. panamint alligator lizard Elgaria panamintina Panamint and Grapevine Mountains above 3500 feet. Elgaria panamintina (tormerly Gerrhontus panamintus) Panamint Alligator Lizard (Protected Species)

List of all endangered species (animals & plants).

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