The trailhead, created in 2009, is on Forest Service Road 383, right before the turn for the Crags campground. It also offers better views with the Continental divide to the west and it is much less crowded. I was off-trail/lost 4 times. Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, Raspberry Mountain Trail via Ring the Peak Trail, Sentinel Point via Horsethief to Devils Playground Trail. Then your in the boulders.

On the peak it was in the low 40s.

Trail is not well marked so be sure you know which Y’s to take and such. Line to the shop was out the door filled with people who just drove up.

The Crags route to Pikes Peak is not as popular as the Barr trail from the east but since it's shorter and with less elevation gain it is a much easier way to summit this famous mountain. Good long hike, last bit of incline was described as “Torture Hill” which was true, beautiful sights. Pay attention to the forecast – the wind was blowing 20-30 MPH, making for a nerve-wracking climb. Bierstadt 14,060’, Sunlight Peak 14,059’, San Luis Peak 14,014’, Sunshine Peak 14,001’. The two mile break is great but the last bit makes you really work for it. The site is still in its infancy, so if there is something you like or don't like, let me know!

Pikes Peak (left) and some nice valley views. Evans 14,264’, Mt. Colorado Ghost Towns: Old Hundred Mine, Ironton, and Holy Cross City, The 'Wild Side' of Pikes Peak - Miracle Update: Outback Edition. My first 14er! Head Count (how many other hikers I saw): I was the only hiker  that I saw, but at least a few dozen had driven to the summit while I was there.

I love this 14er.
Once above the treeline there are great views the entire way up.

Nothing becomes more than class-two on this route. In Divide turn South on highway 67 and go south for 4.3 miles.

My site is free to use, but consider sending me a few bucks to help keep it running.

The remaing mileage and the summit  from the saddle. After the Pikes Peak road opens it isn't so good because it follows the road part of the way.

Thanks in advance! The Crags are rock formations located south of Divide, facing the northwest slope of Pikes Peak.

By the time I finished at noon, it was in the mid 60s. Overall hike was beautiful. Anybody that has visited Colorado Springs has surely marveled at Pikes Peak overlooking the city. Friends of the Peak adopted the plan, and started implementation.

Crags Trail splits. Pikes Peak viewpoint from the end of the Barr Trail, looking east. The Crags Trail doesn't take you to Pikes Peak, so I feel the need to clear that bit up. Trail was easy to follow too using cairns. Friends of the Peak started work on this trail, as an alternative to the Barr Trail and also as a worthwhile trail in its own right, in 2000.

Bring at least 3L of water and plenty of electrolyte replacements and snacks!

I’m not sure if Über runs to the top of the mountain, but it would be well worth the fare. ( Log Out /  The increasingly popular route up the west and northwest side of Pikes Peak to the summit, Forest Service trail 753 (664A), goes through Devil’s Playground.

And, while I consider myself to be in good shape, between 12-13k I started to feel the effects of altitude. We hiked in early September, and it was about 80º at the trailhead when we started and 40º toward the top.

Please check the park website ahead of time if visiting during winter months.

Continuing above the treeline on Trail #664A.

Copyright © 2020 Friends of the Peak. Lots of people, vans, noise. Here, trail #664A – the one you’re looking for – breaks off to the right, towards Devil’s Playground.

( Log Out / 

Obviously, Zeb was wrong. The trail shares the route with the Crags trail, trail 664, until it joins the old route at a Y. At the tollway it becomes tourist city. Change ), Mt. A very continuous up and exposed in the sun for the last half up and first half back down. Know before you go.

This trail will take you into a basin at the base of the peak, then it will aggressively gain elevation up to Devil's Playground. The Crags Trail doesn't take you to Pikes Peak, so I feel the need to clear that bit up.

There was a fair amount of snow on the ‘trail.’ Mostly soft and heavy.

Soon you will reach the sign for trail #664A pointing the the right. Because this trail is on the western slope, you won't get direct sun exposure until you crest the ridge-line around mile 4. Some trails or park services may be closed this weekend so check with local authorities before heading out. More scenic than the Barr trail, the perspective from this side of the mountain grants lofty views of the Continental Divide; including the rugged Sangre De Cristo range to the south, the snow-capped Mosquito Range between Fairplay and Leadville, and finally, the Collegiate Peaks further west.

Hikers could follow the cairns and no longer have that feeling of having lost the trail, and all the plants on all the many other routes could recover. Weather with wind in single digits. The boulderfield just to the left of the trail is where I spooked two bighorn on my way up.

Overall, the hike was a great experience. Most choose to ‘summit’ this mountain by car.

One of the first improvements was a rustic bridge across the creek.

If you have no prior experience and/or training with altitude illness, then read up on it. Crags Trail. Keep it Clean.

Looking back the way I came - you start to get occasional views down toward Colorado Springs. I jogged when I could and walked when I had to.

They created many robust drains to direct water off the trail to reduce erosion along about a mile of trail.

As you hike the ridge you must cross the Pikes Peak Tollway and stay on the Northeast side of the road.

The trail is good shape until mile 4. Volunteers on these 2 projects created many drains to direct water off the trail, installed some steps to stabilize the trail and stop more erosion, and tried to discourage trail users from walking on the tundra plants.2015 saw quite a bit of activity on this popular route to the summit. The Crags Trail is an exciting hike to a rocky summit on the northwest shoulder of Pike's Peak.

The trail itself is not difficult—the hardest part is route finding in the scree right at the top of the mountain, but even that is pretty fool proof. The large, relatively flat, tundra field behind Little Pikes Peak (Point 13,363) did not have a clear route.

Getting to the summit does require going through a boulder field which basically means you ascend over a large mound (mountain) of boulders. Once you reach the top you’ll share your achievement with many many tourists who were driven to the top by shuttle. There are others at the top who drive up but as long as you expect this, I wouldn’t worry about it and just enjoy the fact that you hiked up there.

ga('send', 'pageview'); Copyright © Colorado Springs Trails and Hiking. The trail is steep in spots, so water runs down the trail quickly and erodes away the dirt. From Crag trail head to the pp tollway it’s terrific. Decent gravel trail to one of Colorado’s worst summits.

Great trail, few good rock scrambles, nice views. Work also included improving drainage and stabilizing the trail. ( Log Out /  Follow this road for 3.5 miles to the Crags Campground.

In 2012, another area that did not have a clear trail, between the tundra field and the boulder field, gained cairns, as more volunteers worked on a project there.

In another area, the bank above the trail had collapsed on the trail. You will also get better parking by going early.

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