Got this off warehouse deals, it fit, had the parts it needed.

I think you can agree that when looking for an oil filter for your vehicle; you will choose one with a lot of filtration. You’ll have to check their oil filter lookup tool to see if it your vehicle can use a Purolator Boss oil filter. Furthermore, the non-slip finished handle makes the installation and removal process an easy errand. With just 13 grams of dirt removal capacity the classic filter is inferior to Purolators other oil filter models.

Like I mention in the video, I have been using Purolator filters for many many years.

For someone who does not know much about cars, the whole matter of oil filters may seem a little difficult.

This filter is perfect for the conventional oil and filter chance. Check and top off all the other vehicle fluids, Document the service.

The original Purolator was an upright series of seven twill weave cloth covered perforated plates encased in a heavy-duty cast container.

good video on changing. The second part of the equation is capacity.

– Cargister, Can You Paint Over Rhino Liner? My two cents…. Works to maximize your engine performance by up to 99%. :). This filter features: 99.9% efficiency means better protection for your engine.

I use valvoline synthetic blend oil in my 05 GMC Sierra, I’m just getting to the 100,000 mile mark when if at all do you recommend using full synthetic and which brand? Check that out for some filter features to consider. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you confirm that then Purolator PL14612 ought to be your choice. They were basically the same. Hopefully this Purolator oil filter review will be of use to you. How Many Catalytic Converters are In a Ford F150? Look at the below from ultra-synthetic oil filter review. There are pros like me that are happy to do it for you. Also, the power is large, oil flows open and is not clogged in the filter so that the engine is not supplied with oil. All rights reserved.

Purolator PBL14610 is usually on the road for most vehicles and combines the latest filter innovations for long-lasting safety and engine drive. Purolator invented the oil filter in 1923 and have countless filtration patents.

Choose Purolator PL14610, and you will have access to all elements that you can search in an oil filter. It would make oil clean up much faster.

Yes, I have seen that happen. Purolator's multi-fiber media captures more than 96% of road particles and other garbage that can damage your engine. It is an incredible equivalent to ordinary oil and is now available to a large number of motorhomes and light trucks. Keeps the engine oil clean for longer and affects it longer before it starts to change.

Convenient for most local applications and import papers, Purolator PL14610 advances engine life for up to 10,000 miles. You never know if some grit impregnated clump of oil or grease from the under carriage has dropped in there. Some reviewers are experiencing issues with the filter media tearing.

Purolator PBL14610 only highlights the Smart FUSION technology - a fully engineered filter media with reinforced polymer backing for more than 99% screening performance. be thinking about. Looking for Purolator reviews and saw your link there. Engines are protected from damage for up to 5,000 miles. That’s awesome and very thorough advice!

Learn how your comment data is processed. Look at the below from ultra-synthetic oil filter review. You can check out the post here. Verified customer ... we received a package of concentrator filters delivered by Purolator either Jan 30th or 31st, that resulted in some of the contents being damaged.

Any idea from your contacts at Purolator why the change? We’ll go over some of the differences and details of all three to help you decide which might be the best oil filter for your application.

Hard as stone, good fortune, that blows when the heat and weight are on. This is in hopes of capturing any metal you might break loose. Their mission is to stay a step ahead of contaminants, safeguarding your engine, fuel tank and the air you breathe. But $3 over 10k miles is nothing. How Tight Should a Serpentine Belt Be and How To Do It?

It consists of a high-density filter media with wear-resistant metal seals, maintaining its integrity and filter capacity when changing the oil. It fit perfect. It is perfect for the most demanding driving conditions, including successive towing and racing, emergency, long journeys, long downtimes and outrageous atmospheres. Have you ever had an oil filter that failed? Purolator PL14610 is perfect for a variety of driving conditions, including towing, racing and brutal climates. Hey Pat, Mostly out of convenience. Mostly for the fact I have to check them 3 times to be sure I tightened it.

You don’t want that to drop into the pan. Do Purolator oil filters work with synthetic oil? Purolator PL14612 is perfect for a variety of driving conditions, including brutal climates.

I always prime my oil filters before installing. Purolator L14476 oil filters are posted as oil filters that will ensure your engine and fuel tank nearby and reduce the drain on your car. I like to keep the engine abut a quarter way up the temp scale (100?) Purolator has 3 choices when it comes to oil filters. This filter features: The Synthetic Filter

Could you make a list of all of all You don't have to dissipate a lot of time looking for a replacement oil filter while Purolator PL14610 is there. Ranging between 5000-15 000 miles depending on the brand, you have installed. I usually do not comment, but after looking at a few of the comments here Purolator Oil Filter Review | Humble Mechanic. Can work up to 10000 miles without the need of replacement, Its anti-back drain valve is made of long-lasting silicone, Metal end pieces provide safety and respectability for more important wear obstacles, Durable, PTFE-coated seal for easy setup and removal, Problem of overflow model that doesn’t fit properly, Metal Tails give strength and respectability to remarkable wear retardation, Your vehicle is protected up to 5,000 miles, Anti-drain back valve for dry running and oil spills, Bypass valve and metal focus tube take into account the ideal oil flow, They are more expensive than general gaskets, Smart FUSION technology with reinforced polymer backer for extended hold-down, Ant-drain back silicone for long life and protection against dryness, PuroSEAL gasket, made of ethylene-acrylic, for unsurpassed hole safety and life expectancy, BOSS Steel Casing strengthens sturdier obstacles for unprecedented pressure while metal tails improve stability, Expensive because of its wider distance coverage, Media with multiple fibers and high thickness, Anti-Drain back Valve protects against dry-start and oil spills, Metal tails give more reliability and trustworthiness, It has a thick media with high fibers for perfect screening, No oil spills and leaks as it comes with anti-drain back valve, Not the best for elite vehicles like racers, Fram Ultra-Synthetic Oil Filter Review: How Good Is It? Deal with your well-deserved engine and your well-deserved engine oil and give ground damnation. This filter is only available for certain popular vehicles. Sadly, I have seen a lot of improper installations . Screens all the unwanted materials.They all stay trapped in this filter gut and are not stuck in your engine oil, which is the reason for the earth anyway. When I change my oil so it flows out faster .

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