Here I have used red color for snake and an image for apple. Now it’s time to define game rules. We are going to be using two main classes (snake and cube). For that, we need to initialize its dimensions(width and height). Please refer display_snake() function defined above. The next thing is to decide at what frame rate we want to play our game. In our game, the snake will continue to move in one direction until a button is pressed. This is done using pygame.time.Clock() that creates a “clock” object. After initializing pygame modules, it’s time to display the game window. pygame.init() will attempt to initialize all the pygame modules for you. Thank You In Advance. Here, I have defined a function ‘display_final_score’, which takes final score and text to be displayed as its arguments to display in the game window. Our snake object is going to contain a list of cubes which will represent the snake body. It is great for beginners as it’s simple and easy to use. When the snake eats an apple, we increase our snake’s length and improve the score. You need to add attachments to all the external files in order for the code to be executed. To draw the rectangle using these coordinates, I have used pygame.draw.rect() function which draws a 10×10 rectangle starting from this x-y position. here, i have explained only main points. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Enter your details to login to your account: (This post was last modified: Aug-13-2018, 01:11 PM by,, After seeing which direction button is pressed, we need to change our snakes head position. Rule 3. We will be building a simple snake game using the pygame library. As you know, there must be some rules which makes a game playable. To Start with this, we first need to initialize pygame modules as shown below. Rule 2:  Moving the snake to a new position. Let’s revive those old days and build one on our own! It is a free and open source Python programming language library used for making a multimedia application like games. Hope you enjoy reading. Read, Write and Display Videos with OpenCV Python,, Creating a Snake Game using OpenCV-Python, Snake Game Using Tensorflow Object Detection API – Part IV, Snake Game Using Tensorflow Object Detection API – Part III, Snake Game Using Tensorflow Object Detection API – Part II, Snake Game Using Tensorflow Object Detection API, Snake Game using Real Time Speech Recognition, Genetic Algorithm and its usage in neural network. Remember old days, when everyone used to play the iconic snake game. This will display our final score as shown below. Great tutorial. This will create a game window as shown below. Now whenever clock.tick() is called and passed with some number, then it will limit the run time speed of the game. Don't get discouraged by the following list (PEP8 violations), as they clean up fast and almost all of there are white-space warnings. Hi, To increase snake size, we add one unit at snake’s head. If you have any doubt/suggestion please feel free to ask and I will do my best to help or improve myself. display.fill(window_color) will fill white color into game window and pygame.display.update() allows only a portion of the screen to be updated, instead of the entire area. Similarly, we will draw rectangles for (240,250), (230,250) and for every position. Finally, our snake game is created, now it’s time to play it. Starter Code. If you are more interested in a general pygame tutorial series click here. Now when we run the program we can see the grid lines being drawn. Starting length of the snake is 3 units where each unit is a 10×10 block. This is done using pygame.time.Clock() that creates a “clock” object. To make our lives a bit easier I've set up the main structure for our game already. A snake game in Python 3.3 with Pygame. Another case is when a button is pressed to move in a direction(left, right, up or down). So with some help I wrote this simple Snake game in Python using Pygame. I have also created a snake gamewith pygames. So, in this tutorial, we will be building that iconic game. Can you please explain why you need that, even though the game works smoothly without it. Not all pygame modules need to be initialized, but this will automatically initialize the ones that do. If you are more interested in a general pygame tutorial series click here. Now, you might have got some feeling about creating games using pygame. I need python code for the snake game using pygame please include all comments and provide some interesting game. Now it’s time to display snake and apple. Yes, you heard that right! This will create a game window as shown below. when you displayed the 3 snakes on screen you gave positions the wouldnt form a rectangle(250,250,240,250). We will do this in the drawGrid function. Hope this helps. could you explain that part a bit more please? So with some help I wrote this simple Snake game in Python using Pygame. Hi, This loop will continuously run until the game is exited. If the snake eats an apple, the apple moves to a new position and snake length increases. See the whole code here where play_game function calls the display_snake(). I was wondering if anyone had some ideas to refine the code or any ideas to make the game better, I'd love to hear them. The next thing is to decide at what frame rate we want to play our game. We will also have a class variable called turns. Hope this helps. You can find full code here. Also, we need to create another apple at random location to proceed the game. If no argument is passed, it updates the entire Surface area. To make our lives a bit easier I've set up the main structure for our game already. We are now going to work on drawing the lines to represent the 20x20 grid. pygame.draw.rect() will draw a rectangle corresponding to given arguments which will represent our snake and display.blit() will show the image of an apple. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In all games we have a loop called a "main loop" or "game loop". Popular Snake game with Python-Pygame module. Good-bye until next time. Snake Game using Python and Pygame June 18, 2020 June 18, 2020 by codegenius The first thing to do in order to create the snake game using Pygame is to install it on the system. Let’s create a snake game using pygame library. We call this function once a frame from our game loop.

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