Update:  I ended having so many problems with Rogers customer service that I tried to switch to the slower Bell service but their customer service was brutal. I don’t mind paying a bit more for new tech, but $84? Wow, they really fixed the hell out of the download speed!

They said "no contract". Right they wont tell me how much just internet is; they cant sell me it w/out tv, which I don't want. Ignite install appointment: Tech was friendly, but All I want was for him to give me my hardware. He tells me that whenever Rogers releases a new service it is glitchy and that if I just wait awhile then the speed should eventually come up. I have Rogers Ignite 100. After visiting the Rogers shop, they switched me for $40 less than I was paying for my previous bundle (Digital TV, two PVR’s, home phone, internet, LTE Tablet ..). Click the restart button (Or speak the word “restart” to the remote) and it starts from the beginning.

Either you are running a Rogers controlled program, or you have a gigabit home network. I’ve had it for about a month and it’s pretty incredible.

I have tried other servers (the 280/20 is local ish) and the speed slows down the further away you get – but to be expected. I wait the 30 mins, just in case she wasn’t punting me and call into Technical support again. only gets 10 upload. I kindly declined as I really don't need home phone and paying $150 for my internet/TV service right now which is fine for what I need. So I specifically ask if it is the top model and he then says no and that this one was just as good.

The real issue is I really really want a zero ping, no lag, type connection for gaming and the bandwidth is secondary.
Rogers gave me a price of $199/month for 500U, Ignite TV, and home phone. So now the good news. Pity. Rogers has a variety of high-speed internet plans, and they do not target clientele that browses or downloads lightly. I have wireless surveying equipment and I know my network's strength. EDIT: Also, have they ever increased the prices? Bonus 10GB, existing lines and new activations. Rogers still pulling that crap – offering hardware that is not available. Overage greater than or equal to 0.5GB rounded up to the next GB. This is what i get with Bell gigabit and this is around peak time. AscendingDescending, Powered by phpBB ® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Copyright © 2000 – 2020 RedFlagDeals.com. Sometimes Rogers will even give you a deal if you are a new customer. Like, maybe people don't want to pay $200 to watch TV and surf. The best part is he threw in the modem/router combo for free.

Modem is the N model.

They run through all the steps again. I will post Bell results after it is installed this weekend. I currently have the 500 internet, 4K box rental and a pvr with the premier package with WWE network, I pay $173 taxes in. Couple of weeks should do it. I can figure it out in 2 min.

I received a notice from Rogers that my area now has ignite TV available. I have 4 TV’s in my house and they all have an Apple TV attached to them. 90 down 10 up.

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