Regardless of the controversies surrounding this score, it is evident that Fitzpatrick got an exceptionally high score in this personality test. The exceedingly bright can anticipate having their dedication and aggressiveness questioned more than average scorers. Obviously smart guy does not directly = equally good QB play (see Ryan Fitzpatrick). Most fans know him as a family man who will never let go of his wedding ring regardless of the intensity of the game. See more detailed information about the Wonderlic Exam here. Using that, it is somewhat safe to guess that Fitzpatrick would have an IQ of 135-155. Ryan Fitzpatrick will be looking to win the Jets' starting QB job this summer. Participants' scores are representative of the number of questions answered correctly; a score of 25 would mean 25 questions were answered correctly. It was the second-highest score ever recorded by an NFL player on the 50-point test (trailing only the perfect 50 earned by fellow Harvard alum and former Cincinnati Bengal Pat McInally in 1975). His Wonderlic test score range reveals that he is a man with a great personality and cognitive ability in the field and outside. McInally played nine years with the Cincinnati Bengals. Borderline Impaired. The scores are not released publicly, but many — especially the better ones — have leaked out over the years. “And so it doesn’t matter what your intelligence is on a written test or anything. Gil Brandt, former vice president of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys,admitted to having a reflexive bias against those who scored exceptionally well on the Wonderlic. (Julio Cortez/AP). “I’m not sure that’s correct — but I think it is.”. He hasn’t had a season where he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns since 2008, something the Jets haven’t been able to say about a starting quarterback since 2011. According to various reports, the Giants’ Eli Manning scored a 38 on the test; his brother Peyton, a 28; Drew Brees and Brett Favre tallied 22; Tom Brady earned a 33; and San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith, a 40. It trumps the highly respectable 30 tallied by Redskins quarterback John Beck, the 29 earned by Rex Grossman, and the societal average of about 20.3 — which represents an IQ of about 100. Harvard’s Ryan Fitzpatrick owns the highest Wonderlic score for a QB ever recorded at an NFL Combine with a score of 48. It gives you a red light, which is good to have, and then you work from the red light.”. Therefore, Fitzpatrick’s score is one of the highest test scores in the last three decades of pre-draft test taking. The highest score ever recorded on the Wonderlic was Bengals punter Pat McNally, who got a 50. *A high Wonderlic score does not necessarily indicate intelligence, nor does a low Wonderlic score indicate a lack of intelligence. Also, you need to know that the Wonderlic personality test is timed, and any player who gets more than 40 in less than 12 minutes should nevertheless be applauded.

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