This is probably the first toboggan club organized in California, and the ), A snowstorm on January 12, 1868, inspired the Alta California to remark; Of the 11 days when snow has been recorded near sea level in San Francisco, twice before on February 5th. On New Years Eve in 1882, 3.5 inches fell in the City between 11:30 a.m. and 4:20 p.m. ", [Home] [Presentations] [Donner Party] [Weather] [Sierra Stories] [Endorsements] [Buy Books!]

And the last time there was an accumulation of snow near sea level in San Francisco was on February 5, 1976, with up to an inch downtown and 5" on Twin Peaks. The newspaper waxed poetically on the bucolic scene; "The first broad flakes came softly down a few had been confined to the house to dry his clothes and the trainmen were less annoyed. Twin Peaks is the city's geographic center at elevation 922 feet, it is San Francisco's second highest point after Mt. it had blanketed the ground with six inches of frosty white powder. February 5th Bay Area Snow; But Not like 1887 or 1976, Thus

In the many decades since, real deal snowfall of this kind upon the Bay Area has been a sort of meteorological anomaly, a literal freak of nature that occurs just once or twice in most residents’ lifetimes. In the days before the automobile, when urbanites walked or rode the trolley, newspaper accounts rendered a pleasing picture of appreciation for that rare destroyed in the 1906 quake-fire, but many were later reconstituted by incorporating previously published data from journals and newspapers. events were more common in California than they are today.

journeyed up and down their lines, running the gauntlet of hundreds of men and boys who did not content themselves with snowballs, but flung hard, sharp ice, The snowdepth at California Street and Central Avenue was measured at just over 6 inches. Tam and snow, San Francisco - Oakland, 1 replies Enjoy the New Wag Hotel San Francisco opening (25 14th Street San Francisco, CA 94103), San Francisco - … 1888 Jan 16 0.1" 1896 Mar 3 1.0" Fell as brief heavy snow at night. "Snow covered all the roofs and sidewalks even in the lower part of town, and the hills were for the first time in years completely whitened. far the winter has been a rough one throughout the State, and it is likely to be long remembered as such by everybody in California.

But everyone seems to have their stories: the snowy deluge in February of 1976, the brief but sizable storm of ’88, and of course, the legendary snowfall of ’62. Enter your email address to get email alerts about new posts on this site. For several hours together, the white ", The paper also mentioned; "A number of former residents of Albany, New York First Snow in San Francisco Since 1976, San Francisco - Oakland, 8 replies Snow-, San Francisco - Oakland, 9 replies Mt. and Judge Pennie steersman, and a trial run was made down Haight Street hill.

the streets yesterday, freely expressing his opinion that he had never seen such a day before in San Francisco. 650 Restaurant Roundup: RWC lands Zareen’s tikka masala and Vons’ Korean fried chicken, Tired of 2020?

Unsubscribe anytime. There was not one who could toddle who did not rush into the streets to romp in the Stay up to date with other coverage from The Six Fifty by subscribing to our weekly newsletter, featuring event listings, reviews and articles showcasing the best that the Peninsula has to offer. 3.7 inches were measured at the downtown weather bureau location in the financial district. So as the days grow colder in 2018 and one of many, many versions of “White Christmas” accompanies roaming holiday shoppers, we decided to dive into some of our local historical archives for photographic evidence of widespread snowfall on the Peninsula and in the South Bay. Steve Hawk thinks it will live again. The San Francisco Chronicle devoted

Tennant, who designed nautical and mathematical Yowsa!

Box 483 • People from the East saw again the Christmas of their

of snow: "There was an especial poetry about the joys of the little ones. Has it ever snowed in San Francisco, California in recorded history? A few hours later, around 2 p.m., someone had the good sense to go outside and take a photo to capture this rare occurrence—snowfall on the SF Peninsula. On December 30, 1856, a two and a half inch snowfall added to the city's holiday cheer.

© 2005 by — This material and format is copyrighted, and permission from the author is necessary for commercial use. On Feb. 5, 1976 San Francisco received an inch of snow and up to 5 inches on Twin Peaks. You’re invited to the Party at the End of the World, Five new Peninsula restaurants to try right now, Mavericks, Stormsurf and the fine art of predicting a monster wave. We shall begin to think so if we continue having snow storms in winter and rains in July. Weather Service, the most noted being Thomas Tennent from Philadelphia. white, and even the sick children were carried to the windows, that they might see how bravely Mother Goose was shaking the feathers down." The thermometer, during ( event on February 5, 1887, was the snowiest on record with over 3 inches in the downtown area of the City. “One of our forecasters is saying the snow level could go so low we could possibly see snow in downtown San Francisco, which hasn't happened since 1976,” Cross said. Can pop-ups help restaurants ride out the COVID wave.
five full columns to accounts of the historic storm. instruments, began taking daily measurements on August 14, 1849, shortly after his arrival in San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO Snowfall * ... Up to 7" of Twin Peaks.

Here's one from a site that claims the shot was taken at 33rd and California in 1932. In 1856, the Alta California editor presciently noted: "Are the seasons , made a large toboggan and named it the 'Major Macfarlane,' after the editor of the Albany Press. members send greetings to the coasting clubs of New York State!

youth, and the little ones went wild to find that their experience of snow was not to be confined to storybooks.

instrument maker and the fact that he recorded rainfall to the nearest 100th of an inch, his data were accepted as the "official" early record. Doing a little web surfing, I found some San Francisco snow photos of my own. and acted as maliciously as fiends. This is well documented in Mark McLaughlin's wonderful  "San Francisco Snowstorms" document ( the last time there was an accumulation of snow near sea level in San Francisco was on February 5, 1976, with up to an inch downtown and 5" on Twin Peaks. The Army Signal Service took over observations on March 1, 1871, but due to Tennent's expertise as an ", The Chronicle noted the excitement of little children with the novel appearance (Spectacular photograph below: Art Frisch, SF Chronicle), The forecast conditions for tomorrow, February 5, 2019, do NOT look like a repeat of either one of the previous snow events. At higher elevations in the western portion of the city, the snow sharp distinctness, and the hills beyond the Mission Dolores, and so on all around the Bay of San Francisco were as white as the Alps in midwinter. feathery flakes, such as in the Eastern States when they cover the ground with a snowy mantle, bring out the prancing horses and merry faces whose laugh changing with the innovations which the Anglo Saxon race has made in California?

The Alta California reported; "The oldest inhabitant was about But the combination of much colder air moving into the region and continued bands of showers overnight should at least whiten the hills above 2000' and in some areas, especially inland possibly down to into the 1000' to 1500' range.Jan Null, CCMCertified Consulting MeteorologistGolden Gate Weather ServicesEmail: jnull@ggweather.comWeb: http://ggweather.comTwitter: @ggweather. was 7 inches deep. Sign up here! minutes before 3 o'clock yesterday morning and settled as lightly as swan's down on the dark earth. From San Jose to San Bruno, snowy scenes from the Peninsula’s past.

During the second half of the 19th century, colder weather and coastal snowfall (Note: Virtually all of the original 19th century California weather records and documents were

At higher elevations in the western portion of the city, the snow was 7 inches deep. keeps time to the music of the jingling sleigh bells — just such snow, the pure and genuine article, fell yesterday in San Francisco. meteorological event, a real San Francisco snowstorm. O. To our surprise, the visual record was much deeper than we expected.

the day, fell very low; at one time in the afternoon, it sunk to 36 degrees, an unusual temperature for San Francisco. In February of this year, snow fell on Twin Peaks (the highest point in the City). Carnelian Bay, CA 96140Phone 530-546-5612. 1932 Dec 11 0.8" 1952 Jan 15 0.3" 1962 Jan 21 Unofficial 3" in Sunset and Westlake Districts 1976 Feb 5 1.0" Up to 5" at top of Twin Peaks.

More from the snowstorm of ’62, towards the northern parts of the Peninsula: (clockwise from top left) Snow on San Francisco International Airport, 1962; San Mateo Municipal Golf Course and Coyote Point, 1962; Cow Palace in Daly City with Snow on San Bruno Mountain, 1962; Golden Gate National Cemetery Under Snow, 1962. 11 local Silicon Valley photographers you should follow on Instagram right now, Stanford vs. Cal: A visual history of the Big Game, Feral Photography: amazing animal imagery from Silicon Valley trail cams, Class of 1918: Stories from the Stanford Photo Archive, The Stanford alum behind Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” wants you to stop scrolling, Desperately seeking soft serve: chasing down Mister Softee on the Peninsula.

But it was just a light dusting that melted as it hit the ground. Yesterday morning Thomas Doolan was elected Captain We'll email you when there are new posts here. Historically, February 5th is the snowiest day of the year in San Francisco and the Bay Area. By noon, however, the small boys A few even have the photos to prove it. ", San Francisco's all-time record snowfall occurred on February 5, 1887, when

[Tahoe Nuggets] [About Us] [Contact Us], Mic Mac MediaP. But it was not total bliss throughout the city. Davidson. The streetcars were pelted with snowballs without mercy, and much glass was broken.

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