Loss of habitat from agricultural, commercial and urban development. They prey on both San Francisco garter snakes and California red-legged frogs. Contrary to its name, the San Francisco garter snake was historically found wholly within San Mateo County lines. Decline of the CA red-legged frog. The Park Service created two wetlands at Mori Point in Pacifica. Emergent and bankside vegetation such as cattails (Typhaspp.… In the 1940’s these ponds were home to “hundreds” of individuals. They are ha… Temporary ponds and other seasonal freshwater bodies are also appropriate. It is an essential prey species. The preferred habitat of the San Francisco garter snake is a densely vegetated pond near an open hillside where it can sun, feed, and find cover in rodent burrows; however, markedly less suitable habitat can be successfully used. Illegal collection. One of the larger blows to its population was the development of the Skyline Ponds “sag” ponds along Skyline Boulevard in the post World War II housing boom. This small range has been steadily reduced over the years by human development and habitat reduction. Bullfrogs. By the 1960’s nearly all of these ponds had been drained and de… We are working with the CA Dept. This subspecies avoids brackish marsh areas because its preferred prey, the California red-legged frog (Rana draytonii), cannot survive in saline water. of Fish and Game, the National Park Service, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the CA Dept. of Parks and Recreation and other partners to provide habitat.

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