If you want to explore the area thoroughly, follow all of my instructions from end to end.

Upon entering the North End, your goal (Sokolov's mansion) is in sight after you make a few turns in the street.

After being released, he will lead Corvo through various obstacles before they can advance.

Mission plan | Mission 4 - The Royal Physician Dishonored Guide.

On high chaos, there will be a rat swarm in one of the rooms, and two wolfhounds will patrol the areas before the drawbridge.

In Dishonored 2, safe combinations are mostly random.

However, there is an elevator on the second floor that will take Corvo to the entrance of the safehouse.

Choke out the guards near the cell and take the key. Travel with Samuel the Boatman to Kaldwin Bridge 3.

There, you will be accompanied by a corpse, a journal, and some items. There is a secret elevator that requires a tankard of whale oil to operate. You can also sneak down to the bottom floor via an opening in the walkway corner and power down the Wall of Light there to incapacitate the last guards.

He will ask Corvo to release him by bribing him with a hidden treasure.

Havelock and Martin will be waiting by the shore when Corvo and Samuel arrive with Sokolov.
Pratchett speaks to a City Watch Officer near Kaldwin's Bridge. If you're done, depart with Sam. The key can be found on one of the City Watch Guards. Havelock briefs Corvo on his mission, telling the assassin that he must leave soon and does not have time to sleep.

The wealthy aristocrat, Pratchett, has a safe on the third floor of his house on the bridge. Once you feel you are ready, speak to Lord Pendleton and meet the other conspirators at the Hounds Pit tavern.

The mission takes place in two main locations i.e. You either head back downstairs through the mansion (meaning you neutralize all hostiles), or take out the two guards in Sokolov's private library hallway, and the other two (a City Watch and an Overseer) at the mansion's front door. There is only a nonlethal solution to this mission; Sokolov must be taken alive so that the Loyalists can learn what he knows about Burrows' mistress. 5 You can opt to stay in the area if you haven't found all charms and runes. 1 The secret door will be revealed, along with a swarm of rats. Corvo may retrieve it and enter the building if he wishes.

A sleep dart (or a crossbow bolt) will help you take him out before you make your Blink and climb.

The key to the cell Alec is held in is on a table in the same immediate area. Talk to Sam, who will place Sokolov on Sam's boat. Strong Language, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Blood and Gore, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Once they are dead, Alec will lead Corvo along a catwalk to an iron bar door that requires a key to open. [Southside Bridgeway] and [Northern Bridgeway]. Havelock briefs Corvo on his mission, telling the assassin that he must leave soon and does not have time to sleep.

After leaving Pendleton, Corvo can make his way into the pub, where Havelock and Martin sit at a booth. A glitch causes Alec to be classified as a civilian, even after he betrays Corvo.

Upon spotting Corvo in his lab, Sokolov will say that he has been expecting someone to come for him and tries to bribe Corvo into leaving him alone. The best way to get there is by the side route next to Pratchett's house. If a member of the City Watch encounters Samuel, they will not attack him, despite the curfew. [Southside Bridgeway] and [Northern Bridgeway].
To cover his tracks, Burrows blames her death on her bodyguard, Corvo Attano, who is subsequently imprisoned.

Sokolov lives in a large apartment somewhere atop Kaldwin's Bridge. City WatchBottle Street GangOverseersWeepersWolfhounds You can rewire obstacles and remove the tanks to power them down completely. After leaving on the boat, the achievement Capturing Genius and Madness will be awarded.

Reactivating them will result in a game over screen with the line "Samuel has been spotted by the floodlights. Dishonored Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community.

The goal from the start of Drawbridge Way is to find a way onto Kaldwin Bridge and disable the searchlights for Sam to follow Corvo to Sokolov's.

Returning Home • Dishonored • High Overseer Campbell • House of Pleasure • The Royal Physician • Lady Boyle's Last Party • Return to the Tower • The Flooded District • The Loyalists • The Light at the End, None Like Her • A Captain of Industry • Eminent Domain • The Surge, Choosing Your Mark • A Stay of Execution for Lizzy • The Dead Eels • Delilah's Masterwork.

Upon entering the area, Corvo will come across a group of City Watch guards. At the end of the station is a wall of light that Corvo must pass. The river krusts are encountered after Alec leads Corvo to the underside of a short bridge that separates the drawbridge from an apartment complex. Using Dark Vision can help immensely if Corvo is attempting to remain undetected, and may also reveal the second obstacle: four river krusts. Corvo has been asked to abduct Anton Sokolov, the Royal Physician and Head of the Academy of Natural Philosophy.

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