Let’s raise our hands and celebrate this day, let’s stand up so high to show respect for the great ones who died for our independence, let’s sing our national anthem with flags in hand and celebrate this wonderful day! The 2020 Independence Day will be celebrated on Saturday. Be a good citizen and let India to proud on us. May the great tricolour fly higher and higher each year we celebrate Independence Day! Get Welcome Speech for Independence Day in English from here. Joy to the nation. On this day, we come together, we unite and make it another beautiful day to speak and fight against corruption while we spiral the flag of our beautiful nation. May you soar high in the realm of freedom. Let’s appreciate everything we have and celebrate the great miracle of freedom. That function is done to celebrate the notion of independence and also to pay tribute to the freedom fighters because of whom we can celebrate this day. Happy Independence day. Patriotic Songs for the 4th of July, Independence Day: July 4th . Become the one and enjoy the independence day. Let us salute the nation on this Independence Day! Can you imagine a day without a right to be free? Happy Independence Day! My love for my people is endless. Blessed to have a right to speak and to be heard. Happy Independence Day! The day is declared as the national holiday for all Indians and this is a common festival for all Indians. Independence Day Speech: The Independence Day of India marks the freedom of the country from the British Empire in the year 1947. Happy Independence Day! Independence is a special and precious gift of God. Happy Independence Day! We might have read about the struggles of Indian men and women under British rule and their contribution to bringing this country freedom, but I can assure that only the iceberg’s peak is known. So respect it! Happy Independence Day! This is an amazing day! Our freedom fighters gave us a great lesson. The declaration of freedom was probably the happiest thing that could have happened to India. My love for my nation is boundless. Because of such many struggles and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, India and Indians now stand with head held high. Let’s take a pledge that we will not allow anyone breaking our unity. Happy Independence Day! Happy Independence Day! Become an Indian first. As the Indian citizens, we should not consider this day for only hoisting the flag and distributing sweets. Today is a great day for all of us. What if there was no fight between Hindu and Muslim, culture and creed we would be flourishing to the moments of together between beating different nations. It’s a day which resembles a lot of happiness, because on this day we became and independent country! And 15th August of every year is celebrated to pay respect to the culmination of struggle, hardships, and sacrifices made by Indians to bring this country freedom. The functions of Independence Day normally comprise of independence of India concept based skits or plays, speeches by students or employees. Let’s not forget that this independence has come after a long and huge struggle. It‘s very important for me. Happy Independence Day! Freedom is the greatest gift to mankind. Today we are free because of the efforts of our freedom fighters. May you live long life and enjoy its each moment. I want to enjoy this unforgettable day. Happy Independence Day! Happy Independence Day! Celebrate the free spirit of India. The feeling of freedom fills my heart with so much satisfaction and pride, I can’t be more thankful to everyone who participated in this battle for freedom. May you have eternal independence. Jai Hind. We’ve tried so hard to earn it, so let’s celebrate the fact that we are still have our freedom. My love for my people is endless. Happy Independence Day! Happy Independence Day! When it comes to India’s integrity, we should always protect it forgetting our internal conflicts. Happy Independence Day! You made our independence possible. If you want to see the problem free India, change your attitude and starting solving issues instead of complaining. Independence Day greetings sent especially for you and your entire family. On this day, let's remember the sacrifice of our freedom fighters. HID. Today I breath the air of freedom because of the efforts of our great freedom fighters. It‘s a day of our nation‘s success. Happy Independence Day. The blood of martyrs unless India got freedom used to haunt the country, but now that same blood which brought this country freedom is as precious as the blood being pumped in every Indian at present. The hoisting of the flag in every house is popular on the day of Independence. Happy Independence day. The glory of this country should be kept up by us Indians. It is a time to feel the pride and to show respect for every freedom fighter that have shed their blood for their country’s freedom. Indians should celebrate the occasion of Independence Day with pride, dignity, and in the utmost respectable manner. However, this year, the celebrations will be quite muted. We will compromise our feelings and fight less. I am very glad! Let us pay our respects to all those martyrs who brought freedom to India. Always cherish it. Happy Independence Day. We have a right to be what we want. Never follow others footsteps, free yourself, after-all you are independent! Happy Independence day. Even the obligatory flag-hoisting ceremony at the Red Fort will see only 5000 people in the audience, with the compliance of social distancing at all times. Happy Independence Day! This day is very significant in our history. Let’s salute this glorious nation on its Independence Day! Every student pledge to keep our nation safe, then what happens? Military marches and other programs surrounding this special day rekindle the spirit of patriotism in Indians as we celebrate it with many warm regards. What they did, we can never repay. A human being cannot live without freedom. That is why I’m so grateful it happened. Independence Day wishes. Celebrate the Fourth of July! The day when we will start thinking that we are Indian first, we will become independent in the true sense. Independence Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves how hard we’ve worked for it. Apart from that, the day is filled with listening to patriotic songs, eating sweets, and fist-thumping declarations of love for the nation. This day is special and we all know why. Happy Independence Day! Even though Independence Day is observed as a national holiday but it is expected of students and employees (irrespective of government or private sector) to attend the flag hoisting ceremony held on the grounds or roof-top. Do you know what day is today? Happy Independence Day! It is a national holiday. Enjoy it! Become an Indian first before anything else. Wishing you a very happy Independence Day. Happy Independence day. Independence Day Messages In English. Happy 74th Independence Day! On this day, the cities and our hearts reflect the tri-color notion of the nation’s flag, and the anthem can be heard from different directions. Let's salute the nation on this day Independence Day! What we read is incomparable to the sacrifices made and the hardships our ancestors and country people had do go through for approximately 190 years. Today I wish to congratulate all people with this significant day. Let us work hard to make it better. Patriotic Word Art Designs by JuJu Exclusive 8 more adorable patriotic designs perfect for Independence Day! Let us remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of India. If you’re looking for patriotic inspiration for your Independence Day caption, texts, or posts, try these smart words. For almost two centuries, British colonial rule prevailed in India. The tribute will always be less for our freedom fighters but the salute to all will never be less. From all of my heart I want to congratulate all people with this wonderful day. Happy Independence day. It‘s a unique day for our nation. Independence days are celebrated annually in respect and remembrance of a long awaited freedom of the country. Never forget their sacrifice. Freedom is something you have to fight for. Happy Independence Day! Example: word is "Star-Spangled Banner", but you can't say "Flag," "Stars and Stripes," "Red, White, and Blue," "United States of America," or "National Anthem." Greet one another! This Independence Day promise yourself to support your nation in every small manner possible, just don’t talk show yourself that you can do it. The citizens of a country create the image of a country. From that day, every year India celebrates this day as Independnece day. May the glory of this day be with you forever, happy Independence Day! Encouraging break up messages for friends, Best friend quotes and best friend wishes, Friendship quotes and friendship messages, Good morning messages for her (girlfriend or wife), Good morning messages for him (boyfriend or husband), Christmas wishes for Facebook with images. The celebration of Independence Day is done quite vastly in India. Home of the free because of the brave. India is a great country and we should maintain its greatness by maintaining peace and harmony within the country. It will not be happy till we are separate. Whether you're celebrating beachside or at a barbecue, this 4th of July make sure you take time to remember what the holiday is really about with the help of these patriotic quotes. The prime minister hoists the flag on Delhi's Red Fort with our national anthem playing along, giving us the feeling of patriotism and an unlimited amount of goosebumps on our arms. India is the country on which world proud. May this Independence Day bring harmony between all the communities. Thousands of people laid down their dear lives for our country to breathe this day, we should never forget their sacrifice…happy Independence Day! Never again should this country and its people have to drop their head low. Happy Independence day to all my friends. Thanks to all superheroes. I love my India and I can do anything to protect its integrity. Let us always be responsible. Today is independence day, let’s celebrate the day with enthusiasm and do something exceptional. After Independe, India has emerged as a peaceful country and have become an icon in many fields for the World. Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day. No battle could be won by words. It is celebrated by people belongs to different castes, religion, color, language with the feeling of brotherhood. It‘s our freedom and independence day. Question 1. These Fourth of July Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups. It’s our freedom day, our Independence Day! Through blood and tears, we fought for our freedom.

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