Then at the next cocktail party, Roxi called Kaitlyn "Gold Coast trash" and made derogatory comments about her such as "b*tch is a sl*t" and "ya fake hair, ya fake lips, ya fake boobs", after she kissed Locky.

Next, someone asks Juliette whether she's really been celibate for the past 12 years. that alpaca pic saying that he "doesnt even see a bus!" Osher bought those taco kits 2 for $8 at Coles and it would be rude not to eat them. No one stood up for Kaitlyn.

"I would love to know why I was such a bad person, I became such a bad person, for saying what everyone else was thinking and saying things like 'I just want to stir the pot'," she told Mamamia after her eviction on Wednesday night. was the cutest & funniest thing i'd seen in ages! Someone asks Roxi why she's constantly crying and storming off and she's definitely going to cry and storm off later. No one stood up to Roxi. 'The Bachelor' Australia 2020's episode 5 featured plenty of drama between contestants Areeba and Roxi at the cocktail party.

Speaking of drama, things have sadly gone downhill between former BFFs Bella and Irena.

WAIT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BEST FRIENDS PLS #TheBachelorAu, The way Bella completely avoided Irena #TheBachelorAU, Ooft.

Well, tonight's episode of The Bachelor was truly a wild ride. The end of their date is pretty cute. After approximately 65 hours of people talking about other people "planning something", it's finally time for the rose ceremony. If it isn't all of us - back here - watching this show even though we a little bit hate it. They continue to fight until the rest of the women just low key leave the Zoom call.

He has seen a future with every single woman on this show tonight #TheBachelorAU, “My Forever Girl” #TheBachelorAU, When you have a Rose Ceremony at 10 so your girl (Roxy) schedules in a fight for 9.55 #TheBachelorAU, Everyone watching Locky ignore all the red flags Roxi is throwing up#TheBachelorAU, Lochie climbing Roxy’s wall #TheBachelorAU, Lmao roxy actually left i thought she was joking #bachelorau #TheBachelorAU, And Ronda leaves the mansion #TheBachelorAU, Bec coming into the mansion and realising how much drama there is #TheBachelorAU, Juliette helping Roxi leave the mansion like... #TheBachelorAU, Must admit the drama is more hilarious live at the mansion than on zoom lol #TheBachelorAU, This episode has been......hectic ....#TheBachelorAU, I’m not sure, but does Locky like adventure?

Anyway Roxi is definitely the sex lady of this group, she’s all sexy and touching Locky on the leg all sexy and telling him about her sex dream all sexy etc. Actually, I've got no patience. Bachelor Australia 2020 Roxi Kenny. Why did the other women in the house seemingly embrace and defend Roxi and Laura, but quickly ostracise Areeba?

Roxi's exit was dramatic to say the least, but it was ultimately an off-camera comment which led to her decision to leave the show.

"I would love to know why. Meanwhile, Areeba is still... sitting there. She’s used her special rose to have their first solo hang.

She says totally, and he also asks her if she’s still open to travelling even though she’s keen to be a bit more of a homebody. I don’t understand how you can go on a show that has been on air for around 10 years at this point and not know the lay of the land. Why this woman is using all three of her special rose dates within a period of what seems like 24 hours is beyond me. Zoe-Clare chanted "keep us away from the psychos".

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"Everyone has multiple sides to them but a lot of the time you're only seeing one side of someone [on TV]," Nicole explained. Post continues below.

You're super relaxed. Roxy is all “I’m so frustrated by all these other women!! There's no stress.

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